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Sorry about that but I'm dog sitting and whatever Bailey got into is making her smell like 'creeping death'!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!! Hold on, need to go get some Lysol!!!!!!! OK! I hope you had a great Easter..... Wanna see what the Easter Bunny looks like after delivery baskets to all the kids in the world??????

I hope he gets to sleep for the next month.....

So another month has gone by and what do you have to show for it??? Another gray hair, roll of fat on your tummy or, better yet, a day closer to being 6 feet under!!!! Sorry I'm being so morbid but I just had my birthday and I'm 1 more year closer to 40.... WOO HOO!!!!

Don't look at the next picture of what the Hatcher's got me if you are easily offended!?!?!?! Read the glass!!!!! HE HE HE HE HE!!

I went up to the Boike farm in Virginia for my annual rest and relaxation on the farm but this is what I did most of the time while I was there...

I also watched some pretty funny 'trash…