Monday, June 01, 2015

Steps to 'DA ODE TO B@@B' Version 2.0!!!

 So as the FEW people that actually read this know, I added some steps from my patio to 'DA ODE' a few months ago, WITH HUGE FANFARE!!! I'm so kidding about the last part of thatsentence!!!!! Where was I? OH YEAH! I received some 'pavers' from Mrs. Boike (MR. had them bordering his garden.... With inspiration from EVERY art teacher I had in my years of fine education (Not really, I HATED art class and usually was a disruptive little punk) I came up with a design with the pavers and all the bricks I had, ANOTHER thing or THINGS that were given to me by the Boikes.

  Did you see the stuff I used to glue the bricks together? It's epoxy from Hysol (they are no longer called that, where Big RON, POPS, worked for years!!!! I have a ton of it.

 I can hear him saying "Andrew, that stuff was NOT designed to hold bricks together." Just so POPS and everyone else knows, I am FULLY AWARE of this but I am not looking to hold stuff together because firetrucks and stuff are going to drive over it. I am just looking to keep stuff together just so it won't move around when someone steps on it.. OH and I know that the yard looks like $hit... It's a work in progress so stay tuned!!!

  A very happy thing happened to me as well, I had a visit from an old friend!!!!! Thompson came down and saw me for a night!!! There are only 2 people that I have EVER known that, I'm pretty sure, knew/know EVERYTHING. Those two people are Mr. Williamson (RIP) and MIKE THOMPSON!!! After the divorce of my best friend and his EX, I figured that I would NEVER see this guy again because that is the way life works. People come and go in your life. Not gonna lie, I almost cried with joy when he sent me an email asking if he could come and stay a night while heading to his grandparent's in FL. ANYWAYS!!! We hung out on DA ODE TO BOOB and drank PBR and talked about all the times we had on July 4th and other great times we had!!!!

  Friends have ALWAYS meant alot to me, Not just Thompson but EVERYONE that I have crossed paths with, some (NOT friends) need to know they are #1 with me and I am sorta glad I will NEVER see them again...

 Others have shaped me into the person I am today. Like this guy!!!!

 Gary S. is one of those people and to show him that I remember A LOT of stuff he did for me while a little kid. I was daydreaming one day and I vividly remember he had the LEGGY "MMMMM ALL THOSE CURVES AND NO STOP SIGNS" Ms. Direct Connection 1984 poster in the garage..... So I went on eBay and found one of those posters and NOW I have her in my garage too!!!! Just a little memory of him and to say that I think about him and all the stuff he did for me even though I was little BRAT!!!

I'll be starting the 'TOUR' earlier this year with a trip to MN. AKA the GREAT WHITE NORTH! Yeah I know that's Canada but MN. is close enough!!!

I'm going to MN. to see an old friend from A-TOWN that I have not seen in 25+ years! Should be fun!!!! So feel free to come by while I am gone AND USE THE FRONT DOOR....

Sorry to get all mushy and wax ecstatic on ya BUT it is my blog so I guess that allows me to write about ANYTHING I want!!!!

And now for your monthly 'ANSWERING CRAP' where I answer a spammer's, usually stupid question: "Hi there, I do think your site might be having browser compatibility issues. Whenever I look at your web site in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in Internet Explorer, it's got some overlapping issues. I merely wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other than that, wonderful site!"
Well spammer! Try this or this and use it for ALL browsing! It's ALOT safer than Microsoft Explorer. As if YOU care but for all of you that read this, USE THEM!!!!!!!

Now for your moment of ZEN and rememeber that you and I are ONLY little ticks turds compared to MOTHER NATURE!!!




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