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Steps to 'DA ODE TO B@@B' Version 2.0!!!

So as the FEW people that actually read this know, I added some steps from my patio to 'DA ODE' a few months ago, WITH HUGE FANFARE!!! I'm so kidding about the last part of thatsentence!!!!! Where was I? OH YEAH! I received some 'pavers' from Mrs. Boike (MR. had them bordering his garden.... With inspiration from EVERY art teacher I had in my years of fine education (Not really, I HATED art class and usually was a disruptive little punk) I came up with a design with the pavers and all the bricks I had, ANOTHER thing or THINGS that were given to me by the Boikes.

  Did you see the stuff I used to glue the bricks together? It's epoxy from Hysol (they are no longer called that, where Big RON, POPS, worked for years!!!! I have a ton of it.

 I can hear him saying "Andrew, that stuff was NOT designed to hold bricks together." Just so POPS and everyone else knows, I am FULLY AWARE of this but I am not looking to hold stuff together because firetrucks and …