Sunday, April 01, 2012

It's that time of the year again where YOU can ask me anything and I will answer it. Now it might be very honest but it ALSO might be answered like MITT ROMNEY, very vague and leaving you with a HUGE headache!!! I'll answer them as they come in. If it is like last year, I'll get a WHOOPIN' 3 questions to answer!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! I'll be one busy @$$ man!!!!!!!! OH before I go and let YOU type a question about my feeling on the premise of the cold fusion engine (Let me help you with saying that my reply will be WHAT?????) my best friends mom Mrs. Boike, yes that her real name, gave me a container of a little slice of Heaven! CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

 Oh and not just any container, but word on the street is that the same folks that designed this also made this container!!!! It has a button you press to SEAL the goodies so every time you have some it's like a party in your mouth!!! GOD BLESS TECHNOLOGY and the U.S.A

Anonymous said...
From your nephews:

1. Is his favorite color green?
I'm more of a blue guy BUT I'm cool with any color you throw at me.
2. How OLD is he? Physically I'll be 38 on 4/27 but mentally (most people will agree) I'm 12....
3. What does he do for a job? I work for a bank in the loss mitigation dept, I TRY to help people keep their home from being foreclosed.
4. Is he getting married YET?
Your uncle Andy has YET to find a woman that will put up with me..... I've learned to never say never (HEY! Wasn't that a James Bond movie?)

Anonymous asks...

When did you first start referring to your mother as Catholic Kate? And was this due to one certain event or just the fact that she is intact Catholic and her name is Kate?
First off, THANKS for submitting a question because the only one before yours was submitted by my sister in law who I’m thinking felt bad for me and didn’t want to be associated with a LOSER!!!! OKIE DOKIE, now to answer your question, It wasn’t just one event that caused me to call her that. I just remember my brother’s friends calling her that because she was kinda ‘hardcore’ when it came to the Catholic faith. My brother will attest to this as well, when we were younger, it wasn’t uncommon for us to have to go to mass for holy days. Since, she has become more ‘liberal’ in her beliefs but once in a while she will say something that will make ya say “WOW MOM! That’s HARDCORE Catholicism right there!” HA!!!!! I just like saying it because it gets a laugh out of people that know her and my sense of humor…

Anonymous asks... (WOW!!! This 'annonymous' person sure does ask a lot of question.)

You frequently point out how "rad" you are due to all of the cool music you listened to as a kid. What is your take on the Beastie Boys? How do you feel now about ratting out a younger cousin for listening to the Boys? The Beastie boys RUUUUUUULE!!!! Those three Jewish white kids ROCK!! Looking at my iTouch, I have songs from the majority of albums they have made….. I’m pretty sure that I wore out my cassette tape of License to Ill….. As for ‘ratting’ out a younger cousin, I would NEVER ‘judge’ you on your musical tastes, KRIPES! I know for a fact that one of my cousin’s who I stay with when I am up in B-TOWN(Bolivar, NY) listens and LOVES anything that Milli Vanilli made! BLAME IT ON THE RAIN BEEEEEEEEEOTCHES!!!!!

Kelly asks...

1. What would you rather pretend had never happened, Garth Brook's "Chris Gaines" thing, or Van Halen's Gary Cherrone experiment? I was more affected by the Van Halen/ Gary Cherrone experiment. After reading Sammy Hagar’s book, which I highly recommend, Eddie Van Halen is a douche! The whole ‘experiment’ is the back bone of my Ed Van Halen/ Dukes of Hazard theory. Eddie, like the producers of the DofH, thought that people would accept anything they did because, in Ed’s case, it was all about the guitar. Much like the producers of the DofH thought that they could put anybody in the General Lee because it was all about the car. They learned the hard way that is not always the case. The downward spiral of Van Halen began when the press release came out stating that Gary was the new singer and the downward spiral for the DofH show was when Coy and Vance replaced Bo and Luke….. NOW PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I think Gary is a very cool guy and Extreme was a great band BUT he wasn’t right for Van Halen. With Garth, I can see where he was coming from “I have done EVERYTHING there is to do in country music and I think it’s time for a change.” PLUS he had all the money to fund his ‘Chris Gaines experiment’. Sure it failed miserably BUT I don’t think it left Garth scarred for life. He just said to himself “That went over like a fart in church so I will suck in my pride and go back to being good ol’ Garth.”

2. You want to do some drinking, but the nearest beer is 800 miles away and there's a liquor store (no beer) next door. What are you drinking? Beer is GREAT but sometimes a change is good. I would not think twice of getting some rum or wine from the liquor store…. Sometimes you have to be like the Marines and ADAPT, IMPROVISE and OVERCOME situations……

3. Aren't overalls the most comfortable pants EVER?! You are correct Obi-Won, OVERALLS are VERY comfortable and I love getting the 2nd glances from people. They will look at me and say hi and do a double look and say to themselves “HOLY COW! That guy is wearing overalls!” GREAT STUFF!!!!

Boike asks...

1. We all know you have a problem with cheep wine from the mad dog chugging post, but refuse any type of intervention due to how funny that hooch makes you. We are however concerned with your overuse of Ivy in your land space. Do you think you may have an ivy addiction? If we provide a gallon of round up(generic of course) for FREE(yes, how can you, Andy McBride turn down free) would you kill all the IVY on your property?' That would be a flat out NO! Ivy is great on 3 levels.... It's EASY to plant, KRIPES!!!! Just put it in a place that gets sun and PRESTO! It grows!!! It's CHEAP!!! Gotta save $ so I don't have to eat dog food when I get older because I can't afford 'people food'. It covers up places where it's hard to make grass grow and/or erodes every time it rains. That right there is a WIN/WIN SITUATION BUDDY!!!!!!  As for addictions, we ALL have one(cedar trees) BUT it's NOT another person's responsibility to 'JUDGE' others...

2. Who is your favorite Sci-fi character of all time? If it is not Buck Rogers please let me know why. First off, HOW DARE YOU!!!! That was a RIP OFF of the Star Wars movies... The ONLY quality of that show was WILMA and her silk jump suits!!! OW LA LA SASSON!!! UMMMM, where was I??? OH YEAH! My favorite sci-fi character is this guy because he had the 'testicle fortitude' to call out Darth!!!! Now sure, he almost died BUT STILL!?!?!?!? HA KIDDING!!! I really don't have one FAVORITE character.  

3. What major decision have you made in the past 10 years that altered the course of your life? Sorry! This happened 11+ years ago but, I would say it was the decision to move back from my little time in Wisconsin. I learned so much about myself.
  • It taught me that being close to friends and family are important to me.   
  • Not having $ BLOWS and having some 'security' with some in the bank is nice.
  • Being 'content' in my life is good. All I need is the simple thing in life to have the 'life is good' mood. 
  • Having someone in your life is good BUT it's not a necessity to me.... 
Blake asks:

1. You love your ivy. Personally, I HATE ground cover in all its forms except good ol' grass. Do you feel that people who use/overuse ground cover are simply too lazy to get out and do some real work in their yard? Again, I will say to you the same that I told Boike, HOW DARE YOU!!!!! I agree to a point that Ivy CAN BE considered LAZY BUT I am live by the motto “work smart, NOT hard” It helps out tremendously covering up parts of your lawn that NO MATTER what you do, won’t grow grass. It helps make people think when they see your yard, “That’s a ‘classy’ looking yard and the ivy, while isn’t my favorite plant, was utilized properly” No need to make people think that Sanford and Son worked on my yard.

2. I hear some kids argue that Stone Cold Steve Austin or Cena are the greatest-ever stars of the WWF/WWE. I maintain that Hulk Hogan, despite his cheeseball/douchebag personna of the mid-late 2000s, is the standard bearer for all that is great about pro wrestling. Where do you fall on the "greatest of our lifetimes" argument? DANG KIDS TODAY!!!!! Bunch of PUNKS!!!! HA!!!!! I personally think that we lived in the GREATEST era of wrestling, whether it is the WWF, AWA or NWA. Guys today can’t hold any of the wrestlers we grew up with JOCK!!!! SAD BUT TRUE!!!! The stuff those guys did all in the name of entertainment will NEVER be topped! COME ON!! Just look at the old interviews or matches on Youtube. (SIDE NOTE) I always wondered how many takes they had to shoot just for one interview. The stuff they would say would cause ANY person to bust out laughing.) I agree with your “cheeseball/douchebag persona” that Hogan has now BUT for nearly 25+ years he was the BADDEST MOFO!!!! GOOD GOD I didn’t even blink when it was Wrestle Mania time and we had to buy the pay-per-view. It was a MUST!

3. Can you think of any reasons why P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" is not the greatest pop/rock song by a female artist in the past 10 years? Not gonna lie to ya Mr. Tenore but I don’t think I have heard the song, I KNOW! No I am NOT ol’ fart but I prefer older stuff like!!!!! WITH THAT SAID, I’m sure I will like it and ‘download’ it for my iTouch tonight. Kripes! I did the same when a friend introduced me to Butch Walker, CHECK HIM OUT! He is now on the ‘Andy iTouch’. When this all happens, I will give you my review of Ms. Pink’s song…. OKIE DOKIE!?!?!?!?


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