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It's that time of the year again where YOU can ask me anything and I will answer it. Now it might be very honest but it ALSO might be answered like MITT ROMNEY, very vague and leaving you with a HUGE headache!!! I'll answer them as they come in. If it is like last year, I'll get a WHOOPIN' 3 questions to answer!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! I'll be one busy @$$ man!!!!!!!! OH before I go and let YOU type a question about my feeling on the premise of the cold fusion engine (Let me help you with saying that my reply will be WHAT?????) my best friends mom Mrs. Boike, yes that her real name, gave me a container of a little slice of Heaven! CHOCOLATE CHIPS!

 Oh and not just any container, but word on the street is that the same folks that designed this also made this container!!!! It has a button you press to SEAL the goodies so every time you have some it's like a party in your mouth!!! GOD BLESS TECHNOLOGY and the U.S.A

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From your nephews:

1. Is his favorite col…