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This is whatcha get when you get 'Green lights' at school for the whole month of November. TRACTOR SUPPLY HAT IN DA HOUSE!
Well good morning everyone!!! It's 4am on Sunday morning and I can't sleep anymore...... Ya see, I work 6am to 2:30pm now so my biological clock tells me to get up really early even on the weekends.... And that's the way the cookie crumbles so instead of whining about it and writing a letter to my congressman complaining that I think it's unfair that they require me to be at work at 6AM, I just put on my big boy britches and deal with it..

I did some 'wild and wacky' Christmas decorating this year! In the past, A simple wreath on the door is all the 'holiday cheer' I showed BUT!!!!! This year it's different! I call it CHRISTMAS DECORATING 2.0! I added some FLAIR to the wreath that I put on the front door, Being the handsome and educated consumer that I am, last year after Christmas I went to BIG LOTS, close out prices ya k…
While in the men's room at work brushing my pearly whites, I was thinking about an incident that happened like 15 years ago. Don't ask me why I was thinking about it but I was..... It was the summer 1993 and my friend Boike and I were out at the lake, I think, cutting a tree down or something and he got a couple of bottles of Thunderbird which is a REALLY REALLY REALLY cheapo wine... I think he said something like "DUDE, I got us a couple bottles of Thunderbird and we soooooo have to chug them down." My thinking was WHAT THE HECK, WHY NOT!?! Kripes! We were young and, as I look back, pretty stupid too. So we start chugging and Boike has no problem but I have a very hard time with it. I can only chug it halfway before I start to gag..... it was some really strong stuff..... Fast forward 15 years and I'm STILL reliving it and thinking of what a failure I am BUT I realized that it's not made for chugging, it's for sipping on..…
MY GOD JIM!!!!!! I'm a doctor not a drunk!!!!

So I was living on the edge and took a different way home from work the other day and I thought to myself, "MAN! That fart sure did stink!" KIDDING!!!! "I should stop by the new Harris Teeter, it's a grocery store, and get some beer so I can chill out and watch some college football." So I stroll in there and I was as excited as Rio De Janeiro when it was announced they landed the 2016 Olympic, This is what I saw!

OK so it's not a picture of the actual display from inside the store, still trying to figure out my new camera phone, but I think you get the point. PBR Light! I have to watch my waist line ya know...

I wanted to start out this blog entry with a BANG and if I say so myself, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

OK back to my house, Say hello to Marvella!!!!

She's hot isn't she??????? Her first job is cutting this nasty a$$ tree down in the back yard.

My environmental scientist/arborist/genealogist/astrologist/nu…

I just got a new phone and I can 'text' someone like a 12 year old! SUPER FAST!!!!! WOO HOO!!! Here's proof. I'm texting my friend and it only took 20 secs.......

Which is a HUGE improvement from my old phone where it took 20 MINUTES!

I also got a PLASTIC shed! My Pops is so proud that he raised one of his sons to share is love for the stuff!

The 30+ years at Hysol-Dexter-Alpha-Henkel and the rest of the name changes every time they were bought out, were worth it. Not only did he get a SWEET retirement package but a son with the love of plastic! So with that homeless hitchhiker I picked up a few months ago, he just won't leave, we put the thing together.

Not much else going on at casa de McBride but I'm happy to report that I have all my hair, no babies daddy, money in the bank, a job, no crazy ex stilled pissed I got the family room couch in the divorce and finally, all of my teeth. I'd say life is pretty good......

ATTENTION! This is a public service announcement... This is why you sign a prenupt before you ever take the plunge into marriage!!!!

This is Liz's, my sister-in-law, brother Will's house...... His wife just recently left him and proceeded to take EVERYTHING with her back to West Virgina, insert joke here. LOVE RULES DOESN'T IT!?!?!?!?!? Mike and Liz got some new furniture so we loaded up my truck with the old stuff and I headed down to C-L-E-M-S-O-N, where he lives, and helped him put it in his empty living room so the poor guy had a place to freakin' sit. We then proceeded to drink a few beers and ponder life and some really funny skits from 'the Family Guy'

So summer is winding down and to be honest with ya, I thought I would have had more done but with a combination of mandatory OT and injuries to my ankle, it's been kinda a waste..... You say that you knew about the OT at work but you didn't hear about the ankle..... Well, while amassing frequent-flie…
When it rains it pours huh? My computer power supply is having ‘issues', digital camera is starting to die so I can’t take any pictures, lawn mower does not want to start and finally, my freaking Tivo is acting like it’s possessed BUT that's not going to stop me from posting a new entry on the BEST blog, even better than yours Karen, on the net!!!!!! HOLLA

Pretty sweet huh? Grandma McBride loved her some clowns... They are kinda creepy if you ask me. She gave this to me and I really didn't know what to do with it BUT after pondering it for a while, I came up with a brilliant way to use it!

It marks were my water meter is......... Pretty clever huh?!?!??!!? We'll see how long it stays there before some kid steals it on a dare.....

Enough of clowns. I'm starting to get freaked out just talking about them.
Well hello there kids! Right off the bat, I want to say that I have not done a lot to the house because I have been working 'CRAZY' amounts of OT at work but I have had a little time to do a few things. So without further ado put on your s@#t eatin' grin and

enjoy yourselves because this is a celebration!

I do have to say that the survey that I posted on my last entry went over as well as a fart in church! The last time I checked, just a few minutes ago, One person actually answered the question …