This is whatcha get when you get 'Green lights' at school for the whole month of November. TRACTOR SUPPLY HAT IN DA HOUSE!

Well good morning everyone!!! It's 4am on Sunday morning and I can't sleep anymore...... Ya see, I work 6am to 2:30pm now so my biological clock tells me to get up really early even on the weekends.... And that's the way the cookie crumbles so instead of whining about it and writing a letter to my congressman complaining that I think it's unfair that they require me to be at work at 6AM, I just put on my big boy britches and deal with it..

I did some 'wild and wacky' Christmas decorating this year! In the past, A simple wreath on the door is all the 'holiday cheer' I showed BUT!!!!! This year it's different! I call it CHRISTMAS DECORATING 2.0! I added some FLAIR to the wreath that I put on the front door, Being the handsome and educated consumer that I am, last year after Christmas I went to BIG LOTS, close out prices ya know, and bought a couple sets of LED lights for like $2 and added them to the wreath for some extra cheer.

Pretty SWEET huh!?!! Nothing says MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS like a lighted wreath on the front door! It's a WIN/WIN situation... I am pleasing all my hippie-like friends by using LED lights, saving energy, AND my red neck ones by celebrating BABY JESUS'S B-day!

OH I'm not done yet with CHRISTMAS DECORATING 2.0! Grandma McBride also gave me a ceramic tree that freakin' lights up!!!!! WOO HOO!!! SOOOOOOO Being the 21st century, energy conserving, saving the planet MOFO I am, quick someone call Al Gore, I replaced the old bulb with an LED one... And that ladies and gentlemen is how I roll for Christmas! I am one festive hunk-a-hunk of burnin' LUUUUUUUUUUUUV!

I hardly EVER talk about my place of employment BUT I am working with two fine ladies that I affectionately call Laverne and Shirley because their 'gonna do it' and I love being 'directed' what to do everyday! Is that what marriage is like??????? HA! It's all GROOVY!!!!!! Sasha has 'Nazi like' organization skills and Casey is a chain smokin', cussin' like a sailor kinda gal that keeps me in line or she and Laverne will kick my @$$...... BUT SERIOUSLY, They make coming into work enjoyable....

And before I go I want to wish the two people that actually read this a Merry Christmas and to all the others that say they read this but actually are just in it for the pictures, well I hope Santa hooks you up with a 'special' present. HA!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Elise said…
i knew right away before i even read below the picture that the christmas tree was grandmas. i have one just like it! i remember every year they would have that on the little end table stand in the front window.. were matching twins now!! i read your blog you brat. anyways loooveee yaaaaa

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