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PROJECT: CAWLEY PHOTOS!  These are all the pictures I took when Grandpa passed away in 2003. I put captions on the ones that grandma wrote on the back of the photo. If a caption is missing and you know who it is then feel free to email if you know who is in the picture and I will put it in there for the W.W.W to see..... This is an ONGOING project so I will add more pictures each night or so. GOOD LORD Grandma took a TON of pictures!!!!! Dare I say, Japanese tourist= Grandma Cawley!!!!! I just sit back here in my back room with a beer, my Grandpa McBride's heater, my music on the iPod and just start scanning.Why am I doing this!?!?!? I was inspired to do this after witnessing my mother and her sister's 'NOT SO GOOD' attempt to scan the pictures that Cece had...... GOOD LORD!!! Ladies over 60's TRYING to be tech-savy!! NOT GOOD!!! 

Oct 1972 Oct 1972 Oct 1972 Dec 1971 OCT 1972 OCT 1972 O Katie, Pat, Chris Mackowski, George Kuhn, Bob Bob & Mary Cawley  Mark Parmeter  Cece,…