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These are all the pictures I took when Grandpa passed away in 2003. I put captions on the ones that grandma wrote on the back of the photo. If a caption is missing and you know who it is then feel free to email if you know who is in the picture and I will put it in there for the W.W.W to see..... This is an ONGOING project so I will add more pictures each night or so. GOOD LORD Grandma took a TON of pictures!!!!! Dare I say, Japanese tourist= Grandma Cawley!!!!! I just sit back here in my back room with a beer, my Grandpa McBride's heater, my music on the iPod and just start scanning. Why am I doing this!?!?!? I was inspired to do this after witnessing my mother and her sister's 'NOT SO GOOD' attempt to scan the pictures that Cece had...... GOOD LORD!!! Ladies over 60's TRYING to be tech-savy!! NOT GOOD!!! 

Oct 1972
Oct 1972
Oct 1972
Dec 1971
OCT 1972
OCT 1972
 Katie, Pat, Chris Mackowski, George Kuhn, Bob
Bob & Mary Cawley
 Mark Parmeter
 Cece, Katie, Patrick, Bob
 Mark Parmeter, Margaret Wolcott
 Faye Slavin
 Kevin, Kenny Slavin, Bob

 Pat, Mike and Andy 1973
Patrick, Michael, Andy, David Matheny 1975
Mike and Andy McBride late 1975
 Pat and Andy. Pat's 14th birthday 9-12-1975
Robert Andrew McBride 1973
25th anniversary party 1/27/70 given by our children!
Peg, Caroline Cawley, Gruinnip? Marg Wilcott, Pat D?
Kenny Slavin, Pat, Lela Ressler, Kevin, Gil Brinn, Don Lee
Bob, Mary Cawley, Pat, Becky Cawley
Faye, Joe, Clara
25th Anniversary party 1-27-70 
Margaret Wolcott, Gen Soplop, Harriet Parmeter
Pat Davis, Mary Fran, Paula

 Shower for Katie at Brinnier's
Katie, Margaret, Becky, Cece (before she auditioned to be a GO-GO dancer for Laugh In) Shower for Katie at Peg G. Jan 1969
 Katie, Ron, Pat, Jamie+Kevin Kevin's graduation June 1972
Shower for Katie at Peg G. Marilyn Lee, Gen Parmeter, Harriet Parmeter, Peg Bednar
Shower for Katie at Bonnie Brinnier
Bolivar Country Club Bonnie, Cece, Mr. and Mrs. McBride, Fred Howell
 Stricklers House South Bend, IN
June Strickler +Bob Cawley
Cawleys +Stricklers LakeMichigan
Sarah Strickler at the lake
Faye Slavin + Mary Cawley (Katie and Ron's wedding)
Mary+Bob Cawley (Katie's wedding 2/15/69)
Shower for Katie at Peg Guinnip's. Mary Cawley, Pat Davis, Peg Guinnip, Suzanne Torre, Peg Bednar, Harriet Parmeter
Shower for Katie at Peg's Nancy Cawley, Barbara Cawley, Katie, Clara Stilson
Ron + Katie 2/15/69 (Tom Cawley + Steve Kockler in the background)
Katie + Ron McBride Cece Cawley, Andy Ranpulla

 Cece+ Michael +Matt+ Norene Ferris March 7, 1971
Micheal + Tony 1st Birthday
 Michael + Katie 1st birthday March 7, 1971
 Patrick's 9th birthday Sept 12, 1970

Katie's 24th birthday Jan, 1 1971
Cece, Patrick, Michael + Matt Ferris 1st birthday 3/7/71
 Pat and Mike Christmas 1970
 Cece, Katie, Tom, Nancy and Kevin
 30th Anniversary Jan 27, 1975
 Katie and Robert Andrew 1973
 Michael 1970
 Michael and Matt Ferris 1970
Kevin's 17th birthday Feb 14, 1971
Kevin, Michael, Pat, Nancy, Katie 1971
 Stricklers + Cawleys
Jamie and Kevin's Wedding Sept 19, 1970 Kevin Cawley, Steve Yehl, Jerome Wolcott, Patrick Cawley, John Lyons, Joe Wolcott, Dad and Rosamond

Cece + Kevin Schaffner Cawley
Bob Cawley, Bob Strickler, Martha Strickler 1958
 Dad and Michael 1970
Patrick and Michael 1970
Cece + Michael + Kevin 1970
Mom, Nancy, Patrick, Michael Oct 1970
Katie feeding Michael + Aunt Cece 1970
Patrick + John Sherwood 1970
Christmas 1953
Christine (2 years old) and Jennifer (6 months) Dec. 1971
Nancy + Kevin
Cece + Patrick Spring 1962
Cece + Pat + Nancy + Lorrie Sept 1963

 Thanksgiving day at Mom and Dad Ebert's Christine Cawley 16 days old
Christine Louise Cawley Nov. 1970 Age one
 Katie, Nancy + Pat 1965
Mike McBride Christmas 1970
 Michael McBride Christmas 1970
 Shower For Katie at Bonnie Brinnier's
Tom, Ellen, Jayne, Katie 1952
 Patrick, Kevin, Hugh McD + Muggins 1965
 Mom (Our old red barn behind her)
 Mom and Dad , Katie Rehearsal Dinner before Kevin and Sandy's wedding 11/1977
 Mary Nuttall, Eileen Rehler, Virginia Crahen, Celestine McLoughlin, Eunice Schill Roth, Mary Jane Heenan, Jane Seitler, Gen Nenno: Class of 1938
Mom, Nancy, Kevin 1954
 Mary, mom, Mark 1960
Dad, Cece, Katie in front of Griffith house 1949
Mary Parmeter 1942

 Nancy and Jim Margeson 1973
Cece & Andy McBride 1975
Kevin & Lance Shaner 1956
Cece + Katie Wellsville St. 1949
Mike, Andy, Martin, Ben (Aug 1978 @ Aunt Cece's house)
Mary + Bob Cawley (Cece + Doug Root's wedding 1975)
The Cawley Children Cece, Katie, Nancy, Tommy, Pat, and Kevin 1965
 My 3 Grandson's: Mike, Andy and Marty (Nov. 1975)

 Cece, Aunt Kay, Grandma, Baby Paul?
Robert Joseph Cawley
Cece 1961
Tom, Pat and Dad
Bob and Mary Cawley 1980's?
Tom Cawley and Ron McBride Doug and Cece's wedding 1975
Dad and Tom 1949
Katie Cawley 1952
Kamp 1988
 Dad & Tommy in Eldred Summer 1949
Andy & Mike McBride 1975
Cece + Dennis Haught Jr- Sr. Prom 1964
Katie + Cece 1967
John Messer +Peg Richardson Hilltop

 Peg Richardson and Mary. Cuba,NY
House on Plum St. 1940's
Ron &Kate McBride Oct 1971
Pat, Katie, Cece, Dad Spring 1965
Mom's birthday @ Joe's in April of 1957
The Cawley Gals 1972
The Parmeters Family 1938 'I received my fur coat for Christmas, My freshman year at Mercyhurst.
Bob Cawley
Katie, Clara Stilson, Mary Cawley Christmas 1970
Notre Dame Stadium Dad, June, Bob, Cece
 Katie & Ron McBride, Cece Cawley, Nancy Cawley, Bonnie B.
Feb 1969
Mary and Bob Cawley 1966
Winter in our back lawn 1970
Faye, Paul, Catherine, Mary. Easter 1965
Dad, Cece, Katie, Pat 1965
Oh and I have NO idea what's on my mom's coat!
Mama, Faye, Joe?, Mark? Catherine, Baby Mary 1921
 Mom and Dad, Barbara L?, Jane Wallen, Mary, Jake G?, Catherine, Preston, J Detzel?, Ted Franz. July 4th 1942
Dad, Pat, Cece, Katie, Tom, Nancy, Kevin Easter 1963
Back Yard Fall 1986
Bobby, Kenny, Joe, Dick, Tommy 1950
Grandmother and Grandfather Cawley at home in Eldred
Bob and Mary Cawley 1980
Katie and Cece 1949
Cece, Katie, Tom, Nancy 1953
Grandpa Cawley and Andy 1973
Mom and Dad, Ron, Mike Oct 1970
Pat, Vicki, Jenny Christmas 1981
Margaret Cawley Wolcott

 Lois Loop, Mary Hughes Cawley, Rosamond Cawley, Leanna McDermott, Eva Eberl
Mary Hughes Cawley, Bob Cawley, Hobby Cawley, Margaret  Cawley Wolcott
Jody Wilcott, Becky Cawley, Katie Cawley
Cece, Katie+ Pauline Tierock's 2 girls
Joan Cawley Emerson, Leona McDermott Cece, Katie + Pauline Tierock's girls
 Bernard Cawley, Margaret Cawley Wolcott, Bob Cawley, Joe Wolcott, Randall Cawley, Terry Cawley, Jay Appleby, Jim Cawley (Lying down)
Bob, Cece, Katie, Tom, Nancy, Kevin, Dick & Joan Emerson, Jamie Cawley (IN BUFFALO)
Cece, Katie, Tom, Nancy Cawley
Katie and Ron's wedding day, the Cawley family Nancy, Kevin, Cece, Bob, Katie, Tom, Pat, Mary
HA!!!! TAPE (Helping keep your glasses together since Feb 15, 1969!!!!)
Bobby Cawley 
 Mary Parmeter
 Bobby Cawley
 Alice Edger?? 1939
 Suzanne, Nancy, Bill Slavin Spring 1945
 Bob Cawley, John Pyle: Mansfield
 Cece in Linda Blisse's side lawn
 Mom + Tommy 1949
 Bobby, Cece, Katie, Tom, Nancy: Summer 1953
 Kevin and Sandy's wedding 1977
 Giffith house on Wellsville St.: Cece and Katie 1950
 Suzanne and Ron McBride


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