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Just your ordinary average guy...

Thanks for that Mr. Walsh.... Well I am average with a few things that sort of set me apart. Oh and there is one BIG glaring thing in this song that is SOOOOOOOOOOOO not me, I DO NOT have a Chrysler product!! They have and will always be $HIT!!!!! HA!!!!!!
 Being that I have been a homeowner for almost TEN years, I closed on it July 2005, and a young 25 year old asked for some of my knowledge on buying a house, I decided to give all 5 of you that read this, some advice on buying a house.
First off, DO NOT listen to all of your friends that are telling you that you are dumb for not buying a house because rates are so low. They say "You are just throwing money away by renting, buy a house because at least the money is going towards paying it off and house values NEVER go down." UMMMM let me stop those clowns right there, they don't ALWAYS go up in value. Be like the turtle in the 'Tortoise and the Hare' and just take your time looking and these are the things you …