Sunday, May 01, 2011

Craig's List!
It's NOT just for finding 'escort services' ANY MORE OR LOOKING FOR LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV!

Someone WHO wants to remain anonymous BUT I talk to this person ALL THE TIME, SWEARS by Craig's List as a great way to get rid of junk and meet some very interesting people in the process. This is just a few of the emails that this person sent me describing some of the people he has met:
"Andy, I get it all, the one legged guy, the guy on disability who wants a job 'under the table' so he can continue to take the money and run, the Pakistani family(Omar the 10 year old was a WORKER tossing that wood in!) and the guy stuffing his Explorer with 1/2 cord of wood.  Yes, that is just from last week!
You know it is funny, and I like that it amuses you, but I can not laugh publicly at some of these people? Come on. Here is another gem from Saturday. Guy that is picking up the wood in the explorer tells me that he has two girls every other weekend, BUT he just got engaged to a girl in Chaney WY. Oh, that's cool, you just picked out the ring? Where did you meet her...........5 months ago on the web. See this one will surely last they have met 4 times in person now!" .

"ok, you got it.  I hate when I stick around for a 2:30 appointment and at 3:30 he shows up.  So all he needs to do is to load it up pay me, and take off so I can get back on the loader.  He wants to chat and tell me stories about buying the truck he came out in, some horse he got for free,  and the horse trailer he purchased.  His wife told him to go check out a horse trailer that was for sale.  It was marked for $4888.  he offered $4500, and the guy said nope, 4888.  He then said $4700, but again nope, $4888.  he offers $4800, but still no movement from the guy.  They finally settle on $4888 since the guy is not budging at all.  He arranged to pick it up the next day, and asked the guy if he needed a deposit and the seller says nope your wife already gave me $1000 to hold it for you.  Now it was a funny story, but to add a bit of funniness when he tells it he takes his hat off and throws it at the ground.  Just plain odd." 

"A guy from about an hour needs a cord of hickory, and asks if I can deliver it for him. Nope its pick up only, but he needs it today. I tell him he needs 4 wheel drive to access the pile, and he agrees to come out. after his GPS got him lost a few times, and about 2 hours later he arrives. now when he called, he sounded all kinds of whacked asking me where he was from landmarks like 'a pond' or 'steep hills' and such. When he arrived he hops out at the pile, since his girlfriend was driving, and proceeds to pour a gin and juice or some type beverage into his coffee cup. after that he needs a cig and a break to relieve Little Elvis(his words not mine). We get the load all set and the driver of the all to overloaded Honda Ridgeline needs one more for the road, so dude gets out the bottle and pours about half and half of the gin and OJ. I tell you its a freckin train wreck with these guys sometimes, BUT like a pimp on Friday night I got paid baby!"

HA! One of my all time favorite stories is about a guy coming to get a truck load of rock and his poor truck didn't like all the weight had a very hard time getting back on the main road and needed some help from a tractor pulling him! I know I don't do the story 'justice' but I think you get the idea. GREAT STUFF, and So ya have a reference, A 1/2 cord of wood looks like this.

AND this is an EXPLORER


After hearing all the GREAT success that 'PERSON A' has had, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WENT FOR IT!!!!! CRAIG'S LIST here I come! First up was my old ride on lawn mower.

 It was the FASTEST sale EVER!! I posted it at 6pm and within 6:05 it was sold and was picked up and gone by 7PM!! WOO HOO!!!! I can sooooooooooooooo get use to this!!!! Sorry BUT the guy that bought it was pretty normal. He wasn't drunk or telling me about having a girlfriend in Chaney, WY.  Next was my oven and microwave And for a WHOPPING $25 it was sold in NO TIME!!!!!!

Again, No WILD AND WACKY story to tell ya, The guy was pretty normal. I went bigger for my next item, That's right kids, the BOAT is officially on the selling block. It hasn't sold yet but I have gotten quite a few 'bites'..

In other news to hit the Lancaster metro area, we had a nasty hail storm which dented up my new Civic really bad, OH WELL! That's why there is insurance. 99% of the time, I keep it in the garage BUT I needed room because I was working on a flux capacitor. My car is all dinged up BUT BY GOD, I can go back in time now!!! WIN/WIN BABY!!! Also my roof was banged up pretty good and has to be replaced... $500 deductible for a new hood, roof and trunk all painted and a $1000 for a NEW roof for the house with a 14 year old one. I'll take it.

ALSO I am PROUD to announce Operation 'I really want grass to grow in my back yard'. This consists of me coming home each night and throwing on some old clothes, knee pads and putting my iPod on 'shuffle' or listening to a book and getting on all 4s and picking rocks up and putting them into a bucket. You see, I'm not sure BUT I think the previous owners had a truck load of freakin' gravel dumped back there because it's ALL over the place.

All the rocks go into a nice little area right in front of the shed I keep Bjorn. AND beware because I have two pink flamingos guarding it 24 hours a day and they are pretty mean! They can bite your finger off!!!!!

I mentioned that I listen to a book while I am out picking rocks and I have been listening to the one from Sammy Hagar, ALL I CAN SAY IS, Eddie Van Halen is one EFFed up guy! But I guess that's what happens to ya after 30 years of doing drugs! WOW! Where was I? Oh yeah, I stated earlier that I need a new roof due to the hail storm, well I was picking rocks and I heard a voice and it kinda freaked me out because I was looking around and didn't see anyone and jumped up and was ready to 'cold cock' someone and it was a young guy on my roof. It was the insurance adjuster checking out my roof. Poor kid, he kept on apologizing to me for scaring the BEJESUS out of me..... 

Oh and looky what I got for $10 bucks at Tractor Supply! Don't HATE because I make this look GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

The only difference between these two pictures is a yellow turtle neck and I checked and I don't have one! SON OF A!!!!

Marking the 5th anniversary of living in 'L' town at casa de McBride, I will mention MONUMENTAL moments from the past 5 FREAKING years until 9-2011: This month, SORRY LAST MONTH, marks the first time I celebrated my birthday (April 27th) in my OWN house!!! Talk to ya later and remember, I ain't one of your FRAT boy's that will laugh at anything that comes out of your pretty little mouth! (throwing my hat on the ground) OH WAIT!?! You didn't go to college, NEVER MIND!!!!


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