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'HAPPY whatever doesn't offend you'!!!

Because I like MOST of you and I am taking a break from cleaning my kitchen, I'm here to give you some knowledge about finance, computers, cars and a few things in between so YOU can have a net worth of 5.5 MILLION like me! HA!!!!!! KIDDING OR AM I!?!??!!? You decide............. *#*#* All the stuff I am about to give you is FREE! I LIKE THAT PRICE!!! WOO HOO!!!*#*#*

FINANCE: It's a great way to MANAGE your finances and gives you your credit score! ###### NOW IT'S NOT YOUR TRUE FICO SCORE BUT IT'S CLOSE AND GIVES YOU A 'BALL PARK' FIGURE!###### • THIS is another GREAT site!!! It downloads and manages all of your bank and loan accounts. • This gives your credit score AGAIN!!! ###### NOW IT'S NOT YOUR TRUE FICO SCORE BUT IT'S CLOSE AND GIVES YOU A 'BALL PARK' FIGURE!###### •…

One of my first jobs was at the ‘STP Car Wash’ in 1990…..

I and others could write a FREAKIN’ book about the stuff that we saw and did there! Forgive me if I remember this stuff like it happened yesterday BUT there were things that occurred that I WILL never forget…..These are GREAT examples of how NOT to run a business… I knew when Mike Carbonara and I applied when they were still building it, that we were in for quite a ride! A guy by the name of Jerry Beaver (I’m pretty sure he liked to drink A LOT!!!! KRIPES! He always REEKED of it) said to us, “I’m going to take a chance and hire you two.” Looking back, we were probably the most ‘normal’ and ‘straight laced’ kids there!! -One of the first days, we were getting the place ready to open and Jerry Beaver brought out a phone and began to scream in it like a mad man!!!! Carb and I looked at each other and questioned it but this was just one of the few signs of things to come. -There was a ‘healthy’ looking coworker of…
And today’s word is RECALCITRANT !!!
I can HONESTLY say that I have NEVER heard that word before but my sister-in-law's mother used it A LOT when raising her children!!! Now I am not one to ‘JUDGE’ but some people believe she is CO CO for Cocoa Puffs and I will neither confirm nor deny that, she is BUT I live for the stuff that comes out of her mouth!!!! DARE I SAY, SOLID EFFIN' GOLD!!! She is one of the wild and wacky characters at casa de Mike y Liz McBride... As all of you that have met my brother Mikeknow, we are like NIGHT and DAY!!!

He is very reserved and is very careful with what he says and does. I on the other hand, WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL............. He is ALWAYS trying to give things away because he likes to 'organize' and he will find stuff and try to give it to Liz's brother Will, my cousin Fartin' Martin', any of his 14000+ follows on Twitter @McBride or me.... This is CLASSIC MIKE McBRIDE for ya and if you are friends with him, you will nod your h…
****** I am sooooooooo sorry to the 4 people that read this but I have found out that installing back splash is NATAS (SATAN spelled backwards) plus getting stung by some yellow jackets didn't help either!! Those little bastards are no more thanks to a can of RAID!!!! ANYWAYS, this WAS supposed to be posted on 9-1-12, so without further ado here it is.....******
KITCHEN Version 2.0!!!

Being that I live alone and I'm NEVER in a RUSH, great band, to get stuff done and I have a committee that consists of three people: ME, MYSELF and I, The kitchen DEMO and remodel has been going on for the past two years as you can tell by some of the pictures that have dates. I have been sidetracked and had to pay for other stuff, like a new roof after a FORMER acquaintance screwed me over, and SERIOUSLY You would PUKE if you knew what a freakin' cat scan and some blood work was AFTER your insurance paid their part and acted like it was NOT in their freakin' NETWORK!!!! KRIPES!!! I'l…