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MERRY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS!!!!! It's me again!!! Hope every one had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious new year!!!! Yeah I had to google "Mary Poppins" to see what the correct spelling of that was. Well it's winter and I am sitting here at my computer thinking of stuff that I have done to the house the last time I posted an update. WHOW!!!! As Joey on Blossom would say, I haven't posted anything since September.... Let's see!?!?!?!? My alma mater ASU won the Division 1-AA championship in football and I was there! $20 bucks for a ticket!!!! WHAT THE!!!!! It only cost that much to see my school win it all!!!! NICE!!!!! Heck! My friends who went to Virginia Tech or LSU would probably have to pay at least $1000 to see their teams in a championship game.
Cofer and I cruised over to Chattanooga, TN to catch the game. It was great! It was like college all over again. Road trip!!!!!! It was so cold there that we didn't have to worry about the beer getting wa…