Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Captain's log, star date 1-30-12-5150  After seeing Stephanie's husband and Mary (co workers) 
do it, I decided to embark on a journey to grow out my hair and then donate it. After hours of research (NOT REALLY, I freakin 'GOOGLED' Donate my hair and they were the first ones to pop up) I found a place to donate (Lock Of Love= BAD Wigs For Kids= GOOD), how hard can it be? Grow it and then cut it right!?! WELL after two+ years of not cutting it, I can say with no doubt that it SUCKED!!!!! How do all of you women deal with it? I had to wear a sweat band

when I worked out in the morning, I had to ALWAYS flop my hair out of my face when I was going to bed or doing anything that required my freakin' hair NOT to be in my mouth, I looked like Sideshow Bob when I washed it that morning and it was super humid outside. Or OTTO if I was wearing a hat.  I had a constant battle with it ALWAYS getting in my eyes and FYI- I lost the war too!!! During this over 2+ year journey, I was asked many questions about my hair making me look like a freaking 'occupy Wall Street' hippy was when my neighbor said "Can I ask you a personal question? What does your mother say about your hair?" HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT stress enough that I only did this to donate it. NOT to make a fashion statement. OKIE DOKIE???? 

WOO HOO!!! Guess what 6-30-14 was????? NATIONAL HAIR DAY!!!!! Kylee Keiner and I got our hair cut. 

So without further ado..... I present to you the 'clean cut ANDY' that you are use to seeing the past 20 years.... THANK YOU BABY JESUS it's all off!!! 

Mrs. Boike got into it as well. She gave me a ponytail from when she was a kid and her mom made her cut it short..... Hair is still good after 60 years right???? 

OH HEY!!!!! I'm pretty sure no one has really noticed BUT the number of people to visit this blog has jumped from 61k on May 1st to 110k!!!! GOOD LORD you say. I WISH that many people actually read this BUT in reality, it's all spammers!!! JERKS BUT I decided to answer one of their questions each blog post I do. So without further ado:
'chanel handbags outlet Hi there, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam feedback? If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it's driving me mad so any assistance is very much appreciated.'
HANDBAGS!!!!! I soooooooooooo need a new one but I can get a bootleg one from a coworker so I'm good. First off, FYI to the spammer, people would believe you more if you grammar wasn't such a joke. Now I will tell ya BECAUSE that how I roll even though you don't care.  There is no 'plugin' and you can't stop it 100% (look at how many page views I have) but you can slow it down by going to settings and 'posts and comments' then click yes on 'show word verification'......

 Now it's time for your moment of ZEN....



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