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Captain's log, star date 1-30-12-5150  After seeing Stephanie's husband and Mary (co workers) 
do it, I decided to embark on a journey to grow out my hair and then donate it. After hours of research (NOT REALLY, I freakin 'GOOGLED' Donate my hair and they were the first ones to pop up) I found a place to donate (Lock Of Love= BAD Wigs For Kids= GOOD), how hard can it be? Grow it and then cut it right!?! WELL after two+ years of not cutting it, I can say with no doubt that it SUCKED!!!!! How do all of you women deal with it? I had to wear a sweat band

when I worked out in the morning, I had to ALWAYS flop my hair out of my face when I was going to bed or doing anything that required my freakin' hair NOT to be in my mouth, I looked like Sideshow Bob when I washed it that morning and it was super humid outside. Or OTTO if I was wearing a hat.  I had a constant battle with it ALWAYS getting in my eyes and FYI- I lost the war too!!! During this over 2+ year journey, I was…