Wednesday, July 01, 2015


 So on my annual tour, my cousin Chris and I spent some quality time going through and transferring all the photo slides my Grandma McBride gave him. HA! We used the same projector that Grandpa got for Christmas in the ealy 60s...

 So with my iTouch, beer, a slide projector, an actual screen, pizza and MORE beer, we converted all of them and I posted them here!

****** Disclaimer******
Most of these pictures are not labeled so don't think we were too lazy to label them. In most cases, the only thing we knew was from the box they were in.

I'm knee deep in my annual tour, come by if you want while I am gone. I have my cool new neighbors and their grand daughter, GRACEEEEEEEE on one side looking over casa de McBride and a dog that will bark at anything he sees (including me) on the other And a SWEET camera... OH and again, make sure you use the front door.

 With all the traveling I have done in the last month and sitting in my room with this damn itchy poison oak and being stung be some little bastards AKA yellow jackets, I haven't done anything to casa de McBride. So I decided to give out some 411 (that's 'street' for information) about my current being!!!! HA!!

  • I had a blast up in MN. with Dan and his family!!!! He took me all around like Duluth and Two Harbors. GOOD LORD!!! It was June and I STILL was freezing!!!! I can only image how cold it is up there in January!!
  • Dan and Melissa have this one friend Carrie who is HOT and has like 15 husbands!!!! GOOD LORD!!!! And she's not Mormon either, BESIDES, who am I to judge????
  • I think this MIGHT BE the biggest urinal I have EVER seen!!!
  • The Minnesota Twins have a pretty sweet stadium.
  • I have the SON of GOD as my co pilot now, thanks to John (One of the funniest guys I know).
  • I'm going next month to the Duke Medical center (They are the CREAM of the crop in medicine) to get another opinion about this dang brain stuff going on.... You ask if I am nervous, and I say "DOES A BEAR $HIT IN THE WOODS?"
  • My friend's kids are SMART AND TALENTED!!! They have more smarts in their pinky than I do in my whole body!!! DUDES, Kallen, the youngest knows CHINESE!! GOOD LORD!!!! I know a few words in Spanish!!!!! (Rolling my eyes in disappointment)...
  • I'm not gonna lie to ya, I LOATH what I do, and there is one person to blame for that, THE GUY IN THE MIRROR (ME).  As Forrest would say.
  • Drove my Civic with 110k on her and it didn't give me ANY trouble, I'm still of the effing mindset that 100k is the limit for a car. This WAS true in the 70s, 80's and 90's BUT a car these days with that mileage is still just a teenager!!! 
  • It has been so hot down here that I HAD to install an A/C window unit so I could sleep...... Now this is HUGE for me because I have NOT had central A/C for years because my unit (HA HE SAID 'UNIT') broke down years ago and I am too cheap to get a new one so I bought two CHEAP window units at Walmart.
  • I'm not sure if it's just me in my 40's (Hello, mid life crisis) but I get depressed and angry A LOT! 
  • I have a new phone servicer (SAME #) but a carrier that is freakin' $10 a month!!! I LOVE saving $$$$! I heard Clark Howard talk about this services for years and I FINALLY made the switch and thank GOD I did because their customer service is 'OFF DA CHAIN' (That's 'street' for REALLY GOOD!!!!!
  • Thanks to TUCCI, I have a new drink for my Sunday evening cocktail so I can TRY to sleep on Sunday nights. 
  • A young guy and his wife did something to help their future and it makes me really proud that they thought about their future and NOT the present..... He says it's because I gave him this last year..

      I DID but he and his wife did the work!!! I just 'suggested' he try it....... OH and so you know, I give this book to people getting married, a young couple, a single parent or just someone I feel needs it... SOME just leave it in their desk never to be seen again (SHONTEEA) but others do eventually read it and a eureka moment happens and they change for the better!
  • I hope my friend and his family start a NEW 'positive' chapter of their lives in St. Petersburg Florida.

And now your moment of ZEN!!! This a house for sale up here in MN. and I have some thoughts BUT I will wait for you to actually see the video the guy made to sell this 'house'..

  • This guy has WAY too much $!!!!! WHAT THE CRAP? If you were to buy it then YOU would have to GUT the place unless you are as 'alternative' as he is....
  • Did you see him in the video? He looks kinda slimy with a 'used car salesman' look to him.
  • DUDE!!! You live in Minnesota!!!! NOT some exotic part of the world!!! 
  • He has a FOG MACHINE!!! Hello RAVE/ORGY!!!!!!
And here is a great spoof on it!!!!!!And it's pretty funny!!!!!


I just posted a video about an RR bell that I and my friends 'borrowed' in 92 from an old abandoned RR crossing!!!!! And ...