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So on my annual tour, my cousin Chris and I spent some quality time going through and transferring all the photo slides my Grandma McBride gave him. HA! We used the same projector that Grandpa got for Christmas in the ealy 60s...

 So with my iTouch, beer, a slide projector, an actual screen, pizza and MORE beer, we converted all of them and I posted them here!

****** Disclaimer******
Most of these pictures are not labeled so don't think we were too lazy to label them. In most cases, the only thing we knew was from the box they were in.

I'm knee deep in my annual tour, come by if you want while I am gone. I have my cool new neighbors and their grand daughter, GRACEEEEEEEE on one side looking over casa de McBride and a dog that will bark at anything he sees (including me) on the other And a SWEET camera... OH and again, make sure you use the front door.

 With all the traveling I have done in the last month and sitting in my room with this damn itchy poison oak and being stung be…