Wednesday, August 01, 2018

I guess this is a car themed post....

GET IT NOW? Driveway and garage floor.... Things that are used primarily for an automobile.

 After work, I usually eat a bowl of ice cream 1 , play on my computer for a bit then, during the summer when it's hot, I chill out on the front porch swing eating pretzels and pondering life. While doing this, I looked at my driveway and thought, "Gee, I really should clean that." So I pressure washed it. NOW it's a long driveway so I did a section each day. PLUS, it's SUPER humid outside so I can only do so much before I need to go into the shade and rest.

 I also had some extra EPOXY floor paint so I decided to paint the floor in the garage. As the late great Gary S. taught me years ago, PREP is the key to ANY paint job. So I pressure washed and scrubbed the floor with degreaser.

 I stressed the word EPOXY because I SOOOOOOOOOO remember in the early 90's my dad, uncle Doug and I painting the garage floor at our old house. POPS decided to mix up ALL of the paint just lying around. NOW it didn't matter what kind it was, it ALL went into a 5 gallon bucket to be mixed and then put on the floor. Gee I sometimes wonder where I get my 'cheapness' and 'jerry rigging' traits from?


 Sometimes after work, I need to get some gas. I usually go to the station right next to where I work. The clerk is a very 'unique' individual. I am pretty sure he is a drag queen. he has the plucked eye brows, platinum blond hair and here is the dead give away that he is one, his fingernails are painted! I giggle every time I have to give him my money. NOW, I am not being a prune, HELL, do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt me then I am 'KOOL AND THE GANG' with it.

 Anyways, have a great month and for all the people thinking that EVERYBODY else makes your life good or bad, "Stop looking out, start looking in, BE your own best friend." Van Halen (Mine All Mine) 1988.........

1. It consists of three knock off brands I get at Aldi, "Moose tracks", 'Chocolate chip cookie dough' and 'Peanut butter s'mores' topped with chocolate syrup and in the Buffalo Bills pint glass that was BORROWED from the Amherst Al House many moons ago.


I just posted a video about an RR bell that I and my friends 'borrowed' in 92 from an old abandoned RR crossing!!!!! And ...