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 It's how I roll! 

The last two months have either consisted of me whining or giving you wayyyyyyyyyy too much info about me. SO ENOUGH of that crap!! It's time to get back to basics and to what this blog was originally created for. HA! Isn't that what EVERY band says when they are on the 'downward spiral' of their careers? ANYWAYS, let the 'projects' ROLL! Usually on a Friday Boike (DANG RIGHT WE MADE UP!!! My cousin Christine sent me a cool email pretty much saying that love, no matter what kind, is stronger than pride) will ask me what I have planned for the weekend. Nine out of ten times, I say "Nothing in particular just piddling." HA!!! No I am not a 75 year old man, I just work on many things instead of just one..... 

*********** Now as you can tell by the pictures, I take my time with working on stuff!********** I did this in the spring. New stone edging I got at Lowes because it was on clearance! HA!!!!!!!!

After 5 years of my mother bug…