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GOING GREEN  and it is NOT because Al Gore told me to!
I'm NOT a full blown HIPPY that's ALL about being green but I did have a friend that lived in a freakin' TEE PEE!!!! HA!!!!!

Oh and FYI, It was nice inside.... Anyways, I'm 'somewhat' green. I do my research on something (EXAMPLE Hot water on demand system) and 'crunch the #'s to see if I can save money and most of the time, I DO!!! Sorry all you 'tree huggers' out there, some ideas like solar panels are JUST NOT FEASIBLE! No matter how you 'spin it' you'll NEVER recoup the $ you spent to have them installed..... Where was I? Sure you will pay more for an 'environmentally friendly' product BUT 9 out of 10 times you make the $ back by the saving of not using so much water and or fuel....... REMEMBER!!!! Look at being a turtle not a rabbit..... Let's go back to 2006 and my uncle Bill had a 'hot water on demand' system installed and this sooooooooooo sparked my c…