and it is NOT because Al Gore told me to!

I'm NOT a full blown HIPPY that's ALL about being green but I did have a friend that lived in a freakin' TEE PEE!!!! HA!!!!!

Oh and FYI, It was nice inside.... Anyways, I'm 'somewhat' green. I do my research on something (EXAMPLE Hot water on demand system) and 'crunch the #'s to see if I can save money and most of the time, I DO!!! Sorry all you 'tree huggers' out there, some ideas like solar panels are JUST NOT FEASIBLE! No matter how you 'spin it' you'll NEVER recoup the $ you spent to have them installed..... Where was I? Sure you will pay more for an 'environmentally friendly' product BUT 9 out of 10 times you make the $ back by the saving of not using so much water and or fuel....... REMEMBER!!!! Look at being a turtle not a rabbit.....
  • Let's go back to 2006 and my uncle Bill had a 'hot water on demand' system installed and this sooooooooooo sparked my curiosity. I started doing the research to have one at casa de McBride. I found one that suited my needs and had it installed! PLUS getting a $500 tax credit, NOT a tax deduction helped too!!!

I have enjoyed hot showers to pee in EVER SINCE AND saving $ while doing it!!!!!! That right there is a WIN/WIN situation!
  • I also have ALL lights bulbs at casa de McBride replaced with either an L.E.D or a C.F.L one. They save so much $ compared to regular incandescent ones. MARK MY WORDS! 'Andy McBride stated on 8/1/12 that' "L.E.D lighting WILL be our primary light source in the next 10 years."  For now check with your local power company to see if they will give you some FREE CFL bulbs. I know mine did!!!! WOO HOO!!!! OH AND yes there is a risk if you BREAK a CFL bulb but let me ask you, isn't there a GREATER risk of you being in an auto accident? Just some food for thought.
  • I'm also the proud owner of a SWEET can crusher (99% beer cans) that the lovely Kim, I went to school with her in A-TOWN (Allegany) gave me..... Now I can save space in my recycling bin for ALL the FREAKIN' paper crap I get in the mail and killing my liver while helping out mother Earth!! That right there is a SWEEEEEET combo!!!

  • Finally we have come to my SWEET rain barrelS. That's right, I said barrel PLURAL! Thanks to the wisdom from an old friend Dan 'OBI WON' Brill, I have two in the back of the house. They are easy as a prom date to install to your gutters and you will be the ENVY of your neighbors when your plants are THRIVING and theirs are not due to them not getting any water....

OH and I have started a countdown to when I CUT my hair to donate it.... FYI, My hair isn't long yet BUT it's sooooooooooooo driving me crazy!!!!! At this rate, I will soooooooooooooooo look like an 'occupy wall street' guy..... Minus the smell of patchouli and the urge to form a 'drum circle' jamming to Rusted Root...

Now it's time for 'BLOGGING 101' Lesson 1: so pay attention because there might be a pop quiz!!! If you are like my parents and tell me that "I didn't see that when I read your blog" more than likely it's because you didn't click on the link/hyper link I gave ya....... When you see this: LINK (notice how it's a different color than the rest of the words in the sentence)? Click on it and it will send you to a page explaining 'in depth' the topic I am referring to. It's just an added feature I spend my extra time doing to help EDUCATE YOU!!! Now for the pop quiz, "A ???????, or simply a ????, is a reference in a hypertext document to another document or other resource."

That's all I got for ya this month and as always be like 'some people I know' and make sure to say to me "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" when you have never actually read it....... 

Oh and one more thing, I MIGHT being looking for, yet another, proofreader because the one I have now has been M.I.A the last couple months and I live by the '3 strikes and you are out' mentality.. She has two strikes and she has 'fouled off' the third pitch to stay alive...... I will let you know after this month. My assistant will be accepting applications starting August 1st.....


Anonymous said…
Mickey! You are model citizen of Mother Earth! I'm digging the rain barrels--alas, I was dismayed when we moved here to discover that the houses DON'T HAVE gutters. I never heard of such a thing. Something about ice, but with climate change I don't think there's going to be that much ice.

I'm also glad you got to experience the Wild Kratts--my dvr is constantly about 50% full with WK episodes. I think "Whale of a Squid" and "Squirmy Wormy" are my faves. Who knew worms could breathe under water?

Take care,
Anonymous said…
This is Elvis's little brother Clem...I was aborted and left for dead in a dumster behind Gut's rib and chicken shack and was rescued and raised by a posse of angry raccoons. One thing they taught me was always make the best of someone else's trash, dumpster diving for dinner is a great fun and adventure cause you never know what your eating....So come Andy and join us eating other peoples trash so we can commune with the mother wind and the father pinecone..and dance through the thickets in peace and love.

Clem Presley

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