Sunday, August 08, 2010

Good day earthlings, first off I wanna say that resistance is futile OH AND take me to you're leader! WOO HOO!!!!

Set your phaser guns to 'FUN' because it's been all fun & games around casa de McBride! Let's get started.
Now I will be the first person to say that BIG LOTS rules 99.9% of the time BUT sometimes I buy something there that turns out to be CRAP! I think it's called buyer's remorse, this applies to many things, HA!!!! I just went POLITICAL on ya! Sorry about that, WHERE WERE WE??? OH YEAH, A couple of years ago I bought some plastic landscaping borders and as you can see, they weren't the prettiest things ever made,

So I decided to do something about them and one day be awarded the prestigious "Lancaster county yard of the month' award. I got some cedar borders, landscaping nails, something to kneel on because I ain't 18 any more and SHAZAM!

GEEZ! come to think about it,

I have been as busy as a groupie backstage at a Motley Crue concert in 87.

1. I installed and use quite frequently a rain barrel (40 gallons) to water my plants and the 2k day lillis that Mr. Boike gave me like 4 years ago.

I can sit here and tell ya how I am just doing my part to help out mother Earth BUT I ain't gonna waste my breath! WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO SCREWED! WE, the human race, has made sooooo many things that ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE! Speaking of that,

2. I bought a few bags of rubber mulch for the front area.

The stuff looks pretty good too.

3. Installed gutter guards:

SO I don't have this problem anymore.

4. It doesn't leak BUT I still wanted to make sure so again using my YEARS of redneck engineering, I have a degree in it ya know, I added a cover to my hot water on demand vent. FYI, I went up there at the crack of the morning because I don't know about where you live but it's been hotter then H to the E to the double L down here and I really didn't want to loose 5 lbs. in SWEAT while installing it........ I'm a fart smeller, I mean, smart feller like that....

It just OOZES ''redneck' doesn't it??? GIDDY UP!

5. The homeless guy, Adam, and I did some pruning of the trees. WOW! Trees sure do grow fast. I think it was only two summers ago I pruned them last...

6. I made some really, really, really redneck looking trestle for the roses I planted next to my shed to grow up.

HEY I made the thing out of spare parts I had and you cannot see it unless you are way in the back yard and your in the woods, KRIPES! You can't even see it from my kitchen window.

7. In my ENDLESS battle with the front ditch, KRIPES! It's like one of those EPIC wrestling matches where it was SOOOOOOOOO long they had to break to commercial and Hulk Hogan was STILL in a sleeper hold when they came back from the commercial break! ANYWAYS, I dug and installed a pipe to help.

8. Well I was going to organize my shed BUT I think I will wait until until these guys leave.

Good Call!?!??!

That's it for the time being.... I'm BEAT and going to go hit the showers because I smell like ,well like a guy that's been working outside in 95 degrees and forgot to put on some underarm deodorant. Then a committee that consists of ME, MYSELF and I have decided to take a nap....BUT before I go, I want to tell you to stay tuned because of a HUGE milestone that's coming up next month... Here's a hint, It's been 5 years in the making!!!


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