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Say hi to Ms. America, or as her owner calls her Skeebo! She is a Mastiff and all I can say is SWEET JESUS IN A GUM BALL MACHINE she is HUGE!!!!!! By my 'guessestimate' she is about 130 pounds. Actually that's how much pressure was on my foot when she stepped on it..... I'm watching her a few weeks for my friend. She's a great pupper!!!! She is happy as a pig in poop just to be chilling out with me watching some TV. She is a HUGE baby when it comes to walking on my kitchen floor. It's linoleum and she hates it because she can't get a grip with her paws....... To be honest with you, it's kinda funny to watch her trying to walk on it. After at least 2 minutes of looking at the floor then me with the "are you really expecting me to walk on this" face she'll tip toe across it and out the door to go out...... After talking to her mom, I found out that she loves her some cheese. What dog doesn't huh???? So no matt…