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The man/boy we all affectionately call YETTI, Sasquatch or just plain old BIGFOOT!!!!!

YETTI, I mean Dalton, one of my neighbor's son, who is like 19 and HUGE!!!!! Hence the name Yetti, was walking between mine and casa de Trull (my neighbors) house to get to DA BOOB (fire pit) where we all were.

 He casually said, "DUDE, you need to make a path between the houses to make it easier to get to DA BOOB..." Usually I would mumble to myself "HOW DARE that damn 'millennial' tell me what I should do." BUT, you know, that kid is right. So I did just that!!! I will call it 'the a good ol' cop a feel' path.... It's like being with a girl and unsnapping her bra and you SEE "the top of the mountain" FYI- And it's GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

 I think he mentioned that he got a DRONE for baby Jesus's birthday... So we might have to do a drone-pa-looza 2016 photo shoot of casa de McBride in the future!! HOT DAAAAAAWG! You will be able to see DA BOOB in all of its GLORY!!!!

 Sorry this is so short but I DID give ya two…