Saturday, February 01, 2014

I'm an art collector!!!

Truth be told, I am the farthest thing from someone that likes art, unless it's porn, then I am sooooooooooo cool with it! HA!!! I just put that in there to cause my mom and other family member's to shake their heads and say "Oh Andy, where did I go wrong?" Let's get back on track shall we? I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Anne Conroy-Baiter!

She and Melissa Hanzsek-Brill are the only two women I TRUST with hyphenated names. Call me old fashioned, I'm 'Kool and the Gang' with it. Anne was born and raised in A-Town (Allegany) and I will not divulge what the year was BUT, graduated with my brother. She was ALWAYS cool to me, even when I was an annoying little 13 year old!! Thanks to DA BOOK (F/B) we reconnected and I am soooooooooooo thankful we did because she does LIKE TOTALLY RAD paintings. Now I have NO IDEA what type/style of painting she does you can read all about her here. TRUST ME, I ain't that sophisticated to know!!!! All I know is that she has ALWAYS been a COOL person to me and she paints places I know are from A-TOWN.

To me, she is an artist not like this guy who freakin' nailed his balls to the road to protest something! For what I have NO IDEA!!! FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYWAYS, she also helps me with ideas I have like: A few years ago I thought it would be cool if I had some paintings that represent different stages of my life. When I was up in A-TOWN I went over to her house and we threw around some ideas, HA! While her girls were watching cartoons on the TV, she suggested 9 pictures and she would do 3 at a time, and when I had ideas for another 3 she would paint them. I WILL NEVER forget her asking "what is the price range you are looking at?" and I threw out a number because I really didn't know. She said, "I can't do it for that."....... I STILL feel like I insulted her, but again in my defense, I had no EARTHLY idea what was a good number!!!!

As you can see, the paintings are сладко, that's 'SWEET' in Russian my comrades.
            1.   Is of the old score board at the 'athletic field' in Allegany. The 'Blue Devils', A-TOWN's old
                  mascot, use to play ALL their sports up there and as a kid, I always LOVED it when the
                  scoreboard was lit up for a game. Weird huh???? I KNOW but it reminds me of my

            2.   That is Joe Walker, Mike Carbonara and I at one of our first jobs, STP car wash in 1992.
                  AHHHHHH The fun we had!!! I tried to write about it in a post so I can have the nurses at the
                  old folks home go to it for me so I can reminisce.... 

            3.  THE LAKE HOUSE AKA DA BEER HOUSE/LOVE SHACK, I will NOT divulge anymore,
                 all I will say is that it was a great place to go in my 'high school' years!

            4.  I used to be someone, HA!! Yours truly was the on-site promotion manager for 106.5 'The
                 End' or as one of the DJs would say, the V.P of van operations. Don't believe me? FINE!!!
                 Here is proof.

              Believe me now? ANYWAYS, I helped put on an ALL DAY concert, much like Lollapalooza. It
              was called the 106.5 'Weenie Roast' and this is the stage getting set up in 1997. DARE I SAY,
              the BEST job I ever had....

            5.  It's WYLIE! The 'pupper' a former girlfriend and I had when I lived in WI. I will ALWAYS
                 remember being sooooooo upset that I would never see her again when I moved back to NC... I
                 could only image having a child and feeling like that!

           6.  DUUUUUH! It's my house or as I like to refer to it 'CASA DE MCBRIDE'!.....

           7.  This is me on a tractor up at my best friend's former land. I'm pretty sure this was taken the first
                time I was up there in 2002.

           8. I am the proud owner of a Mustang that my Grandma McBride got in 65. In a future post, I  
               will write all about it so stay tuned!

           9. This is the front porch of Lisa and Mike Kiener's house. I like chilling out there with either coffee
               or a cold one when I am up in N.Y..

      I myself, can't even draw a straight line but I have relatives on both sides that were/are pretty d@mn good artists.

      My cousin Jeff,

      who I get 95% of my comedy material from, is an art teacher and asked me what picture I wanted. He would do it in his class so he could teach the kids a lesson on it each week. I just picked this picture of the old Vandalia bridge in A-Town. No rhyme or reason, I just liked the picture.

      Another one he did is of a Buddhist Temple in Hawaii that my boss Jamie (ONE OF THE COOLEST BOSSES I'VE EVVVVVVVVVVVER HAD, Keith Brownlee was the other) took when he was there for a 'business' trip..... 

        Getting back to the lovely Anne, do yourself a favor and check out her site and if you tell her you know me, she will paint anything for you except for dogs playing poker, and send you a 6 pack of PBR!!!! WOO HOO!!!! KIDDING!!! Oh, and her girls have a pretty funny blog you should check out too. . CARB!! You will be happy to know that I fixed the toilet and I put a new shower head on too for the next time you come down...

         Now I wonder what you will WHINE about now?

        ######WINTER STORM 2014#######

        Now most of you in the north will laugh at this and mutter "MY GOD! That's just a dusting!" BUT remember, there are none or few plow trucks and people drive like idiots down here. It's best to just not go out of the house and RISK tearing up your car because of the conditions of the road or being hit by some EFFing driver who is driving too fast. So stay in and do stuff inside for the day, KRIPES, I did this that day and I have more to scan.

        Have a great month and remember that as soon as you realize that you are a peon just like all of us, the better off we will ALL be......

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