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I'm an art collector!!!

KISS THE RING SIMPLETONS!!! Truth be told, I am the farthest thing from someone that likes art, unless it's porn, then I am sooooooooooo cool with it! HA!!! I just put that in there to cause my mom and other family member's to shake their heads and say "Oh Andy, where did I go wrong?" Let's get back on track shall we? I would like to introduce you to Mrs. Anne Conroy-Baiter!

She and Melissa Hanzsek-Brill are the only two women I TRUST with hyphenated names. Call me old fashioned, I'm 'Kool and the Gang' with it. Anne was born and raised in A-Town (Allegany) and I will not divulge what the year was BUT, graduated with my brother. She was ALWAYS cool to me, even when I was an annoying little 13 year old!! Thanks to DA BOOK (F/B) we reconnected and I am soooooooooooo thankful we did because she does LIKE TOTALLY RAD paintings. Now I have NO IDEA what type/style of painting she does you can read all about her here. TRUST ME, I ain't that sophisticated…