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NANAFEST 2013!!!!

It’s NANAFEST 2013!!!! Comin’ attcha like one of Joann's marriages!!!! HA!!!!! YEAH I SAID IT! These are the pictures and misc. stuff that ‘Catholic Kate’ AKA mother got from the Nana estate which also included a Tappan microwave that could fetch $2 on Ebay. OH NELLY!!!!!!!! Because I am feeling FEISTY, I don't have some people's email (I'd rather be waterboarded then have it) so feel free to give them the link…..You are thinking, that I am a self righteous, smart @$$ and I say to you, I am Nana’s grandson so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it!?!?!?! 
******** ATTENTION!********* Nana didn't label most of the pictures so DON'T get all riled up because I didn't mark what the picture is of. OKIE DOKIE? If you want the picture EMAIL MOTHER AKA KATE McBRIDE NOT ME!!!!!Sorry it took so long but Nana SAVED EVERYTHING and I could only scan one picture at a time.ENOUGH OF ME!!! Sit back with your can of Michelob beer and enjoy...
Anna Jane Pagnard 1920s?…