Wednesday, September 04, 2013

NANAFEST 2013!!!!

It’s NANAFEST 2013!!!! Comin’ attcha like one of Joann's marriages!!!! HA!!!!! YEAH I SAID IT! These are the pictures and misc. stuff that ‘Catholic Kate’ AKA mother got from the Nana estate which also included a Tappan microwave that could fetch $2 on Ebay. OH NELLY!!!!!!!! Because I am feeling FEISTY, I don't have some people's email (I'd rather be waterboarded then have it) so feel free to give them the link…..  You are thinking, that I am a self righteous, smart @$$ and I say to you, I am Nana’s grandson so the apple didn’t fall far from the tree did it!?!?!?! 
******** ATTENTION!*********
  • Nana didn't label most of the pictures so DON'T get all riled up because I didn't mark what the picture is of. OKIE DOKIE?
  •  If you want the picture EMAIL MOTHER AKA KATE McBRIDE NOT ME!!!!!
  • Sorry it took so long but Nana SAVED EVERYTHING and I could only scan one picture at a time.
  • ENOUGH OF ME!!! Sit back with your can of Michelob beer and enjoy...

Anna Jane Pagnard 1920s????

Betty Pagnard Thomas

Ritter Marga Pagnard

Jane and Russ Terman 1979

Mother and Dad Pagnard

Bill (William) Blue and Hazel Clark

Edward A Pagnard (Baby Picture)

Ed, Mary, Clarence, Edward Pagnard

Edward and Mary Pagnard

Ed & Hazel Pagnard 1953

 Russ & Jane Terman, Ed and Hazel Pagnard

McBride Farm Dick, Bob, Ron and Jane (Late 1940's)

Russ Terman

Ed & Hazel Pagnard on the right.

Dick, Bob, Ron, Jane 1946

 Clarence & Helen Pagnard

George Craig Kneisley

Uncle Clarence 1959

Aunt Nina (Daughter of Adolph & Ella Pagnard)

Clark Pagnard

(NOTE ON THE BACK) "This is our day room. Not a very good foto."

Russ Terman

Ron and Grandma Hazel Pagnard 1948

Nana and Popo 1987

Ronnie 4-1946

Ed & Hazel Pagnard

Betty Pagnard

Russ Terman Ed Pagnard

HA!!! The Thrilled Ron McBride and Jane Terman May 1988

Kate, Mike and Andy McBride, Jane Terman, Betty Thomas

Ronald and Shep Thanksgiving Day 1948

Uncle Clark Pagnard 1940's

Uncle Clark Pagnard 1940's

Ronnie & Dorothy

Jane, Ron and Richard

Russ and Jane Terman


Jane & Betty Pagnard

  Grandma Pagnard


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