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Here's hoping that you had a groovy Christmas and New Years!

I'm STILL a bit tired from my 36 hour world wind tour that took me 12 hours up to NY and then back to SC BUT I'll suck it up for you BECAUSE frankly, THAT'S HOW I ROLL!!!!!! So I know you will ask me being that I sparked your curiosity with the last sentence. I have been planning for a year to head up to Casa de Singer in A-TOWN (Allegany) New York and spend Christmas Eve with Gary and Barb Singer. I only told their two sons so it was a surprise to Gary and Barb to see me.

It's the simple things FOLKS!!! Drinking beer with an old friend in their garage is what it's ALL about!!! This right here makes 12 hours in a car WORTH IT!!!!! As you read along, you will know it was kind of an emotional trip for me. I also hung out for a while with Lynda and Steve Kockler. Mom and Lynda have been friends FOREVER as this pictorial proof will show.

This was my mom's bridal shower in 1969.  Their son Jimmy and his…