Monday, January 02, 2012

Here's hoping that you had a groovy Christmas and New Years!

I'm STILL a bit tired from my 36 hour world wind tour that took me 12 hours up to NY and then back to SC BUT I'll suck it up for you BECAUSE frankly, THAT'S HOW I ROLL!!!!!! So I know you will ask me being that I sparked your curiosity with the last sentence. I have been planning for a year to head up to Casa de Singer in A-TOWN (Allegany) New York and spend Christmas Eve with Gary and Barb Singer. I only told their two sons so it was a surprise to Gary and Barb to see me.

It's the simple things FOLKS!!! Drinking beer with an old friend in their garage is what it's ALL about!!! This right here makes 12 hours in a car WORTH IT!!!!! As you read along, you will know it was kind of an emotional trip for me. I also hung out for a while with Lynda and Steve Kockler. Mom and Lynda have been friends FOREVER as this pictorial proof will show.

This was my mom's bridal shower in 1969.  Their son Jimmy and his family were there too. He graduated with my brother and works at the Pentagon. Doing what you ask? Well he could tell ya BUT he would then have to kill ya. So it's best if you don't ask... ANYWAYS!!!! I think that was the first time I have seen him in 18 years!!! GOOD GOD!!!!

I also made Steve a little thing to show how much I appreciate him and all the stuff he and Lynda have done for me over the years.

It's a night light consisting of an LED light and an old glass insulator from the telephone poles that ran along the R.R. Sure it might be GEEKY but it's something I know he would like. He loves TRAIN'S as much as I do.. That's not the ONLY arts and crafts going on at casa de McBride! I made a few cluster pictures consisting of old hockey, baseball and football cards...

$10 dollar frames at Big Lots!!!! WOO HOO!!! Oh and if you were wondering, the manager John knows who I am and greets me every time I am in there!!!!!! Saving $ and GREAT customer service! What more can I ask for!?!?!?!?

Christmas day I went to my aunt and uncle's house where she proceeded to give me a check for $300!!! All of the other cousin's got that too RIGHT!?!?!?! HA!!!!! But seriously, SHE DIDN'T GIVE ME THAT but she did make my uncle Bill give me a bunch of stuff that was CLUTTERING up the basement, like this SWEET @$$ PBR poster

and a bunch of tile that they didn't use when they expanded their house..... American-Olean Tile!!!! ONLY THE BEST FOR A SNOB like me!!!

I would show you that I used it for my closet floor BUT I ran out of tile mortar and I couldn't get anymore because Home Depot closed early!! WHAT THE!!! They act like it was New Years Eve or something! Oh it was, NEVER MIND!!! So the unveiling will have to wait until next month's entry.  Where was I? Oh yeah, I then went to my aunt's house that was my grandpa and grandma Cawley's house. It was the first time I had been in that house since Grandpa passed away in 2003.I practically grew up in that house!!!

This was Mike (my brother) and I in 1975.I got some KICKIN' heart burn from some YUMMY IN MY TUMMY chicken wing dip that my cousin's girlfriend Susie made!!! But that's why they make TUMS!!!!! Besides the BITCHIN' heartburn, the trip was WELL worth it and I would do it again because it made a lot of people very happy and that, my friends, MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!!!

Remember 2011 is now 2012 or as I would like to say, same $#!+, different toilet! Have a good one and talk to ya next month.....


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