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Did I get your attention? This is a PSA for the 3 people that read this: my mom, Mandy and Blake. If you: Own a house.Your appraised value is more than what you owe (use this site to get a 'ballpark' figure) You have a decent FICA score (AGAIN use this site to get a 'ballpark' figure)YOU ARE A STUPID person if you don't refinance your house!!! Yeah I called ya stupid!!!!! Y'all rates for a 30 year mortgage are at 3.9%!!!!!!3.9%!!!!! AND don't get me started about a rate on a 15 year loan, I might take all of my clothes off and run up and down my street because I get sooooooo excited!!!! Go ahead and ask your parents what their interest rate was when they bought the house you grew up in. I know Big Ron and Catholic Kate's interest rate for the house in A-TOWN (Allegany, NY) was 8.5% and they thought that was a bargain!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I know the 3 of you reading this are DYING to know, I refinanced to a 3.375%/15 year!!!! …