Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Did I get your attention? This is a PSA for the 3 people that read this: my mom, Mandy and Blake.
If you:
YOU ARE A STUPID person if you don't refinance your house!!! Yeah I called ya stupid!!!!! Y'all rates for a 30 year mortgage are at 3.9%!!!!!! 3.9%!!!!! AND don't get me started about a rate on a 15 year loan, I might take all of my clothes off and run up and down my street because I get sooooooo excited!!!! Go ahead and ask your parents what their interest rate was when they bought the house you grew up in. I know Big Ron and Catholic Kate's interest rate for the house in A-TOWN (Allegany, NY) was 8.5% and they thought that was a bargain!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I know the 3 of you reading this are DYING to know, I refinanced to a 3.375%/15 year!!!! CRAZY! WE WILL NEVER SEE THIS AGAIN FOLKS! OH AND don't assume that I got that because I work for a mortgage company and I get a discount. I refinanced with ANOTHER company so QUIT ASSUMING!!!! GEEZ!!!! Didn't your parents teach you NOT to assume!?!?!?!?!? AND! I might sound like Bob McBride, my grandpa, when I say this:

K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) Don't do one of those CRAZY @$$ loans like an arm or an 'interest only' or a FREAKIN' balloon loan!!! 30 or 15 year/ FIXED RATE mortgage!! ARM = GAMBLING and TRUST ME!!! 9 out of 10 times YOU WILL LOSE!!!!!! Don't let the 'DOOM AND GLOOM' news tell you that it's ALL BAD especially in L-TOWN! It's NOT!!!! GOOD GOD!?!?! Where do they find these 'people' for their articles anyway??? As for y'all in places of the country where the housing market is, well, NOT so good. Hang in there and as that CRAPPY band Journey would say "Don't stop believing"..... Sure things aren't good now BUT it will get better because 'we have been there, done that, got the t-shirt' before.
  In my tiling 'fetish', I used the tile that my aunt AND God mother Nancy and my uncle Bill gave me in the closet and ripped out the carpet in there and tiled the floor. It's AMERICAN OLEAN TILE and growing up I totally remember living pretty close to the factory.

Oh and FYI, just because I feel pretty sure about myself and my tiling skills DOESN'T mean I want to help ya do one of your rooms!! You see, if I screw up something it's MY house and I can take my time and correct the situation! With yours, I would feel terrible and upset if something went wrong and had to be corrected so I choose just to do stuff to casa de McBride...
  I took a break for my routine of getting up, working out, going to my job, tiling something, scanning ALL of Mary Cawley's pictures then bed and went up to Virginia and spent a weekend with Boike and his (HOT AS FIRE) wife Mese at their farm. Time consisted of drinking beer, 

them showing me the site of their future house that will be constructed when Rio hosts the summer Olympics in 2016, discussing the finer points of the Dukes of Hazard and Knight Rider, SKANKS we knew in the past, worked on some fencing, 

picked some rocks that I will use for a future project and getting some TILE,YES I SAID TILE at an estate sale, THREE BOXES for $1!!!!! WOO HOO!!!  Let me delve into this a little more OKIE DOKIE? One day we were coming home from getting some, YUMMY IN MY TUMMY, breakfast at The Frost Diner and we saw a 'garage sale' sign. We dropped off Mese and then went back to check it out. First off, it wasn't a garage sale but a 'whatever you see in the house can be yours for the right price'. PEOPLE!?!?!? Have you ever seen 'Hoarders'???  This place was 100 times worse than anything on that show! There were paths to walk because there was so much stuff! It was NASTY too! Like animal CRAP and that musty smell like the same spell ya get when .................. Well I won't finish that sentence because my mom reads this but you get the idea. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY IT WAS NASTY! So much so I had to take a shower after we walked threw it. Where was I??? OH YEAH, so Boike nudges me and points at a painting, I said (in a very immature and Beavis and Butthead way) "HA!! That's a naked chick!" The old guy that was walking through all the junk said "that's an old Playboy model from the 60's that my buddy painted for me." It was a WIN/WIN situation because it kinda looked like a girl I know and it would look SWEET in my kitchen!!! BUT! It was all moldy and had some water damage! SON OF A! So I settled for the boxes of tile.... Oh did I mention that we drank some beer (NOT JUST ANY BEER but Consumer Reports best beer of 2011) BIG FLATS BEER!!!! Or as my friend Dustin would call it, BIG TATAS beer!!!! Now it has received some, not so glorifying reviews, BUT so does PBR and that stuff is the NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!!

AND then Mese went into detail about HOW HOT SHE IS and how simpletons like Boike and I should bow to her!!! 

RIP DAVE!!!!!!

That's all I got for ya this month! See you next month at the same BAT-time, same BAT-channel and remember to STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS!!!


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