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 BUT! Before we get to that, I have a few more 'loose ends' from my McBRIDE WORLD TOUR 2011 to tie up: I was asked by a hottie at work how my tour was, I said it was groovy and all. She says 'but I thought you would have had more fun being you were on tour?" I kinda looked at her funny THEN I remember that she 'texted' while I was heading up to Ohio to see my Grandma McBride and my Nana and asked me where I was. Being a smart @$$, I replied back to her that I was on tour with Survivor and we were doing a gig at the Mansfield, OH Fair Grounds that night. She thought I was serious and told others that I was touring. FUNNY!!! I felt bad that after 2 1/2 weeks of her telling people that, I was only joking. She was mad but after I said she's got GREAT LEGS she forgave me. EYE OF THE TIGER BABY!!!!!!

I also neglected to tell y'all that I collected another 1000 frequent flyer miles to Heaven!!! WOO HOO!!! Well after the Kocklers took me to l…