Monday, August 01, 2011


 BUT! Before we get to that, I have a few more 'loose ends' from my McBRIDE WORLD TOUR 2011 to tie up: I was asked by a hottie at work how my tour was, I said it was groovy and all. She says 'but I thought you would have had more fun being you were on tour?" I kinda looked at her funny THEN I remember that she 'texted' while I was heading up to Ohio to see my Grandma McBride and my Nana and asked me where I was. Being a smart @$$, I replied back to her that I was on tour with Survivor and we were doing a gig at the Mansfield, OH Fair Grounds that night. She thought I was serious and told others that I was touring. FUNNY!!! I felt bad that after 2 1/2 weeks of her telling people that, I was only joking. She was mad but after I said she's got GREAT LEGS she forgave me. EYE OF THE TIGER BABY!!!!!!

I also neglected to tell y'all that I collected another 1000 frequent flyer miles to Heaven!!! WOO HOO!!! Well after the Kocklers took me to lunch at 'DA BEEF', Beef and Barrel!

Steve and I were on our way home and some UMMMMMMMM 'heavy set' (trying to be nice here) ladies needed some help because they were stuck on the side of the highway with a flat tire. It was three ladies and a sweet girl, Jessica, with some 'mental issues', basically in the old days she would be called retarded. THERE I SAID IT.  Anyways, we put a spare tire on and I looked at the other tires and told one of the ladies, "Now promise me you will get a new set of tires because the set you have now are pretty bad.". She promised that she would and then Jessica gave me a big hug and said THANK YOU! Again folks, It's the little things in life that make your day.
Also, While I was gone 'Catholic Kate' (MOM), no I DON'T call her that to her face, and Big Ron (DAD)

came down to casa de McBride to clean it up so it would be up to 'KATE MCBRIDE STANDARDS'. Well when I got back after 2+ weeks, the house was SUPER DUPER clean and my freakin' bushes were even trimmed! GOOD GOD! BUT they 'organized' so well that there are items that I am STILL looking for. KRIPES! I finally found the remote to my iPod player AND I'VE BEEN HOME SINCE JULY 6TH!!!!!!!! AND don't get me started on the lid to my crock pot! That thing is STILL M.I.A!

Last but not least, I saw one of my 4th grade teachers (That's 1984, DO THE MATH KIDS! That's 27 FREAKIN' years ago!) Then she was Mrs. Sonneborn but made sure to tell me that she is Mrs. Stedman now.... She is as SWEET as EVER! GOD LOVE HER!!!!!! She made it a point to tell me that she vividly remembered having to pick up her son at my old house because he, how do you say?, 'stretched the truth' about being at someone else's house and was really at our house because my older brother was having a party! HOODLUMS!!!!


That was on Batman! Remember that???? Well that's what I thought I heard at 3AM one day, Well actually it was a 'POP' with UMMMMMMM well I can't describe it but it sounded like this, go to minute 3:33 of this video. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming OR a freakin' pipe burst! SON OF A!!!! I sure as heck wasn't going back to sleep, So I went out to the garage, threw on my Carhartt cover alls

and went under the house. AGAIN! THIS WAS AT 3AM IN THE FREAKIN' MORNING!!!! When I finally crawled to where I though the noise came from, everything was just fine! WOO HOO THANK GOD! No burst pipe or anything. All was well! I tested all the facets throughout the house and the water pressure was normal. I went back under there during the day and insulated the pipe (for safe measure) with some extra pipe insulator I had gotten at BIG LOTS over the years!

I also marked the main shut off just in case I EVER need too SHUT IT OFF!!!

I emailed POPS and Boike describing what I heard and what I did in my course of action and POPS threw out there a few thing that it might have been and my favorite was that it might have came from the gas line. I kinda chuckled at that and replied that if it was the gas line I can guarantee that I would not be here! KRIPES! They would have found little pieces of me in neighboring counties... This happened 5 months ago and I am happy to report that I have not heard any SNAP CRACKLE or POPPING since. So I got that going for me which is good.. Oh before I forget (getting old SUCKS) I HAVE to include this email I got from my friend Paul:

"Your blog should be required reading. If Oprah was still at it and she were to do a 'Oprah's Blog Club', I believe with all my being yours would be selected EVERY month. Not fair to the other bloggers, I know, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
I also believe that you should get a twitter acct. You'd have a gazillion followers and they'd be hanging on to every post. Here are just a few posts I could see you making:
3) Dear Ladies, ANDY need huggy. CALL ME!
 6) SLAP THAT @$$!"

WELL!! Your wish is MY command!!! Not gonna lie to ya, I kinda feel like this guy now.

 HA!! You guesses it, THIS is my profile picture on there AND as of 7-31-11 I have a WHOPPING 5 followers!! One freakin' guy is trying to get me to join his 'PONZI SCHEME' and someone that wants me to check out their porn site!!!! Both sound pretty legit right?  But Paul you said gazillion followers?????? Oh I also joined Google+. LOOK OUT WORLD WIDE WEB BECAUSE IT'S 'ANDY TIME'!! Getting back on track, I kinda wish that snow in the picture I have of me in the Carhartt was around because I would lay in it buck @$$ naked! GOOD GOLLY! To steal a phrase from a guy I met in Talledega, AL, MMMMMMMM DEGA!!! "It's hotter than the hubs of hell!" As you know, I tend to 'do without' when things stop working. Well about 2 years ago my A/C went out. My thought was "I'll hold out as long as I can before I have to spend $ to get a new one. Well, after this week, I'm seriously thinking about getting a new one because it has been so HOT but in the mean time, I had a little A/C unit for a window that I would put in when my nephew Charlie would stay over and I would remove it after, BUT I caved in and installed it for ME! The heat was just too unbearable. 

I said that I was going to start tiling the bathroom floor in my last entry and BA DA BING! Sure it's NOT perfect but you have to really get on your hands and knees to see anything that's out of whack. I STILL have to work on trim and other stuff BUT over all, I'm pretty happy with the results.

Call me a FREAK but I went and saw Sade

She is on a list of ONE that I would pay to go see. KRIPES! She puts out new music and tours like every TEN years so I don't mind spending $! Steph went with me, She had no idea who she was BUT I told her that if she went with me that I, ANDY McBRIDE, would pay for everything!! WORD!!! Just because playing Jedi Mind Tricks RULE, I had bought an extra ticket for 'the girl I said has nice legs so I affectionately call 'HOT LEGS', BUT she said said she couldn't go. Can you say MISSED OPPORTUNITY!?!?!?!?!?!  SOOOOOOOOOOO sucks for HER! Back to Sade, don't believe me that she RULES!?!?!? Listen to 'Cherish the Day'. If that doesn't 'HELP' you get some action then FRANKLY SIR, you need to give it up and join the priesthood......

And finally I want to help my friend who needs mine and the 10 people that reads this help. Her name is Felicia DUBE (DEW- BEE) and last year she lost her baby boy Carter to whooping cough. She is raising awareness through the March of dimes and if ya want to contribute that would be like so totally rad and she has told me that if she reaches her goal then she will wear the dress she wore to the prom! I bet her husband is saying "FOR ALL THAT IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD, PLEASE help her reach her goal so we can relive PROM 1992!!!"

I need to tell ya this little story so grin and bear with me OKIE DOKIE, I was a TRUE BLOODED Jeff Gordon hater and I ALWAYS screamed at the top of my lungs "PUT' EM IN DA WALL!" each lap. WELL!!! Felicia told me that he and his foundation did a TON of stuff when all this happened with her baby... PLUS his wife is really HOT! (GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY!) So now I think he's an alright guy and I save my "PUT' EM IN DA WALL!" scream for that clown Kasey Kahne!
AND ONE MORE THING! A friend of mine up in NY had a really bad house fire AND LOST EVERYTHING! GOOD GOLLY!

And if ya got anything to help them get back on their feet then then just email me or his brother Steve and we will send it to them..... GIVE TO LIVE kids!!!

Marking the 5th anniversary of living in 'L' town at casa de McBride, I will mention MONUMENTAL moments from the past 5 FREAKING years until 9-2011: This marks the first time I had to go up on a ladder and clean out my DANG gutters!! (Rolling my eyes) It was a real joy let me tell ya! Talk to ya later and remember that you better PRAY I never get a 'wild hair up my @$$' and get the ambition to climb the corporate ladder because you might be on the short list of people I kick to the curb when/if I become your boss.....


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