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'HAPPY whatever doesn't offend you'!!! Version V

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 To all that think the world owns you something, a prophet from the 60s named Mick sang a little song that EVERYONE needs to know and ACCEPT!

It has ONLY taken over a year......

BUT I finally completed it. Let's go back a year shall we? My cousin, his girlfriend and I started installing 'heat barrier' and had to abruptly stop when he fell through the ceiling. OUCH! That will leave a mark!

 Well it's been a year and I have done a little bits of it at a time, BUT not during the summer months because it gets REALLY hot up there and quick! Do you really wanna see a picture of it? It is not that exciting BUT OKIE DOKIE, I hope you like it? HA! Anyways, here are the 'ANDY things to have and remember when doing ANY project due to this STUPID brain stuff''
Have my phone on me at ALL times.Take your time and remember that "Rome was NOT built in a day".When that feeling of 'unbalance' occurs, take a break.Do things slow.Remember that you are NOT 18 anymore.Realize that "THIS IS YOUR LIFE NOW".1

This is what I used and I STRONGLY suggest you install it because it works REALLY good and it's gives you some tax …


I love eating it BUT I really don't like seeing it on my ceilings. It WAS the thing to do to a new house in the 80s and 90s BUT it is sooooooooooooooooooooooo '20th century' now... I have always wanted to take it off for years BUT I never have gotten around to it UNTIL my cousin fell through the ceiling in 10/15. Don't worry, he was OKIE DOKIE and we so patched it up.

 BUT!!! It had me thinking, "What better time than now to start doing it." PLUS I saw how awesome my neighbor's house looked with it all removed and I have had plenty of time to do it! FYI- I was laid off in February and STILL currently jobless, that's what happens when you DON'T look for one. ANYWAYS! It was a great excuse for me to just deal with the mess it creates and work on it room to room. It's really not that hard to remove. Just spray it with some water and scrap it off. SEE, I told ya it wasn't that hard. The ONLY thing that kinda sucks is having to stop to move f…

NEW ROAD & it's ABOUT time!

Yep you heard me right, after having a 'sub' level road to and from casa de McBride, they are redoing it! HELLO appraisal value! Actually, my house has NEVER fallen past what I paid for it over 10 years ago... HA! Too much info I am sharing you say, WELL it's ALL public record so ANYONE can see it. Don't believe me? Just put in your address and see YOUR info. ANYWAYS, they are first replacing the drainage pipes at the end of each driveway, they are replacing the old metal ones that tend to rust over time to new plastic ones, and because of that, they have piles of concrete and asphalt. On my daily walk, I was talking to the foreman of the road crew and after chatting for an hour about how they redo a road, where he lives, high school football, his crew, what I planned to do with all the old concrete/asphalt and just life in general, he told me to take as much of it as I needed. He even had one of the guys on his crew DELIVER a few loads for me.

  So I did just that! …

Dare I say, it's too much of a good thing in the SUN room........

At casa de McBride, I have a back room that I usually hang out in because it has lots of windows and I have direct access to get WIFI that my neighbor's have and gave me the password to!!! WOO HOO!!!! FREE RULES!! Here is what it was and I placed 'bullet points' for each thing I and others did.

 March 1, 2016 The first thing I did was replace the ceiling fan. My friend Scott S. helped do that. 
March 1, 2016 Then we also started taking the stupid 'popcorn' off the ceiling. I think EVERY house built in the 80s and 90s, mine was built in 1997, had this CRAP.
 May 1, 2016 After consulting with many females, I painted it GRAY, it's actually called 'DARK ASH'. My cousin Chris calls it 'boiler room gray' HA!!  May 9th, 2016 Ripped out the carpet.
 May 12, 2016 Secured a mount for the where a TV will go eventually.
 May 15, 2016 My neighbor Jimmy came over and showed me how to make sure the ceiling is all smooth to paint.
May 15, 2016 He helped cut a hole …

A little nugget of information for ya....

I, Andy McBride, used to work at a machine shop named PMI when I lived in WI. 1999-2001, with the Haver brothers.

 They taught me how to weld and all kinds of stuff that involved MACHINING! Y'all, I know the difference between welders and proper machining maintenance (use some sort of oil when drilling so the bit doesn't dull so fast...)

So after about 13 years, the last time I was up there was 2003, I went and saw them... Here are some highlights and a couple lowlights.

I LOVE the Havers (Andy and Deanna). They were VERY good to me in some rough years.I am soooooo glad to have seen how much PMI has grown... I saw it first- KRIPES just look where I stayed!
Scott H. is SUPER cool to hang out with in his office and just talk to!The Haver kids Holly, Natalie, Heidi and Mitchell are pretty funny and ALL grown up! MY GOD!Holly is getting her freakin' DOCTORATE in Bio Chemistry! The kid is gonna cure cancer!!!! I asked to cure spinal cerebellum ataxia too! I'm sick of falli…

Going on a trip....

Sure I have done quite a few things around casa de McBride but I am not finished with them so I will NOT talk about them until. AHHHHH HELL! OKIE DOKIE just a hint of the few things I have been doing or done:

 Instead I will devote this entry to Wisconsin. After a 13 year hiatus, I'm going to see some friends up there. A little nervous and excited all in one. A TON of emotions going through my head...To say it was NOT a huge factor in my life, is such an understatement. Sorry this is soooooooooooooooooo short but between making sure the TSA doesn't give me a cavity search and hoping Andy H. (who is gonna fly me in his plane over to MN.) really has a pilot's license, I'm a little occupied.


I am VERY fortunate to ,so far, have great neighbors... I would say that 98% of my time with past and present ones have been great!!!! My current ones Jimmy and Lynn ROCK like Van Halen at Rich Stadium in 1988, I know, because I was THERE!!!! They have introduced me to so pretty cool people and he has showed me how to do a few things around casa de McBride. He works for the natural gas company in the next county and he has some great 'toys' at his disposal. LIKE this!!!! A freaking backhoe!!! WOO HOO!!!!

 The guys is 'OBI WAN' on the thing.... He knows what to do and what it's capable of doing..

I, on the other hand, am very clumsy with it but with some more practice, I will be okie dokie.

 I helped him remove a tree and make a driveway to his workshop. He also removed some old tree stumps around his house. Next time he will bring it home and do the same around casa de McBride.

And in the 'hey I have no job so I have plenty of time to do (INSERT PROJECT HERE

I need to learn the word 'PACE'.....

With ALL this free time, I am getting a bunch of stuff at casa de McBride done BUT I need to realize that I don't need to do EVERYTHING in a few weeks...  KRIPES! I have almost 8 months to do it!!!!

 Here is my daily routine:
Get up at 6-7am... Sorry folks, I can't sleep past then...Stretch and do some yoga OH AND some ball exercises I learned in REHAB.Go for a 1.2 mile walk while listening to my P.T.I podcast.  Eat my bagel and a bowl of CheeriosRead some stuff on the W.W.W., usually it's news and sports stuff, with my cup of coffee.While doing all of this, I ponder what I want to get into that day.Depending on the weather, I dress accordingly.Work on whatever I think I need to work on that day Make some lunch and 'marinate' in front of the computer and read some ,usually, pretty funny statuses on Twitter.Go back to what I was working on. Take my afternoon nap around 2ish.wake up and do some more on what I am working on. make some dinner. ponder 'what will I …