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Love/ Hate

First of all, Love/Hate's album was one of the BEST "raunchy" albums EVVVVVVER. ANYWAYS, I love binge watching home improvement shows! Even though I KNOW how they work. I wasn't a TV/RADIO production major for nothing! It starts with introducing the subject of the show, EX. A couple. Next they add DRAMA to the project like how the contractor found (INSERT ISSUE HERE) and that it is above their budget. The ending consists of everyone being HAPPY and all is well! I still yell at the TV: "I can do that", "That's too much"or "Honey, MAKE DUE with what you've got and be patient, pay for stuff when you have the $". KRIPES, I have ALWAYS been that way, when I was a kid and watching car shows, they did the same thing. MAKE IT DRAMATIC! That is the FIRST thing they teach you when you are a TV/RADIO communications major. "Sell the sizzle not just the steak." AHHHHHH R.I.P Mr. Rickles!

 This SORTA leads me to this.... I was on T…