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GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST!!!! This dang hand WON'T freakin' heal!!!! I SOOOOOOO HATE GETTIN' OLD!!! It's hampering my style man! I can do simple things like type and stuff BUT if I try to extend my arm in a certain way, IT'S PAIN!! Not just any old pain but the kind that makes ya stop what you are doing, grab your hand, try to breath again, grimace and TRY not to curse! I grabbed some broken up concrete and made my dams in my front ditch bigger.

While doing this I RE-aggravated my hand BUT it was worth it because it was free!!!!! I LUUUUUUUUUV that price!!!!! I'm suspecting that someone just dumped them there because you HAVE to pay the county landfill to dump them. So being that we kinda live out in the middle of NO WHERE, they just dumped it. I have NOOOOOOOO problem with this because I can take most of it and make use of it. KRIPES! Plant some ivy and it will cover it in no time and no one will know if it's rocks I paid for or some broken up concrete I go…