GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST!!!! This dang hand WON'T freakin' heal!!!! I SOOOOOOO HATE GETTIN' OLD!!! It's hampering my style man! I can do simple things like type and stuff BUT if I try to extend my arm in a certain way, IT'S PAIN!! Not just any old pain but the kind that makes ya stop what you are doing, grab your hand, try to breath again, grimace and TRY not to curse! I grabbed some broken up concrete and made my dams in my front ditch bigger.

While doing this I RE-aggravated my hand BUT it was worth it because it was free!!!!! I LUUUUUUUUUV that price!!!!! I'm suspecting that someone just dumped them there because you HAVE to pay the county landfill to dump them. So being that we kinda live out in the middle of NO WHERE, they just dumped it. I have NOOOOOOOO problem with this because I can take most of it and make use of it. KRIPES! Plant some ivy and it will cover it in no time and no one will know if it's rocks I paid for or some broken up concrete I got for free!!! WIN/ WIN BABY!!!!!
As for Christmas Santa (Mom and Dad) got me a SWEET old rotary phone for my kitchen, I won't delve too much in the details but IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!

Oh and in case you where wondering if you can you still use a rotary phone? I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAVE YOU A LINK!!!!!! Just call me Bill Gates!!!!! This is not on the scale of an SMU booster BUT I got a picture of Kidd Brewer Stadium where my alma mater ASU (Appalachian State University) plays football.

I also got a few gift cards to one of the GREATEST STORE IN THE HISTORY OF Capitalism!!! BIG LOTS!!!!!! Not only do I have enough to buy my cleaning supplies for a freakin' year, I bought some new handles for my dresser and the spare bathroom.

 I gotta make this quick so pardon the RUSH, GREAT BAND! I'm down here in a Lake Placid, FL for my cousin's little girl's Baptism
and I'm in the Retirement Community Club House (It's the only place that has the World Wide Web) finishing this up and my time is very limited because a bunch of old ladies are not happy because I'm interrupting their exercise and 'Community organization' meeting.........
  1. Took a train down to FL. and it wasn't that bad..... As a single guy, I think I will take it again.  
  2. Relaxed at Heaven's waiting room, I MEAN, a retirement community where my aunt and uncle live for 6 months out of the year.
Marking the 5th anniversary of living in 'L' town at casa de McBride, I will mention MONUMENTAL moments from the past 5 FREAKING years until 9-2011: This month marks the first time I ABSOLUTELY DID NOTHING TO THE HOUSE AND FREAKIN' HIBERNATED for the winter.
Talk to ya later and remember, IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!


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