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Yeah I like to be a high roller once in a while!!!! So shoot me!?!?!?!? Big Ron and my Uncle Bill needed my truck to get some lumber and build a shelf similar to the one in my garage for my cousin Marty.

So he offered to have me drive the truck over to his house and I would take his car home with me and use it for the next couple days.... Do you know what kind of car Big Ron has??????? A freakin' BMW Z4!!!! Oh yeah baby!!!!!

People look at you in a different way whether good or bad when you drive a really nice car like this and I really don't mind to be that person once in a while. The Bavarian Motor Works , BMW, sure can make a car!!! I have no problem getting up to speed in this thing. I'm doing like 80 MPH before I know it!!! It's 6 speed shifting of pure fun and the handling in that little baby!!!!! GEEZ!!!! I can take a corner like I was in a race car!!! Here's a good one for ya..... I drove it to Big Lots and when I got out of it this young kid and I think his …