Yeah I like to be a high roller once in a while!!!! So shoot me!?!?!?!? Big Ron and my Uncle Bill needed my truck to get some lumber and build a shelf similar to the one in my garage for my cousin Marty.

So he offered to have me drive the truck over to his house and I would take his car home with me and use it for the next couple days.... Do you know what kind of car Big Ron has??????? A freakin' BMW Z4!!!! Oh yeah baby!!!!!

People look at you in a different way whether good or bad when you drive a really nice car like this and I really don't mind to be that person once in a while. The Bavarian Motor Works , BMW, sure can make a car!!! I have no problem getting up to speed in this thing. I'm doing like 80 MPH before I know it!!! It's 6 speed shifting of pure fun and the handling in that little baby!!!!! GEEZ!!!! I can take a corner like I was in a race car!!! Here's a good one for ya..... I drove it to Big Lots and when I got out of it this young kid and I think his girlfriend said to me, "Hey that's a nice car." My reply, "Thanks and you too can get one with the money you save shopping at Big Lots." That really didn't happen but that is one AWESOME commercial idea for them!!!!! HELL!!!! Don't let me catch them running a commercial like that or I will sue them faster than Hillary Clinton changing her story about going to Bosnia.... In all it's great to drive it and feel like a king once in a while but I still love driving my Civic or my F-150. When I drive the 'Z' it reminds me of my Mustang when I was younger....

Here it is these days.... Poor thing hasn't run since 2001... Sad I know.....

I know this is really a short update but I can assure you that the next one will have tons of pictures and some good tales because I will be heading up for my annual pilgrimage to the Boike and Mese farm up in VA. for the Gold Cup. I am taking a week off so I can go up there and drive the tractor and do farmer stuff, be a tecky nerd and do some computer stuff for them, enjoy a beer or two in front of a bon fire, marinate in Janice and Hatcher's new house, tell some of the ladies at the Gold Cup that my name is Andy but they can call Thor the God of thunder!!!! So look for an update the first weekend of May.....


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