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A man has to know his limitations.... Those were my exact thoughts when I was knee deep in mud working on the ditch.... It's just too big of a job for me and a shovel.... It's Napoleon's Waterloo, Jimi Hendrix's night of binging on heroin, Eliot Spitzer's fling with a 22 year old hooker, The Patriots losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl. You get my drift. Soooooo I have two options, hire a landscaping crew to come out with there heavy machinery or make the call on the BAT phone and arrange a weekend where a couple of my friends come down from VA. and we rent a Bobcat and get-r-done..... This is what the big hurdle is....... The ditch needs to be graded and sloped so water runs freely in one direction. Then I can use that pile of broken up concrete as a bed along with the RR ties as a retaining wall.... This is my dream and it will be a reality!!! Oh yes it will be a reality!!!!! I talked to Boike about him and Hatcher coming down a long weekend and helping...…