Sunday, July 13, 2008


My aunt and God mother, although she had forgotten that part until I reminded her of it like 5 years ago, Nancy informed me that she enjoys the pictures on my blog but she is not too sure about all the hullabaloo I write about.

silly lady had me confused. I didn't know what that word meant. So my aunt Kathy informed me of what that word meant as well as told me that there was a show with that name back in the 60's. LIKE GROOVY MAN!!!!!

Now that we are straight with the meaning of hullabaloo it's time for another entry on the best BLOG on the net!!!!!

Now for like 15 years, give or take a few years when I was in WI. or the Boikes were in Co., we would spend July 4th on Lake Wylie at the Boike Lakeland, MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Great times,

I went up to the Boike farm up in Va.. Sure it was weird not being down at the lake but hey things change, HELLO THAT'S LIFE! In all it was a good time and I realized that no matter where we are for the 4th there will be someone that can't handle their alcohol and yells obscenities to people then passes out...

No this is not the person. I forget her name. This was from a couple of years ago when she yelled at Mr. Williamson and I because we told her that she was too drunk to waterski. She cussed us out then promptly passed out..... AHHH Good times!!!!! Anyways! It was a male this time and he carried on the tradition of, someway or another, upsetting almost everyone there.... It would not be a July 4th without one!!!!!

I want to apologize that I have no pictures of my trip up there because being the idiot I can be sometimes I forgot to charge the battery in my camera before I went up there. So you'll have to take my word that I had fun... We even went to the Shenandoah river and floated down it...... That was a blast!!! Chilling out in an inner tube and drinking a beer is the best cure that ails ya EVER!

I gave some old beer signs and NASCAR stuff I had accumulated over the years and I thought they would be perfect to give to Hatcher as my contribution to the 'Man Room'.

Being that Boike was the only person who actually responded to my request for what the heck I should do with the side yard, he won the magnet/'to do' list.... I do not have a picture of him accepting his award, HECK I even forgot to bring it up with me when I was up there. I guess I will mail it to him. His suggestion was to lay stone down...

The other side of the house has 'issues' too with not growing grass and looking nasty so Mom got me some ivy to plant... I figure it will cover this whole area in a few years....

As you can see the rose garden has a problem with the soil staying in one place. I don't know about your neck of the woods but we have had some pretty fierce thunderstorms around here and it has rained so hard that the my gutters overflow and spill over onto the ground.... But besides that everything is growing pretty good.

The Wii has been great to play!!!!! It comes with a boxing game that kicks your butt!!!! The workout you get playing it is better than any membership to a gym.... I also got a WWII game that is sweet too.... I ask you? How can you go wrong killing Nazis?????? Exactly!!! You can't!!!!

Next month's entry will be all about the eye sore I mean ditch in the front. I have big plans that include A Bobcat, Boike, some RR ties and a case or two of PBR. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and liberate a French town and kick some Nazi butt!!!!! ACHTUNG BABY!!!!


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