Monday, October 01, 2018

"YOU'RE LIKE A HURRICANE COMIN'." The thorn in my side part II

 AHHHHHHH Cheesy 'HAIR band' music!! FYI- If loving 80's HAIR bands is wrong, I DON'T want to be right..

 But seriously, I was NOT able to do too much on the ditch this month due to it raining like 10+ inches and working at Lowes for at least 8 hours a day! Seriously, if they offer OT, I'm gonna take it. ALSO the ground was so wet I could not do anything outside without looking like this.

 All of this was due to Hurricane Florence. Now granted, there is a 'silver lining' in this, We DID need the rain. WOO HOO!! My yard is GREEN again!

I had a load of rip rap rock dumped in my front yard.

 So with that said, I started 'modifying' the ditch by getting a load of rip rap rock that I will put between the dams I made out of broken up concrete. I will also 'modify' them to make them more efficient. This was all I could do before the facet was left on for a VERY long time.

 Not much I know, SORRY!

 OHHHHHH SNAP!!! It was a very uneventful month UNTIL my neighbor Jimmy brought home this FINE PIECE of MACHINERY! 

Those nasty tree stumps were NO match!

 He took out of the tree stumps I had on the side of the house! I was as happy as this fat kid eating 6 bags of his favorite potato chips!

 Have a great month and remember that "no matter how hot it gets, sooner or later, there will be a cool breeze comin' in." Sonny Crockett 1986. 


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