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   Can you smell it???? NO, not the chicken manure I just spread on my lawn, SPRING is in the air!! I don’t know about you but it’s pretty much been spring since January. To all my ‘Glenn Beck/ Rush Limbaugh apostles’: WE AS HUMANS HAVE/ARE MESSING WITH THE ENVIRONMENT!!! Sad but true, you don’t have to be a granola eatin’ hippy or an average over-weight guy in a bowling league to notice that… ANYWAYS!!!!! SPRING TIME= LAWN TIME and my constant pursuit to receive the coveted ‘LANCASTER YARD OF THE MONTH’ award! They put a sign in your yard and everything…… BIG DEAL I TELL YA!!! First up are the cedar borders around the trees in the front. I got these from my parent’s wild ‘n’ whacky ex neighbor! As you can see, after 6 years they have run their course….

 I removed and contributed them to the BONFIRE GOD who was very happy to take them and use them as fuel to make it’s flames HIGHER! KIDS love big fires, HECK as long as it’s not my house, I am 39 and I love them too!! My brot…