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The DAYTONA 500 is now officially 'marked off' the bucket list. WOO HOO!!!

Sure it's kinda RED NECKY but it's something I can say I WAS AT! I would love to say that about a Super Bowl and if the Bills EVER get back to one, WISHFUL THINKING RIGHT, I'll go...... 

To mark the occasion, I took the STP patch off of the old hat I wore when I and almost everyone at CCHS  worked at STP 'car wash and lube' center

NOTE TO EVERYONE READING THIS! NEVER send your car through a car wash that is run by teenagers! GOOD GOD! The shenanigans I could tell ya! Where was I?!?! OH YEAH! So I took the STP patch off an old hat and had 'Catholic Kate' Mom, sew it on a newer hat..... I then took a black Sharpie and blacked out old logo on it! HA!!!

STP patch from an old hat- FREE A hat that I took from my dad because he NEVER wears it- FREE Mom's MAD 'sewing skills'- free A black Sharpie I had at my desk at work- FREE A SWEET @$$ hat that is the envy of every person that was at the race- PRICELESS!

As for my FL. trip, it was uneventful. I took the …