The DAYTONA 500 is now officially 'marked off' the bucket list. WOO HOO!!!

Sure it's kinda RED NECKY but it's something I can say I WAS AT! I would love to say that about a Super Bowl and if the Bills EVER get back to one, WISHFUL THINKING RIGHT, I'll go...... 

To mark the occasion, I took the STP patch off of the old hat I wore when I and almost everyone at CCHS  worked at STP 'car wash and lube' center

NEVER send your car through a car wash that is run by teenagers! GOOD GOD! The shenanigans I could tell ya! Where was I?!?! OH YEAH! So I took the STP patch off an old hat and had 'Catholic Kate' Mom, sew it on a newer hat..... I then took a black Sharpie and blacked out old logo on it! HA!!!

STP patch from an old hat- FREE
A hat that I took from my dad because he NEVER wears it- FREE
Mom's MAD 'sewing skills'- free
A black Sharpie I had at my desk at work- FREE
A SWEET @$$ hat that is the envy of every person that was at the race- PRICELESS!

As for my FL. trip, it was uneventful. I took the train and NO I didn't encounter any CRAZY PEOPLE 
and I have found that it's really not that bad........ Just have your iPod full of some Dave Ramsey, Clark Howard, PTI and Bill Simmons and the time FLIES by and did I mention it's CHEAP? Amtrak! Gov't OWNED since 1971!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hello MOTHER RUSSIA!  Anyways, my cousin Elise picked me up and we hung out for the day

which consisted of going to her place of work because she gets a discount there! HA KIDDING! She doesn't work there. Anyways, we then proceeded to relax at the RESORT de SINGER!!! MY GOD!!!!!

Most of my time consisted of me plopping my butt on the couch and drinkin' one of the last truly American owned beer.

I also saw some old friends that I have not seen in like 15 years!!! The TENORES RULE!!! Sorry no pictures because I forgot to take one!! Getting old is a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOTCH!

In other news, With very MIXED emotions I would like to say good bye to an old friend that I have known and loved since 2/3/04!

Yeap! Her transmission 'went'.... This was a direct cause of the getting tagged from behind, you see, I had the car in gear when I was hit and the impact caused the gears in the transmission to strip. It wasn't instant BUT it was a rapid progression where one morning it just wouldn't go in gear at all..... But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't feel too sorry for me because I drove this until I got a new Civic!

EVERYONE! In your best Mr. Howard voice I want you to say "Excuse me fine sir, would you happen to have any Grey Poupon?" Now I know you are asking yourself, well maybe you're not but anyways, "why didn't he just drive his truck in the mean time?" Well her official name is 'Townie' because she is not up for driving long distances anymore and driving a 60 mile round trip each day just isn't in her... The transmission in her is starting to slip.... So she is just groovy being an IN TOWN truck hence her name 'Townie'.... Where was I?!?! OH YEAH, BUYING A CAR TIP #1: Try this out the next time you are looking at buying a car and the sales rep is all over you like a cheap suit. When they ask you to take a seat and talk about 'numbers' say "No I think I'll just stand". They kinda get intimidated and you find that your 'numbers' tend to go into your favor! PLUS having these too help!

People think you are a PHYSCO biker dude that is packing heat and is on the verge of going 'postal'!! SO!!!! This is what I got! ANOTHER HONDA CIVIC! Hey domestic car makers!?! Be more like Honda and people will start buying your stuff again.

HA!!! Wanna hear what I was pretty close to doing???? TRADING HER IN AFTER JUST A DAY! Here's why, Someone who 'recently graduated college and is pretty sure they know everything' got the same color car! The only saving grace was that it's a hybrid and mine is not.... WOW! That was close wasn't it!?!? I was 'this close' to going back to the dealer and trading it in! Not really BUT HEY I have $10 bucks saying that it made ya laugh....

FIRST OFF, don't faint but I DO go to mass regularly and let's just say that I am the youngest person there. Anyways, The old guys there have been 'LICKING THEIR CHOPS' because they would love me to be a Knight of Columbus. When one of them approached me about it, all I could think about was the Knights of Columbus in Allegany and their DRUNKEN DEBAUCHERY!!! KRIPES!!!! This guy was one of them!

NO he's NOT dead in this picture! I have been assured by my fellow F/Ber's that he is in fact, sleeping! ANYWAYS! This is Bud Kennedy, the science teacher and Knight of Columbus in Allegany, NY! He and his fellow 'Knights' LIVED IT UP, to say the least, and he is ALL I think of when the Knights of Columbus are brought up.

Marking the 5th anniversary of living in 'L' town at casa de McBride, I will mention MONUMENTAL moments from the past 5 FREAKING years until 9-2011: This month marks the first time I watched the Super Bowl on my SUPER PHAT HDTV.
Talk to ya later and remember, I do NOT hate anyone but there are people I CHOOSE NOT to associate with! FYI! If I don't talk to you and avoid ya like the FREAKIN' PLAGUE, That's why...


joecacti said…
Congrats on the civic! Now it's time to mod it up!!

First step: Tint that bad boy out!
Second step: Turbo!
Andy said…
HA!!!! Windows came tinted! SCORE
And if I was 22 I would soooooooooooooooo but a turbo on it. Now I am all about MPGs!!! Getting old is a BEAR I tell ya!

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