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Say a good word up there for me will ya?

We on this Earth lost a really good one. Mr. Boike lost his battle with the D@MN 'C' word, cancer. It's just not fair that good people like him are not here with us but THIS @$$ CLOWN is!
Here are a few things I want to thank you for:

THANK YOU for paying me to clean your accounting firm even though there were nights I did it after I worked promotions for the Checkers and then an after party at Samson's Hole (Don't bother looking for it because it's gone) and 95% of the time I was PLASTERED and I THINK I cleaned your office... HA!

THANK YOU because you are one of the people that 'exposed' me to The Clark Howard Show.... You see when I cleaned your office, a few times it was on your radio at your desk and so now I download his podcast and listen EVERYDAY!

THANK YOU for ALWAYS being in the SAME section every time I did a promotion for the Checkers so I knew exactly where to throw a 106.5 'The End' t-shirt.....

THANK YOU for being one of the peo…
Go ahead "MAKE MY DAY punk"! HA!!! But seriously, it's that time of the year when you can ask me anything and I will answer it..... So fire away!!!!! The ground rules are that there ARE NONE!!!!! Leave me a question and I will TRY NOT to be a politician and SPIN IT!!!! I'd say write me a question on DA BOOK, Instagram, Twitter or MySpace (Is that ever around anymore?), but I'm hardly on them so just ask it here. OKIE DOKIE?

Before I go, I want to present a great piece of history which is now the center piece to my table on 'DA ODE'. I PRESENT to you the 'leaning tower of hot dogs'!!!! HA!!!!! Boike made this like 30 years ago in an art class.

Sure, it has a 'phallic' look to it, but I don't think the 8 year artist was going for that; I think his love of hot dogs was the main inspiration. Here, let's have the artist describe his sculpture:
"Dude, I did the thing in like 4th grade. I don't even know what I was thinking last …