Say a good word up there for me will ya?

We on this Earth lost a really good one. Mr. Boike lost his battle with the D@MN 'C' word, cancer. It's just not fair that good people like him are not here with us but THIS @$$ CLOWN is!
Here are a few things I want to thank you for:

THANK YOU for paying me to clean your accounting firm even though there were nights I did it after I worked promotions for the Checkers and then an after party at Samson's Hole (Don't bother looking for it because it's gone) and 95% of the time I was PLASTERED and I THINK I cleaned your office... HA!

THANK YOU because you are one of the people that 'exposed' me to The Clark Howard Show.... You see when I cleaned your office, a few times it was on your radio at your desk and so now I download his podcast and listen EVERYDAY!

THANK YOU for ALWAYS being in the SAME section every time I did a promotion for the Checkers so I knew exactly where to throw a 106.5 'The End' t-shirt.....

THANK YOU for being one of the people to mold the way I think about money.

THANK YOU for helping me 'get back on my feet' when I moved back from WI. with the odd jobs you would give me.

THANK YOU for giving me 'the rabbits of the plant world' day lilies like 8 years ago. I always think I gave most of them away to friends at work BUT I STILL find some growing someplace and I always say to myself  "that's weird, I don't remember planting any here."

THANK YOU for buying the container, designed by someone from NASA, and filling it full of chocolate chips so I could relive my breakfasts in high school!!! 1st period= ON FIRE. 2nd period= sleeping....

THANK YOU for always laughing and just shaking your head when your wife would ask me a random question, usually about something that would make most people 'blush', and I would answer it honestly.....  

THANK YOU for buying that piece of property out on Lake Wylie in 1978 so years later I and your son and others could drink a beer or two out there when we weren't of legal age.

THANK YOU for always paying your son and I for all the bags of leaves we could fit in the Gran Torino station wagon so you could put them in your garden and instilling in me that ANY organic material is great for the soil.

THANK YOU for 'tolerating' your son and I using your garage to work on our cars when we were teenagers.

THANK YOU for sleeping soundly so that Boike had no problem coming home WHENEVER because he knew YOU would sleep through anything.

THANK YOU for always giving me tax advice when I had questions.

THANK YOU for taking this picture 15 years ago that I STILL laugh at!!

THANK YOU for having one of the best dry scene of humors that always had me laughing! 

THANK YOU for ALWAYS giving me a beer so I could cope with working on your computer that was as slow as the TRS 80 I worked on in Ms. Bednar's reading class in 1986.

THANK YOU for being an all around damn good guy!

Believe me now, and hear me later, tell someone how you feel about them before....... WELL..... BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE........


Mitch Albro said…
Sounds like a great fella! Pop McBride
Patty Dowdy said…
I can feel the love ...
Tina Auer said…
This make you stop and think. Be thankful for what and who you have in your life for no one know when they will breath their last. Rock on my friend

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