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AS OF 2011, there is NO MORE gold looking fixtures at casa de McBride!!! WOO HOO!! The last piece  was promptly taken down and given to GoodWill and replaced by this!

To celebrate this HUGE EVENT 'Catholic Kate' insisted that we use the dishes that were given to her sister and FORMER Ms. Firemen Pageant Queen 1966 (I know the picture is out there and I will get it, OH YES I will FIND IT!) Cece when she married the lead singer of Three Dog Night while the band was on 'hiatus'.

Let's see? Oh yeah, We had another bad storm that even knocked over trees and stuff.

I am happy to report that CASA DE MCBRIDE suffered NO damage! WOO HOO!!! KRIPES! I just dropped $1500 for deductibles on my car and house for CHRIST SAKES from the last one... Ain't made of money ya know! Oh and I installed an attic fan. Pretty exciting stuff huh??? Let me give ya an equation: cooler attic+ less money I give to Duke Energy+ Happy Andy= A 'thumbs up' from the GREEN POLICE!