When it rains it pours huh? My computer power supply is having ‘issues', digital camera is starting to die so I can’t take any pictures, lawn mower does not want to start and finally, my freaking Tivo is acting like it’s possessed BUT that's not going to stop me from posting a new entry on the BEST blog, even better than yours Karen, on the net!!!!!! HOLLA

WORK WORK WORK! That's all I seem to do........ I was able to take a few days off for the annual 'McBride World Tour 2009' I cruised up to western NY for my cousin's 6th wedding! KIDDING!!!!!

A good time was had by all..... One of my 55 cousins started getting shots and that was the end of me.......

SOOOOO! After that picture was taken I stumbled back to my cousin Jeff's house and 'sort of' passed out and when I woke up I realized that I had 'sort of' barfed....... Well here is the difference between me and others, I took the sheets off the bed and made a 'B' line to the washer and I also took some Febreze and sprayed the whole room..... Others would have just left it the way it was but that's not how I roll! The only mistake I made was telling Kari, who in turn, told my cousin Jeff. He made sure EVERYONE knew............. DORK!!!!!!! All day I had to endure badgering from all of the people they invited to their wedding and reception.....

Let's backtrack, I was on I-86 formerly highway 17, and I was just cruising and jammin' to some old Metallica and BOOOOOOOOM!!!!! WHAT THE!?!?!?!? I was hit by a girl who was
  1. texting.
  2. fell asleep.
  3. was zoning out thinking about what she wanted for dinner that night.
I immediately looked in the rear view mirror and the look on her face was pricless!! She was in shock that she just hit me.... I pulled to the side of the road and she didn’t walk to my car, she ran, and asked if I was alright…. Her eyes were all bugged and everything. I said I was cool but that all depends on how much damage the back of my car is in. “Can I get an ‘amen’ from the congregation? This is all the damage she did……

WOO HOO!!! Nothing that can’t be buffed out by yours truly, I can clean a car right Steph? ANYWAYS, Jessica was her name and I could really tell she was freakin’…. I said ‘Jessica… It’s all cool….. This baby has over 120000 on it and still tickin’…. You scatched my bumber big deal…. I’m not that guy to report this to my insurance or anything…. Get back in your car and go home….. It’s all good!” See folks, that’s how I deal with life….. You do stupid stuff throughout it and you learn from it……Now if it was someone that was being a jerk or a certain person that I recently saw for the first time in like 20 years then it would have been on!!!! COPS, INSURANCE COMPANIES and FIRETRUCKS!!! Hell I would ever had the cops ‘pepper spray’ her for good measure… I bet $100 she did the speed limit the rest of the way home!!! HA HA HA HA HA!! Poor kid! Let’s hope the next person she hits is as cool as me……..

Being it was a complete wash out the last time I was at the Boike and Mese farm, I swung over to their neck of the woods with a few cases of the WORST beer NY has to offer and I was immediately placed on the tractor, with a new SWEET A$$ seat, and bush hogged their fields till sun down........ LOVE IT!!!!!! Some people have their crack, booze and any other form of addiction and there is me with my bush hoggin'!!!!!! AHHHHHH UTOPIA!!! Also, while polishing off the deck demo, I noticed that there is a poor turtle aimlessly roaming around. I figured that I took his/her home when I removed it...... I went out there this morning and it's gone.... Either
  1. it found a new home or
  2. something had it for dinner.

That’s my excitement for the month…… I will leave you with this image…..

DAMN SKIPPY!!!!!!!!!!! I proudly display this on my front porch.......


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