Pretty sweet huh? Grandma McBride loved her some clowns... They are kinda creepy if you ask me. She gave this to me and I really didn't know what to do with it BUT after pondering it for a while, I came up with a brilliant way to use it!

It marks were my water meter is......... Pretty clever huh?!?!??!!? We'll see how long it stays there before some kid steals it on a dare.....

Enough of clowns. I'm starting to get freaked out just talking about them.
Well hello there kids! Right off the bat, I want to say that I have not done a lot to the house because I have been working 'CRAZY' amounts of OT at work but I have had a little time to do a few things. So without further ado put on your s@#t eatin' grin and

enjoy yourselves because this is a celebration!

I do have to say that the survey that I posted on my last entry went over as well as a fart in church! The last time I checked, just a few minutes ago, One person actually answered the question I asked! ONE! MY GOD!!!!!! Do I feel like THIS GUY? Damn right I do!!!

So I have made another 'executive decision', I'm going to keep blogging and posting pictures so when I am old and forgetting what I had for breakfast, I can just look on here and see what stuff I did to the house and when...... Will I remember the link, Heck no BUT I will put a note in my documents for the nurses at the old folks home to set it on my computer so I can I can view it a revel in that old nostalgic feeling......

Enough of me whining like the CEO of GM wanting more bail out money.

'Operation deck demo' began and is almost complete! There was just no going back on it! After years of neglect the only option was to tear it down. So with my trusty 'Saws-all” and a homeless hitchhiker, KIDDING! Adam is a guy from work, We tore it down....

Heck! I even put my little nephew to work......

EASY there kids!!!! Don't go and call social services on me.... This was a staged picture. I just wanted to kinda freak everyone out........

To get back to the hitchhiker comment, I actually did pick up one... I wasn't going to tell you but after seeing my mother's reaction to the news, I decided to shout it from the top of the mountain..... So yes, I picked up a hitchhiker. Sure he reeked of cheap booze and he kept on repeating himself but we had a good chat about life and politics.... The best part of our conversation was when he said "You're one lucky guy because you have a job, I can't keep one." I did not say this to him but this is what I was thinking. GEE!?!?!?!?!? I'm going out on a limb here but maybe you can't keep a job because you have a little drinking problem, but who am I to judge......

I took a trip to Ohio for my Nana's 90th birthday! And look what I found down in the basement!?!?!?!? WOO HOO!!!!!!

Aren't this babies banned in all 50 states? I'm soooooooooooooooo going to bust this out at my next party!!!!! Sure hope no one gets impaled..... HE HE HE HE HE HE HE!!!!!!!

Being that Grandpa McBride passed away a few months ago, grandma is cleaning out the house of all of his stuff. She unleashed me in his tool shed!!!! I had to take a break because I had information overload! He had so much stuff and I am sure that the EPA has deemed some of it that I touched hazardous material. So if I get cancer or something I'll know why, but I did get an awesome set of tools!

Well that's all I got for ya, oh wait! Wanna see my bitchin' side burns I grew????????

They were bigger than Evil Knevels in 74!!!!!! Oh and the dirty towel in the background is not used to 'clean myself', I use it to on my car... Talk to y'all next month.


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