ATTENTION! This is a public service announcement... This is why you sign a prenupt before you ever take the plunge into marriage!!!!

This is Liz's, my sister-in-law, brother Will's house...... His wife just recently left him and proceeded to take EVERYTHING with her back to West Virgina, insert joke here. LOVE RULES DOESN'T IT!?!?!?!?!? Mike and Liz got some new furniture so we loaded up my truck with the old stuff and I headed down to C-L-E-M-S-O-N, where he lives, and helped him put it in his empty living room so the poor guy had a place to freakin' sit. We then proceeded to drink a few beers and ponder life and some really funny skits from 'the Family Guy'

So summer is winding down and to be honest with ya, I thought I would have had more done but with a combination of mandatory OT and injuries to my ankle, it's been kinda a waste..... You say that you knew about the OT at work but you didn't hear about the ankle..... Well, while amassing frequent-flier miles to heaven, I was helping a lady at work fix a flat tire, I fell awkwardly on my ankle while trying to loosen up one of the lug nuts, HEY! That's the name of the mascot out at Lowes Motor speedway.

When I fell I thought I broke it because it was kinda pointing in the wrong direction but the Dr. at the urgent care center said it was just sprained really bad.

The only project I have done is clean out the garage and paint part of the floor with some paint I found while I was cleaning out all of my grandpa McBride's stuff....

CHECK IT OUT! It's from Montgomery Wards!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Are they even around anymore? Look at their logo, I looked online and they stopped using that one in 1968!!!! So this paint is at least 40 years old!!!!! BUT! It's unopened and if it doesn't work so what!!!!! I'm painting the garage floor not my living room walls with it!
So I moved everything out, even the Mustang, poor thing!!!! I was surprised that I didn't find anything living underneath it,

and cleaned out the whole garage..... NOW I look like I live in the south or Emporium, PA!!!!!

I say 'poor thing' because it's not been on the road since.... Drum roll please,

Not bad lookin' huh? Keep your fingers crossed that it dries but either way, It's all good because I'm comfortably numb from smelling paint and epoxy for the last 3 hours.......

All the pictures were taken with my brand new camera!!!! The old one my brother gave me a few years ago finally crapped out... THANK YOU JESUS for Big Lots!!!!! I got a sweet one that , so far, ROCKS like the Ramones at UB in 87! I know because I was there!!!!!!!!! ALSO, I changed up the layout again. I'm a chameleon!!! Don't try to stop me!


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