Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Andy M iTouch And I am back PART I

 As the four, that's as many people that actually read it, of you know, I have over 2100+ songs on my iTouch. here they are (PART I) and a line or two on explaining why.  Start 'judging' and critiquing the songs on this list in 3, 2, 1, GO!!!


Ace of Spades- Motorhead MTV use to play 'The Young Ones' late at night and my brother would record it and we would watch it the next day. Well Motorhead was the musical guest on one of them and I was first exposed to Lemmy and company. 

A.D.I./Horror Of It All- Anthrax Being cool as a little punk because I listened to a great THRASH band!

A.F.U.(Naturally Wired)- Van Halen Listening to this on my Walkman in between classes in 8th grade and telling my BF Mark that the new VH album OU812 was AWESOME! 

Abacab- Genesis "Look up on the wall, there on the floor. Under the pillow, behind the door."

Aces High- Iron Maiden Love this song that is BASED on WWII fighter pilots!

Acrobat- U2 One of the MANY great songs from a SUPER DUPER album!

Add It Up- Violent Femmes Moving down to Charlotte and being exposed to alternative rock by Kelly and Angie.

Addicted To Love- Robert Palmer "Your lights are on but you're not home."

Adeste Fideles- Frank Sinatra WHAT Christmas use to mean to me growing up.

Again- Alice In Chains One that reminds of working at 106.5 as a little 20 something and thinking I was all that and a bag of chips!

Against All Odds- Phil Collins  Reminds me of a 'certain' situation back in 1992 with someone, The line "I wish, I could just make you turn around. Turn around and see me cry. There's so much I need to say to you so many reasons why.".

Against The Wind- Bob Segar One of many songs that remind me of mom driving us over to Bolivar almost every Sunday when I was a kid. It's a GREAT one about how your life is so different YET the same when you are young then older...

Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love- Van Halen One of the FEW songs off this album that I am NOT sick of hearing.

Ain't Wastin' Time No More- The Allman Brothers Band " With the help of God and true friends."

Albatross- Corrosion Of Conformity Just a pure 'crunchy' guitar song.

Alcohol- Brad Paisley HA! This song hits the 'nail on the head' about ALL fire water

Alex Chilton- The Replacements A rockin' song if I say myself.

Alive- Pearl Jam   This IS my senior year of high school! I soooooooo remember driving back from watching a JV football game in Colby B.'s jeep listening to this and the rest of the album.

All About Our Love- Sade This woman could read from the phone book and I wouldn't care!

All About Our Love [Live]- Sade (READ COMMENT ABOVE)

All Hell's Breakin' Loose-Kiss If I recall, this was the FIRST CD I got when I received a CD player for Christmas 1986 HA!!! I STILL have it too, and this song was on MTV A LOT because this was the fist album KISS didn't wear ANY make up....

All I Want Is You- U2 I ALWAYS think something is wrong with my iPod because this song starts out so low that I can't hear it.

All In The Name Of...- Mötley Crüe This song was in a really bad 80s movie that I actually paid money to see. SHAME ON ME!

All Mixed Up- 311 One from my days at 106.5 WEND.

All Night Long- Joe Walsh One I got after I heard it on Sirius radio and the classic rock station on it.....

All Night Long- Rainbow One I discovered while listening to Sirius radio to and from work.

All Of Me- Frank Sinatra Reminds me of soakin' in the tub (usually it's because I pulled a muscle) and drinking a beer while I was up in my apartment in WI..
All Of My Love- Led Zeppelin A beautiful song about losing a child for one of the greatest rock bands EVER!!

All Or Nothing At All- Frank Sinatra If you don't think Frank can sing, than you my friend are a red bellied commy!

All She Wants To Do Is Dance- Don Henley He can so be a left wing blow hard but he makes some great songs! This is one of them.

All Summer Long- The Beach Boys Going to Bolivar, NY every Sunday when I was kid.

All The Way- Frank Sinatra Soakin' (pulled muscles) in the tub with a cold high life.

Allied Forces- Triumph My cool uncle Pat came down to Charlotte when I first moved there and we rented a video at 'Blockbuster' (Remember them?) and we rented 'Triumph at the US festival 83'. They opened the concert with this song.

Alone- Heart I remember the premier of this video and watching it with Todd and Dave, thinking how gorgeous Nancy Wilson was.

Always On The Run- Lenny Kravitz One of my brother's frat brother's played this when I went up to visit him in 1991.

Always Something There To  Remind me- Naked Eyes Reminds me of taking our usual trips to Ohio.

Always With Me, Always With You- Joe Satriani Just a masterful guitarist!

Am I Ever Gonna Change- Extreme Driving back, I90, to Erie after being destroyed emotionally.

Am I Evil?- Metallica I think about this song when I am thinking about making someone's life unpleasant. GOD BLESS PUBLIC RECORDS!

Am I the same girl?- Swing Out Sister Just a song I like.

American Girl- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "MAKE IT LAST ALL NIGHT"

American Pie- Don McLeann The Annette song!!! She was dating my older brother and so she 'tolerated' me because I was his little brother. ANYWAYS, there is a line in the song, "can you teach me how to dance real slow?" She TAUGHT me how to slow dance!! I and all the ladies I have slow danced with over the years THANK YOU for showing me in 86!!!

Among The Living- Anthrax "Follow me or die."

The Analog Kid- Rush These guys are just SUPERB musicians! 

...And Justice For All- Metallica "JUSTICE is lost, justice is raped, justice is lost."

And On The 8th Day- Kiss One of the only reasons I know and like this song is because when I got my first CD player in 1986, my brother bought this as my first ever CD to go with it.   

And We Danced- The Hooters A song that reminds me of the summer of 1985. 

And When I Die- Blood Sweat and Tears This will ALWAYS remind me of being at my aunt Nancy's house after seeing my grandpa Cawley in the hospital for the last time.
Angel- Aerosmith Reminds me of 1987. MTV played the bejesus out of this video.

Angel- Jimi Hendrix A song they played on Sirius radio when I had it....

Angry All The Time- Tim McGraw Heard this one on the country station when I had Sirius radio. A song about how a divorce can still affect you after many years have pasted....

Angry Johnny- Poe Just a song I remember hearing all the time when I worked at 106.5 THE END.

Animal- Def Leppard Yeah I dig this album and song even though it was not marketed towards little 15 year old boys like me. 

Animal Boy- Ramones Johnny Ramone's guitar playing on this one is just plain ANGRY!

Annie's Song- John Denver Just a beautiful song and talk about a song where he just lays it all out there!

Another Rainy Night- Queensrÿche My childhood best friend, Mark S., and I went and saw these guys in 91 if I recall.

Anthem- Rush You can tell that this was before Neil Peart joined because there is a lot of 'OH YEAH' in it.

Anticipation- Carly Simon "These are the good old days!"

Antisocial- Anthrax MMMMMM SPEED METAL!

Any Way You Slice It- Kiss Sitting up in Mark Singer's room playing with legos and listening to this whole album.  

Anything For My Baby - Kiss I never cared what Dave and Todd said, this album was awesome. 

Anything for You- Mr. Big Just a song I like from the Mr. Big debut album.

Anything Goes- Frank Sinatra No I am NOT a prune but he does have a point about the past= simpler times. 

Anything Goes- Guns 'n Roses Dang right it does baby!

Anytime Anyplace- Janet Jackson MMMMMMMMMMMMM Janet in 1997! GOD LOVE HER and yes Ms. Jackson I SOOOOOOOOOO would do it with you anytime anyplace!!!!!

Aqualung- Jethro Tull My cousin's and I start singing this song when we are talking about our uncle Pat who grew up in the 70s. 

Are You Experienced- The Jimi Hendrix Experience "Not necessarily stoned but beautiful." 

Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet A song that was huge when I just moved back to Charlotte after a hiatus in WI...   

Are You Gonna Go My Way- Lenny Kravitz Well are you?

Are You Livin'?- Gran Torino A very obscure band from my college days but I love this little CD they gave me when I interviewed them on WASU.

At Last- Etta James MAN! The woman can sing!

Atomic Punk-Van Halen One of the few songs I actually have on here from one of the most overplayed album EVER!

The Audience Is Listening- Steve Vai He is SUCH a guitar GOD! 

Autumn Leaves- Frank Sinatra Frank was a D!CK but I would be to if I was good looking, could sing and I was rich!

Axel F- Harold Faltermeyer As a little 13 year old, our family friend, George J. let me watch 'Beverly Hills Cop'.

Baba O'Reilly- The Who This song was very popular when 'American Beauty' came out in the 90s BUT I remember it being played in an episode of Miami Vice back in 85!!! "Put out the fire and don't look past my shoulder" I FREAKIN' love that line!!!!!

Baby- Alison Krauss Just love the way she sings.

Baby, Please Don't Go- AC/DC One of the few songs that the Haver kids could listen to because the rest were NOT for 'young ears' to listen to.

Back For More- Ratt HAIR MUSIC at it's best!

Back In Black- AC/DC "I've been too long I'm glad to be back."

Back In The High Life- Steve Winwood A MUST "listen to" when things in my life are great.

Back In The Saddle- Aerosmith I had a good friend in high school who was a very good looking guy and was a popular one with the girls. Well he went through kind of a 'dry' time. Until one day, a girl by the name of Kathy E. said yes to go to some dance with him. WELL, we ALL starting singing this when he was kissing' her in the parking lot of our high school.

Back Into You- Sammy Hagar In 87, when this came out, I bought ANYTHING that was related to Van Halen.

Bad- U2 Just a great U2 song!

Bad Attitude- Deep Purple "You say I've got a bad attitude. How do you think I feel?"

Bad Boys- Whitesnake If loving 80's hair bands is wrong then I DON'T want to be right!

Bad Love- Eric Clapton Just a great song from a GREAT guitarist. 

Bad Moon Rising- Creedence Clearwater Revival No he doesn't say there is a bathroom on the right. 

Bad Motor Scooter- Montrose A COOL song from these guys BUT I do have reservations about a scooter being 'BAD'. I've seen a ton of them in my life and not one has ever caused me to say "That is one 'BAD @$$' scooter".

Bad Religion- Godsmack One that I heard for the first time at my cousin Jeff's family room. 

Bad To The Bone- George Thorogood And The Destroyers This is his signature song and I have to have it on my iTouch.... "B-B-B-B-BAD TO THE BONE!!"

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown- Jim Croce "Badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junk yard dog."

Badge- Cream I just like the song. 

Balinese- ZZ Top One that I heard when I watched the movie "Dazed and Confused" 500 times.

The Ballad Of Jane- LA Guns I remember being so happy for these guys that they FINALLY had a huge hit because I really liked hearing them when Todd H. and Dave D. exposed me to them in the late 80's.

Ballroom Blitz- The Sweet I remember when a 80's hair band 'Krokus' did a version of this but I think the original is the BOMB.COM!!!

Band on the Run- Wings This song ALWAYS reminds me of the McBride clan packing up and heading to see my grandparents in Ohio.

Banditos- Refreshments One from when I worked at 106.5 in the 90's.

Bang Bang You- Kiss Back in the 80s, if it was from Kiss than I was there!

Barbara Ann- The Beach Boys I remember seeing the Who sort of doing this song in there documentary.

Bargain- The Who These guys just ROCK! Enough said!

Baroque- Joe Satriani Reminds me of Eric D. living with us in the early 90s. It's also a very CHILL song.

Bastille Day- Rush "The king will kneel and let his kingdom rise."

Battery- Metallica The first song from an album my brother and his friends played A LOT when his room was under mine.

Battleship Chains- Georgia Satellites Yeah everybody knows their OTHER song but I like this one as much.

Bawitdaba- Kid Rock "This is for all my homies in cell block 'C'".

Be All, End All- Anthrax I just love these guys and "THRASH METAL" RUUUUUUULES!

Be That Easy- Sade This is from SADE, that should be ENOUGH!

Beast of Burden- The Rolling Stones reminds me of the summer of 1995, I was young, tan and 'build'!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM the life of a lifeguard!!!! ANYWAYS, we would take vans to 'public housing' AKA 'THE PROJECTS', and pick up kids to go to the pool for a few hours and this song came on the radio once. ALSO there was a girl in college that thought they were saying, "I'll never leave your pizza burning'!!!!! HA TOO FUNNY!

Beat On The Brat- Ramones "With a baseball bat A HUH!"

Beat it- Michael Jackson- OKIE DOKIE, First off, WHO didn't have this album in the early 80s? This song reminds me a playing with Joey B. who lived across the street from me.

Beautiful Day- U2 This came out in 2000 and it was their comeback album! Even though I liked  their last album too.

Beautiful Girls- Van Halen Not sure how you feel about David Lee Roth but he says some funny stuff like at the end of this song. Go to the 3:20 mark to hear him get shot down!

The Beautiful People- Marilyn Manson NOT a big fan of this guy but this song ROCKS!

Because the night-  Patti Smith Just BECAUSE I like this song!

Been Caught Stealing- Jane's Addiction I love the part of the video when they are dancing down the aisle at the grocery store.

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers- ZZ Top HA!!! Such a redneck song but I love it. 

Bell Bottom Blues- Derek and the Dominos A former girlfriend worked at Chili's and they played this so I asked the manager who it was and he said, "I don't know but here is the CD corporate gives me to play and you can find out, ok?"

Beloved Wife- Natalie Merchant This song is about her grandpa and she was cousins with my childhood best friend. I remember when grandma Merchant passed away and, not even a week later, grandpa passed away too. He was so heartbroken about his wife dying that he had nothing to live for anymore.

Benny And The Jets- Elton John Not sure about you, BUT I always have to sing in my highest voice 'BENNY, BENNY, BENNY AND THE JETS'..

Best I Can- Queensrÿche Junior year of high school and my best friend, MARK S. came down and we went to the Queensryche concert. 

The Best Is Yet To Come- Frank Sinatra Soakin' in the tub with a cold beer!

Best Of Both Worlds- Van Halen ALL I have to say is DAVE 'effin' DONAVAN!!!!! R.I.P!!! HE guided me to this album and thank GOD he did!!!!

Big Bad Moon- Joe Satriani Joe is a guitar GOD and this song stresses my point.

Big Bang Baby- Stone Temple Pilots My college roommate, Dave C., and I listened to this A LOT up at A.S.U.

Big Bottom- Spinal Tap A very juvenile song and so it's right up my ally. I saw this movie with my brother's friends on VHS and I STILL think it's one of the funniest movies EVVVVVVER!    

Big Boys Don't Cry- Extreme Spring time and borrowing my friend's Corvette to try to impress some girls.

Big Log- Robert Plant MTV played this video often and I was not a big fan of it BUT I love when it comes up on 'shuffle' now.

The Big Money- Rush "GOES AROUND THE WORLD!"

Big Poppa- Notorious BIG "Because I see some ladies tonight that should be havin' my baby. BABY!"

Big River- Johnny Cash GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! He can sing!!!

Big Shot- Billy Joel HA!!! Robert L. TRYING to sing this in my math class my junior year of high school. 

Big Time- Peter Gabriel A song that I had to have because MTV played it so much that it was imprinted in my mind. 

Big Trouble- David Lee Roth One from his debut solo album that reminds me of the summer of 86.

Billie Jean- Michael Jackson- In 1983, Who didn't have this album? 

Billion Dollar Babies- Alice Cooper I ALWAYS remember Billy M. TRYING to sing this!

Bitch- The Rolling Stones Just a rockin' song I like.

Bitter Sweet- Big Head Todd and The Monster AHHHHHHH COLLEGE! I had a crush on a girl named Jen and this song reminds me of that time.

Bittersweet me- R.E.M. This was another 106.5 one. The record companies use to send CD singles from there artists all the time. This was one of them that I pick out of the bin we had FULL of cds. 

Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve 106.5!

Black-Pearl Jam I didn't really appreciate this song UNTIL years later when my boss at the time, Todd W. had some tickets to see them and Marcella W, Chad and Mike Sellers went and the crowd was singing the end of this song 'DODO-DO-DODO'..... 

Black And Blue- Van Halen I remember listening to this on the floor of my room in Allegany because I had to get the record player from downstairs to listen to it. It was the first single from the new Van Halen record and Dave D. let me borrow the 45 he just bought at the record store so I could hear it.

Black Betty- Ram Jam A song that would NEVER be made today. 70s music and being PC , do NOT mix!

Black Diamond- Kiss Just a rockin' song and I CANNOT sing out loud "BLACK DIAMOND!"

Black Dog- Led Zeppelin "Hey, hey baby when you walk that way, Watch your honey drip, I can't keep away." What a great pick up line! HA!

Black Friday-Steely Dan When it comes "I'll collect everything I own, and before my friends find out, I'll be out the door."

Black Magic Woman- Santana Soraya you had "your spell on me" baby.

Black metallic- Catherine Wheel One from my WASU days. The radio station I worked at in college. 

Black Shuck- The Darkness "That dog just don't give an EFF!"

Black Velvet- Alannah Myles A song that reminds me of summers in the early 90s and cruizin' around town in my friend's CJ7 Jeep.

Black Water- The Doobie Brothers  AHHHHH!! Walking up from my house on Dean St. with my mom to SUPER DUPER grocery store to get a cookie.

Blackened- Metallica A hard rockin' song that is from a GREAT album.   

Blackout- Scorpions Yeah I like this song, DEAL WITH IT!

Blackout In The Red Room- Love/Hate Thinking I was cool because I was listening to a raunchy band. 

Bleed The freak- Alice In Chains Not sure why but this reminds me of going to Colby B.'s HUGE house.

Blind in Texas- W.A.S.P. "I think I'll have another one of these. Bartender: "You're dreaming." 

Blinded By The Light- Manfred Mann's Earth Band A song actually written and performed by THE BOSS but made famous from these guys. Reminds me of driving home from Bolivar in the 70s.

Blister In The Sun- Violent Femmes My friend Angie (R.I.P) exposed this classic ALTERNATIVE ROCK album to me.

Blitzkrieg Bop- Ramones You can just here the 'rage' in the guitar. 

Bloody Well Right- Supertramp Reminds me of trips to Ohio in the 70's and is on the 'Trips to Ohio' playlist that I ALWAYS play when I am on I-71, 1-271 and I-90....

Blow Your Speakers- Manowar "With ROCK-N-ROOOOOOOOOLL!"

Blue Christmas- Elvis Presley "BLUE, BLUE, BLUE CHRISTMAS." 

Blue Christmas- Johnny Mathis Bolivar, NY in the 70's for Christmas!

Blue Orchid- The White Stripes Simple but a great song!

Blue Skies- Ella Fitzgerald She can SCAT like no one!

Blue Sky-The Allman Brothers Band "You're my blues skies, you're my sunny day."

Bodegas and Blood- Butch Walker and The Black Widows Heard him sing this on an episode of "DARYL'S HOUSE" and had to have it.

The Body Electric- Rush "1,0,0,1,0,0,1 S.O.S."

Body Talk- Ratt Just a great hair band song from the 80s.

The Bomber- James Gang One that I was exposed to when I had Sirius radio. THANK GOD I was because this is a great R'n'R song!!!!

Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)- Pat Travers Yeah when it's boiled down to the bone, it's about domestic violence but it's STILL a great song.

Bop 'Til You Drop- Ramones "You act like a big shot but you're really a dummy."

Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen "Tramps like us BABY we were born to run."

Born to be wild- Steppenwolf Just a song I like and had to have on my iTouch.

Borderline- Madonna One of her first hits and I ain't gonna lie to ya, I love me some SLUTTY Madonna! WOO HOO!!!!

The Bottom Line- David Lee Roth From the 2nd album and some will say, the beginning of Diamond Dave's spiral down. My brother and friends listened to this A LOT and so I did too, Because I wanted to be cool too. HA!!! "Kiss me quick, I'm double parked" is a great line if I say so myself....

Bottoms Up!- Van Halen One from one of the best rock bands EVER!!! ALSO, this is GREAT for wishing someone on 'DA BOOK' AKA F/B a happy birthday!!!!!!! "BOTTOMS UP BABY! It's YOUR day''!!!!!!!!!!

Boulevard- Jackson Browne "Nobody rides for free."

Bound To The Floor- Local H One from my 106.5 days.

A Boy Named Sue- Johnny Cash Dan K. played this for me for the first time at a bar up in WI.

The Boys Of Summer- Don Henley Reminds me of being the team manager for the boys basketball team in the mid 80s. 
Brain Damage- Eclipse- Pink Floyd Another 'FLOYD' song that the local classic rock station OVER PLAYED and it took me a good 20 years to finally appreciate it and actually listen to it....

Brass In Pocket- The Pretenders "I'm winkin' at you"

Bread Fan- Metallica Just a flat out rockin' song that I like!!!

Breakdown- Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers A song that reminds me of going to Bradford, PA to shop.

Break On Through- The Doors A rockin' song from a very strange (mostly Morrison) band.

The Break Up Song- The Greg Kihn Band "They don't write like that anymore!"

Breakfast In America- Supertramp One of the many Supertramp songs that remind me of going to Ohio EVERY Easter and summer!!!
Breaking The Chains- Dokken An 80s hair band that I kinda liked.

Breaking the Silence- Queensrÿche From a GREAT concept album!

Breathe- Pink Floyd A CHILL OUT with a beer kinda song.

Breed- Nirvana I was NOT a big fan of these guy because they helped move the music I loved to the side, but I saw a commercial with this song in it and I had to get it. 

Brian Wilson-Barenaked Ladies HA! These guys saw the same documentary about how EFFed up Brian Wilson was in the 70s.

Brilliant Disguise- Bruce Springsteen Just BRUCE at his best. A great song if I do say.

Bring The Noise- Anthrax Senior year of HIGH SCHOOL! "Corrupt like a senator."

Bringing on the Heartache- Def Leppard Just reminds me of 4th grade and how a kid I knew wore a Def Leppard shirt almost EVERYDAY. 

Broken Hearts- Living Colour "I never meant to do those things I did to hurt you." 

Brown Sugar- D'Angelo Just like the song.

Brown Sugar- The Rolling Stones- "How come you taste so good?"

Buddy Holly- Weezer I have a friend who is in a band. He took me to rehersal and they were learning a new song. Guess what song it was???? This song stayed in my head for weeks after! 'OO-EE-OO'

Buffalo Soldier- Bob Marley and The Wailers My friends and I played this CD a lot in the summer of 95. 

Build a Fire- Drivin' N' Cryin' Carlton H. introduced me to this guys and thier new album 'Fly Me Courageous'

Bullet Proof Soul- Sade "I know the ending before the story has been told."

Bullet The Blue Sky- U2 One from a GREAT album!

Bump And Grind -David Lee Roth "Lookin' the love in a back of a taxi, GOT lucky in a cheap motel."

Burden in My Hand- Soundgarden This is one of the songs that remind me of Bill C and I (I was an intern at 106.5) driving the station van to Rockingham, NC because they were having Lallopollaza 96 there. The headliner was Metallica and Soundgarden was one of the acts too....

Burning Down The House- Talking Heads Another one that Mtv played A LOT in the 80s.

Burning Inside- Ministry They used this song in the trailer for a movie that Luke Perry was in. 

Burning Like A Flame- Dokken CHEESY I KNOW but I like the song even though a friend of mine hates this group because their lead guitar player reminds him of a @$$ CLOWN that we both do not like too much.

Bust A Move- Young MC A song when RAP WAS HAPPY when I was in high school.

Bye Bye Love- The Cars Just a song I like.

Cabo Wabo- Van Halen The Sally P. song!! Back in high school we had a place we all would go to partake in some adult beverages and we called it CABO!!! Sally loved the fact we named it after a song from one of her favorite bands.

California Girls- The Beach Boys Reminds of taking RT17/I86 to Bolivar on Sundays. Mom LOVES the Beach Boys!!!

Call Me- Blondie A song I remember being played a the raio in the car when we went on a trip to Gettysbug, PA and Washington D.C in 1981 I think...

Call Me The Breeze- Lynyrd Skynyrd  Just a song the classic rock station down here played A LOT! 

Calling All Angels- Train "I need a sign."  

Can I Steal A Little Love?- Frank Sinatra Soaking in the tub with a beer after a hard day at work with this some Frank playing.

Can U Deliver- Armored Saint WELL, can you?

Cannon ball- The Breeders My 106.5 days!

Can't Explain- The Who Yeah I know, RIP OFF of a Kink's song, BUT I don't care because it rocks.

Can't Get This Stuff No More- Van Halen Not gonna lie to ya, it was nice to hear DLR sing with Van Halen again. BUT I stil like Sammy Hagar better.

Can't Take My Eyes Off You- Frankie Valli "You're just too good to be real."  

Can't Wait One Minute More- CIV One from my 106.5 days.

Can't You See- The Marshall Tucker Band Just a great song from a great band that the classic rock station down here PLAYED A LOT!
Careless Whispers- Wham! Just remember Blake Tenore and I belting out the chorus while we were sitting in traffic in Pineville, NC... HA it came on the radio and we both tried to play it cool and say we didn't like this song BUT we didn't switch stations.....

Carol Of The Bells, Deck The Halls I have NO IDEA who sang this but it was on one of the Christmas albums my parents had.

Carrie- Europe A VERY cheesy song from a REALLY cheesy band but it always reminds me of sneakin' alcohol on Dave D.'s back porch.

Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas Fondly remember this playing on the car radio A LOT in the late 70s.

Carve Away The Stone- Rush I'm cool with ANY Rush songs!

Casey Jones- Grateful Dead "Drivin' that train, high on cocaine".

Catch A Wave- The Beach Boys Driving to Bolivar with my mom on Route 17, now I-86

Cathedral- Van Halen Driving around with Kevin K. in the 80s. OH and this is how EVH does it. 

Catholic School Girls Rule- Red Hot Chili Peppers THAT they do! I KNOW because I am Class of 1992 at Charlotte Catholic high school. 

Caught A Lite Sneeze- Tori Amos One from my 106.5 days.

Caught In A Mosh- Anthrax Old THRASH metal is STILL awesome!

CC.Rider- Elvis Presley One from the KING that I like.

Ceiling Unlimited- Rush Just a rockin song that I played ALL THE TIME when this CD came out.

Centerfold- The J Giels Band- Reminds me of Jimmy K. and the rest of my brother's friends spending the night in the early 80s. 

C'est La Vie- Robbie Nevil One from the 80s and he is right, you just need to say this sometimes.

The Chain- Fleetwood Mac AHHHHH! Fond memories of this playing on the car radio when we went to Ohio to see my grandparents.

Champagne Supernova- Oasis DJs that I worked with at 106.5 loved this song because it was long enough (7:25) for them to go to the bathroom. 

Change- John Waite Remember this one from the video MTV played A LOT in the early 80s.

Changes- Tesla From a VERY underrated band from the late 80s.

Chattahoochie- Alan Jackson We ALL have a place like this in our past.

Ch-Check it Out- Beastie Boys  Just a rockin' song from these three Jerwish white guys....

Cheap Sunglasses- ZZ Top "She had a west coast strut that was sweet as molasses." 

Check It Out- John Mellencamp "Got a brand new house in escrow."
Cheek To Cheek- Frank Sinatra You JUST can't go wrong with some Frank.

Cherish- Madonna Yeah I LOVE me some Madonna. I think it's the SLUTTY image!

Cherish The Day- Sade I love this song sooooo much, I have SEVEN versions of it!!! I will ALWAYS state for the record that if this song does not get you laid then you my friend need to just give it up and become a priest or nun.

Cherish The Day- Sade (READ THE ABOVE COMMENT)

Cherish the Day  (LIVE)- Sade (READ THE ABOVE COMMENT)
Cherish The Day (Pal Joey Remix)- Sade (READ THE ABOVE COMMENT)

Cherish The Day (Ronin Remix)- Sade (READ THE ABOVE COMMENT)

Cherish The Day (Sade Remix)- Sade (READ THE ABOVE COMMENT)

Cherish The Day [Live]- Sade  (READ THE ABOVE COMMENT)

Cherry Bomb- John Mellencamp Just a great song to reminisce. 

Cherry Bomb- The Runaways Just a song I liked from the Dazed and Confused soundtrack.

Cherry, Cherry- Neil Diamond I remember mom playing this on the old 8 track stereo back in the day AND whenever I hear old Neil, I think about my cousin Christine telling a story about how embarrassing it was to her when her and her mom went to see Neil, NOW GRANTED, the guy is 70 I think but this DID not stop him from making out on the side of the stage with a 20 something!!! HA!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!

Cherub Rock- Smashing Pumpkins One from my 106.5 days.

Children Of The Night- Whitesnake From an album that reminds me of the summer of 87.

China Girl- David Bowie Not the most PC song ever but SRV plays guitar on it and I remember vividly the video and David Bowie and a HOT chick 'getting it on' at the beach!!! 

China Grove- The Doobie Brothers Just a song that was played A LOT on the radio in the 70s.

Chinese Rock- Ramones I can say that I saw these guys in 1988! Not too many people can say that.

Chop, Chop, Chop- Alice Cooper "I keep the city so clean."

Christmas In My Home Town- Charley Pride Just a groovy Christmas song I like.

The Christmas Song- Frank Sinatra Sing it ol' blue eyes!

The Christmas Song- Johnny Mathis MMMMMMM! Christmas up at 120 Plum St. Bolivar, NY.

The Christmas Song- Mel Tormé He actually wrote this song that was made famous by Nat King Cole.

The Christmas Waltz- Frank Sinatra I had to have the FRANK version of this.

Cinnamon Girl- Neil Young Just a rockin' song from a very 'unique' individual. 

Circle In The Sand- Belinda Carlisle I use to watch VH1 before school in 88-89. I just moved from Allegany, NY to Charlotte, NC and this is a song that kinda reminded me of A-TOWN because it was one of her last hits, the previous ones were big and were always played at dances up there.

City of Blinding Lights- U2 "You look so beautiful tonight."

Clean Heart- Sade Another Sade song, can I see your shocked face?

Cliffs Of Dover- Eric Johnson Cruizin' in my 1965 Mustang in high school.

Closer-Nine Inch Nails "I want to F@#K you like an animal."

Closer To The Heart- Rush "You can be the captain and I will draw the chart."

Closing Time- Semisonic  The Mary song, standing out in front of Sampson's Hole (BAR) begging her NOT to go home with a guy who was an EFFin' JERK and was interested in only ONE thing. This @$$ HOLE appeared in another way when Mary and I were dating....It's kind of disgusting story to talk about and I think maybe TWO people have ever head the story....

C'mon And Love Me-Kiss Yeah Todd, I love this album ever though you and Dave said it SUCKED!

Cold Blood- Kix Just a song I like.

Cold Day in July- The Dixie Chicks One of the songs that were in my sister in law's car when her and my brother were on their honey moon and I drove her car to work some days.

Cold Gin- Kiss Yeah I love the 'simplicity' of these guys! So SUE me Todd!

Cold Shot- Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble A GREAT song from a man that left this earth WAY TOO young...

Come Again- Damn Yankees If lovin' super hair bands is wrong, I DON'T wanna be right.

Come Fly With Me- Frank Sinatra Even as a straight man, I can say without a doubt that I would go to Acapulco with Frank.

Come On And Dance- Mötley Crüe Cruizin' around in my 65' Mustang or my Mom's Probe jamming to this playing,

Come Rain Or Shine- Frank Sinatra Reminds me of driving down to Tina's house in Milwaukee, when I lived in West Bend, WI.

Come Undone- Duran Duran AHHHHHHH The first summer of life guarding at the Harris YMCA.

Comedown- Bush One from my 106.5 days.

Come home for Christmas- The Eagles Remember the classic rock station  playing this every Christmas.

Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd I was first exposed to this when it was played by MTV constantly when a live album came out in the late 80's.  That version didn't have Roger Waters singing his part but I still loved it and it ALWAYS is playing in my head when I might have too much to drink. OH and the guitar solo is one of the best EVVVVVVVVER!!!! Remember kids, "There is no pain you are receding."

Come sail away- Styx A song that was played A LOT on FM radio in the 70s.

Coming Home- Cinderella They played this A LOT on mtv when I moved down to Charlotte 8/88.
Coming Of Age-Damn Yankees AHHHHHH the summer of 1990.

Commando- Ramones One from the great 'Ramones Mania' that Todd H. suggested I get back in the 80s and I STILL listen to it.

Communication Breakdown- Led Zeppelin Just a rockin' song about our LACK of COMMUNICATING. 

Control- Janet Jackson A song that reminds me of going with Steve and Jimmy K. each morning to the gym.

Control- Puddle of Mudd "I love the way you smack my @$$".

Copperhead Road- Steve Earle Just a great song that someone posted on Google +.

Copperline- James Taylor One of stations down here, played this a few times when I moved here. 

Corduroy- Pearl Jam "Everything has changed, absolutely nothing has changed!" 

Cornflake Girl- Tori Amos One from my 106.5 days.

Could This Be Magic?- Van Halen "Better save the women and children first."

Couldn't Stand The Weather- Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble GOD SRV can play!

Count On Me- Jefferson Starship Reminds me of driving BACK from Bolivar at night.

Counting Blue Cars (Acoustic Live)- Dishwalla Reminds me of working at 106.5! DARE I SAY, the best job evvvvvvvvvvver!

Cousin Dupree- Steely Dan I just love this band!

Cover Me- Candlebox One from my 106.5 days.

Cowboy- Kid Rock "I'll paint his wife white."

Cowboy Take Me Away- The Dixie Chicks  Sub "Cowboy" for COWgirl". "I want to be the only one for miles and miles."

Crash Course In Brain Surgery- Metallica From an EP that my friends and I listen to NONSTOP in 1987.

Crash Here Tonight- Toby Keith The ultimate J.F.C (just friends club) song that is the theme song of mine when I was in high school.

Crash- Dave Matthew's band "Hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me."

Crazy- Icehouse "If this is all wrong, I don't want to be right."

Crazy Ex Girlfriend- Miranda Lambert YEAP, I had one of these and I am sure you did or you were one.

Crazy Faith- Alison Krauss The woman has a voice of an angel. 

Crazy For You- Madonna Slow dancing with Tara C. at Jenny S.'s house when we were suppose to be studying. 

Crazy In Love- Byonce I'll never forget being at Boike and his ex wife's house watching this video for the first time in 2003.... I was in love with her on that day!!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Dwight Yoakam Was exposed to this version when I was listening to OUTLAW COUNTRY on Sirius radio.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen Reminds me of taking a family trip to Gettysberg and Washington D.C.

Crazy Love- The Allman Brothers Band This and ALL the songs on their greatest hits CD reminds me of working on a bedroom in the basement up in Wisconsin.

Crazy On you- Heart This song reminds me of mom and dad taking us to the Bradford, Pa mall in the 70s.

Crazy train (live)- Ozzy Osbourne A staple for any hard rock fan! I love the beginning when he say " We are going to get WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD tonight!" HA!!!!

Cream- Love/Hate "She wants your peaches but all you get is cream."

Creeping Death- Metallica This is the Bible's Mose's story set to a rockin' song. Barbaric you say? For complaints call 1-800-777-GOD1!

Cretin Hop- Ramones A very basic song but I love it. 

Crockett's Theme- Jan Hammer Just a song I like from one of the GREATEST TV shows EVER!

Crossroads - Cream A very 'bluesy' song that I love.

Crucify- Tori Amos Well, why do we? 

Crumblin' Down- John Cougar Mellencamp "I'm the same ol' trouble you've been havin' for years."

Crush- Dave Matthews Band MMMM! Late 90s DMB! 

The Crush Of Love- Joe Satriani Joe is a guitar God!

Cry- Godley and Creme My only exposure to this song was that it was on Miami Vice back in the 80's. 

Cry Me A River- Justin Timberlake Sitting with Audrey when she and I worked together and she would play this and the rest of the whole album on her little radio...

Cryin'- Joe Satriani  This came out in 92 the same time I was in my 'What do I do with my life now after h.s?" phase. 

Crying In The Rain- Whitesnake Reminds me of buying fireworks ILLEGALLY from Dave D's neighbor.....

Cult Of Personality- Living Colour Saw these guys when I was in 8th grade, My friends Dave and Todd rented a freakin' bus for a bunch us to go up to Buffalo for a music festival! NEVER happen today! 

Cumbersome- Seven Mary Three One from my 106.5 days. 

Cup of Tea- The Verve Pipe I start singing this song in my head when I am in a very uncomfortable situation. 

Custard Pie- Led Zeppelin You just CAN'T go wrong with ANY Led Zeppelin.

Cut You In- Jerry Cantrell  FYI-Jerry is the lead guitarist for Alice in Chains AND he wrote most of the songs they did. This is from his solo album. Come to think of it, he played an uptown music fest that I was working at...

Cycles-Frank Sinatra This is so TRUE! Listen and you'll agree with me.

D.O.A.- Van Halen "They found a dirty faced kid in a garbage can."

Damage Inc.- Metallica My brother had a Master of Puppets concert t-shirt and it listed all the songs on the back. This was one of the songs and I thought it was such a cool title. 

Damn Good- David Lee Roth "HEY! Take a look at this picture, can you believe that was you? And who is that standin' in the corner? NOT ME, OH MAN!!!! The crazy things we use to do" A great song to reminisce about the old friends we all have... And THIS song will ALWAYS remind of Dave D. R.I.P!!!!!

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover- Sophie B. Hawkins One from my high school days.

Dance- Ratt "feel the heat of the rhythm, feel the heat of my hand."

Dancin' Away With My Heart- Lady Antebellum "You'll ALWAYS be 18 to me."

Dancing Barefoot- U2 Just a great U2 song.

Dancing In The Dark- Bruce Springsteen 1984, 'the year of BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!'

Dancing On Glass- Mötley Crüe "If ya dance with the devil, your day will come to pay."

Dancing With Myself- Billy Idol A video that Mtv played A LOT therefore is ingrained in my head.

The Day I Tried To Live- Soundgarden GOOD OL' 106.5.

Day Of The Eagle- Robin Trower One that I heard when I had Sirius radio.

Daylight- Alison Krauss AWWWW The voice from HEAVEN!

Days Of Wine And Roses- Andy Williams Pretty sure my grandma Cawley told me back in the 80's that this was one of her favorite song.

The Days Of Wine And Roses- Frank Sinatra Of course I had to have the 'FRANK version' of this classic...

Dazed and Confused- Led Zeppelin A flat out rockin' song from these guys.

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da- The Police Just a great song from the early 80s.

Deacon Blues- Steely Dan "They call Alabama the Crimson Tide"

Dead and Bloated- Stone Temple Pilots  Remember seeing a documentary about S.T.P and they showed a little video of Scott singing the beginning of this song into a guitar pick up. 

The Dead Heart- Midnight Oil Just a song I remember from the 80s.

Deeper Than Cryin'- Alison Krauss "This path is not the one I choose to travel."

The Deeper The Love- Whitesnake PURE HAIR metal but I don't care! 

The Denial Twist- The White Stripes A very simple YET rockin' song.

Desert Moon- Dennis DeYoung Mtv played this A LOT in 1984 and so it's ingrained in my brain.

Desire- U2 It was 1988 and we just moved down to Charlotte, I remember hearing this song in the car with my mom and dad. I liked it then and I STILL like it.

Desperate People- Living Colour Just a rockin' song from a great band!

Desperately Wanting- Better Than Ezra This is one of my favorite songs!

Destination Unknown- Missing Persons 80's/MTV classic!

Destroyer- The Kinks "paranoia will destroy ya!"

Detroit Rock City- Kiss  "GET UP!"

Deuce- Kiss "Get up and get your Grandma outa here!"

Deuces Are Wild- Aerosmith Not sure but I just like this song.

Devil Inside- INXS No matter what some 'holier than thou' say, we ALL have it in us.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia- The Charlie Daniels Band "I told you once you S.O.B, I'm the best there's ever been.".

Devil's Haircut - Beck AHHHHH 90's alternative rock!

Devils Island- Megadeth Just an old THRASH metal song I like.

Diamond Girl- Seals and Crofts Road trips to OHIO!!!

Die With Your Boots On- Iron Maiden My brother had this poster of the album this was from on his wall...

Die Young- Black Sabbath Sorry but the DIO era Sabbath was the best and this song shows it.

Digging In The Dirt- Peter Gabriel This is one of the many songs I recorded when I interned at 106.5 and used up at the college station because we didn't have enough cool music. HA!

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- AC/DC Reminds me of an old neighbor (Steve I believe was his name) telling me NOT to look on the back of the album because it was NOT 'appropriate' for a 7 year old to look at. I of course did and it was NOT that big of a deal.

Dirty Laundry- Don Henley "We all know that crap is king, give us DIRTY LAUNDRY!!!!" As a tv/radio production major in college, I can say WITHOUT a doubt, that statement is sooooooo true!!!

Dirty Movies- Van Halen Personally I feel this comes from one of the BEST VH albums EVVVVVVVER and the riff at the 2:21 mark is what the David Lee Roth Era VH was all about.

Discothèque- U2 YEAH most U2 fans loath this song and album BUT I kinda like it and it reminds me of my 106.5 days.

Disposable Heroes- Metallica  "BACK TO THE FRONT!"

Dissident- Pearl Jam AHHHH my 106.5 days when these guys RULED the whole music industry.

The Distance- Cake "He's going for speed."

Distant Early Warning- Rush "I see the tip of the iceberg and I worry about you."

Dixie Chicken- Little Feat Reminds me of drinking at Vinnies dollar beer night with this playing on the loud speaker.

Dizz Knee Land- Dada One from my 106.5 days.

Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?- Chicago Running errands with my mom in the 70s when I was too young to go to school.  

Do I Have To Say The Words- Bryan Adams One from the Nikki T. collection.

Do It Again- Steely Dan "In the land of milk and honey you must put them on the table."

Do It Again- Beach Boys- Cruising to Bolivar with my mom EVERY Sunday when I was a kid.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?- Rod Stewart Well do ya?

Do Ya, Do Ya Want My Love- ELO Just a song I liked when I heard on Sirius Radio.

Do You Feel Like I Do?- Peter Frampton I remember TRYING to be as cool as my uncle Pat who listened to Peter Frampton A LOT.

Do You Feel Loved- U2 Another GREAT song from a EVEN GREATER band.

Do You Hear What I Hear?- Andy Williams A must for Christmas.

Do You Love Me- Kiss I ALWAYS loved the drums in the beginning.

Do You Remember - Phil Collins Well do ya?

Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?- Ramones Not my favorite Ramones song but it will due.

Do You Want Fries With That?- Tim McGraw- A great country song about a relationship gone bad. FYI- I have met a few people in my life and thought that the only career they can get is one where they ask this question.

Doctor My Eyes- Jackson Browne I must admit that I didn't get the title of this song for years. Now I do. 

Doctor, Doctor- Robert Palmer "I've got a bad case of lovin' you."

Dog Years- Rush Just a great song I like from when I was in college and this album came out.

Domino- Kiss "She calls me sugar daddy!"

Don't Disturb This Groove- The System Just the cheesy keyboards should be your first clue that it's from the 80s. AND I LOVE IT!

Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)- Mötley Crüe Listening to this song and the whole album with my friends in my mom's 1989 Probe during hurricane Hugo.

Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone- Cinderella A cheesy 80s hair band song BUT I love it and I really don't care what you think of me.

Don't Mean Nothing- Richard Marx AHHHHHHH the good times I had in 87...

Don't Say You Love Me- Billy Squarer Just a song I dig.

Don't Shed a Tear- Paul Carrack A song that will ALWAYS remind me of Mary Ellen B and Joelle D. Don't know why but it does.

Don't Stand So Close To Me- The Police Just an early 80s song I like.

Don't Stop- Fleetwood Mac A song that reminds me of either driving to OH. or to the mall in Bradford, PA.

Don't Tread On Me- Metallica Cruising around senior year in Blake T.'s Suburban.

Don't Turn Away- Whitesnake Yeah I know, cheesy, BUT this one reminds me of a great summer! SUMMER 1987 to be correct!

Do you believe in love?- Huey Lewis and the news Just a classic video from when I watched MTV A LOT!!! HA!!!! They also used this song in an episode of one of the greatest TV shows, EVER, Miami Vice.

Don't You Want Me- Jody Watley How cool was it that Jody walked around in a bra in the video?

Double Vision- Foreigner Reminds me of going to Bolivar, NY EVERY Sunday.

Down- 311 One from my days at 106.5.

Down In A Hole- Alice In Chains  One of the MANY 'alternative' songs that remind me of working at 106.5. 

Down On Main Street- Bob Seger One that ALWAYS reminds me of driving around in the back seat while my mom and dad took us to Bolivar.

Down Payment Blues- AC/DC "I got myself a Cadillac but I can't afford the gasoline." 

Dr. Feelgood- Mötley Crüe This album came out weeks before hurricane Hugo hit Charlotte and my house was one of the few that had electricity and hot water so my friends all stayed at our house for a week. I drove my mom's Ford Probe and we drove all around surveying the damage. We played the HECK out of this CD! OH and the Probe was one of the first cars we had to have an actual CD player.

The Dream Is Over- Van Halen "Dream another dream, this dream is over."

Dream Police- Cheap Trick "POLICE, POLICE!"

Dream Weaver- Gary Wright Reminds me of the final stretch of I-71 going into to Mansfield, OH!!!!

Dreamer- Supertramp- AHHHHHH! The trips to Ohio in the 70s!!!!!

Dreaming my dreams- The Cranberries Just a beautiful song sung with a equally beautiful voice.

Dreaming my dream with you- Alison Krauss GOOD LORD!!! The woman has a voice of an ANGEL does she not?????

Dreams- Fleetwood Mac Just one that reminds me of going to the Bradford, PA mall in the late 70s.

Dreams- Van Halen "And in the end on dreams we will depend cause that's what love is made of."

Driven- Rush A song that reminds me of my roommate in college, Dave C, looking at me with a 'what is this crap' look on his face when I played it.

Drop Dead Legs- Van Halen Remember walking around an A.C.S football game with this BLARRING from my friend's MASSIVE boom box.

Dropping Anchor- Jimmy's Chicken Shack One from my 106.5 days and whenever someone like a former boss of mine pissed me off, the line "I will not play my hand just yet" would be on a constant loop in my head.

Dyers Eve- Metallica A very THRASH METAL song!
Dyslexic Heart- Paul Westerberg One from the soundtrack of a great early 90s movie.

Eagles Fly- Sammy Hagar Just a great song.

Earthshine- Rush One of MANY great songs from this album.

Eat The Rich- Krokus "Don't you know, life is bitch?"

Eat The Rich- Motorhead A song I heard when I had Sirius radio and I had to have it. Lemmy and the boys ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK this out!!

Edge of Seventeen- Stevie Nicks Early 80s and cruising over to the Bradford mall.

Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)- Anthrax When spelled the other way, it's NISEFUKINLIFE.

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town- Pearl Jam One from my 106.5 days.

Elected- Alice Cooper "We ALL have problems and personally I don't care!"

Electric Blue- Icehouse WOOOOOOOO Talk about a HUGE mullit

The Electric Co.- U2 Just a great U2 song. 

Electrical Storm- U2 Without out hesitation, I ALWAYS bust out the line, 'Coffee Is cold but it will get you through" when I take a swig of java and it's cold...

Elephant Gun- David Lee Roth Great song from a great album. TOO bad his career went into a tailspin after this.  

Embraceable You- Frank Sinatra You JUST can't go wrong with Ol' Blue Eyes.

Eminence Front- The Who One of the last songs they put out before they broke in 82 so of course MTV had to play it A LOT!

Emotional Rescue- The Rolling Stones I hated this video, DAMN Thermo-vision camera, BUT I like this song

Empire- Queensrÿche "Brother killing brother, for a profit of another, game point, nobody wins."

Empty Arms- Stevie Ray Vaughan A great rockin' song from a guitar GOD!

End Of The Innocence- Don Henley A summer night in 1992 when Molly D. drove a girl and I to her house before her curfew. In all ways, IT WAS THE END of my teenage years and the line "I need to remember this so baby give me just one kiss and let me take a long last look before we say goodbye."

End Of The Line- The Traveling Wilburys  "Well it's alright!" 

Endless Summer Nights- Richard Marx Cheesy I know but in MY opinion it's a great song that reminds me of the summer of 87.

Eruption- Van Halen Not sure why this is on here because it has been overplayed way too much BUT it does show the greatness of Eddie. 

Escapade- Janet Jackson ALWAYS reminds me of Sauna S. and taking the S.S (Sauna short cut) through her neighborhood to get to Boike's house.

Escape- Metallica One from an album that my brother played A LOT when my room was above his in Allegany, NY. 

Europa- Santana No words needed because this song is GREAT just the way it is. 

Even Better Than The Real Thing- U2 A great song from a awesome album!

Even It Up- Heart The Wilson sisters ROCK! 

Even Flow- Pearl Jam One that ALWAYS takes me back to my days at C.C.H.S (Charlotte Catholic High School)

Even The Losers- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "GET LUCKY SOMETIMES."

Everlasting Love- U2 One that reminds me of my last few months in Charlotte before moving to WI. in 1999.

Every Little Kiss- Bruce Hornsby and The Range AHHHHH 86!

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic- The Police I must have seen this video on MTV at least 100 times in 82. ANYWAYS, this reminds me of my @$$ and the couch becoming BFFs when I would just watch MTV for hours.

Every Picture Tells a Story- Rod Stewart Well it's true...

Every Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison Yeah I know but it's a "hair band" CLASSIC!

Every Word- Sade "Love is what the word was."

Everybody Wants Some!!- Van Halen One of the first days of school in 1988, Carlton H. and I were talking about music and we both started talking about this song... HECK, at our reunions, we STILL say "WHOW!?!?! Where did you get that $hit? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAN!!!!" Check it out, It starts at the 3:28 mark.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears For Fears Like it or not, we ALL do want to rule!

Everyday- Dave Matthews Band "PICK ME UP!"

Everything Zen- Bush AHHH! The good ol' 106.5 days!

Evil- Cactus A very obscure band but they played it on Sirius years ago and I had to have it.

Exodus- Bob Marley and The Wailers "Movement of the people." 

The Extremist- Joe Satriani Just one of the many songs that showcase his guitar GOD status!

Eye- Smashing Pumpkins Just a song we use to play a ton when I worked at 106.5.

Eye Of The Beholder- Metallica "Do you trust what I trust: ME, MYSELF and I?"

Eyes Of A Stranger- Queensrÿche I just like the song from one of the best records in the HAIR BAND era.

F.I.N.E- Aerosmith "She's got the Krackerjack and all I want is the prize."

Fade Into You- Mazzy Star In the 'WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO' category! This song is very haunting to me but I love it.

Fade To Black- Metallica The opening guitar ALWAYS makes me close my eyes and remember being a little 8th grader going to a very somber day of school on 4-22-88 after Dustin Fleming was in a fatal car ACCIDENT.

Faires Wear Boots- Black Sabbath Just a rockin' song based on the band getting their @$$es kickedby a bunch of skinheads. 

Fallen Angel- Poison Yeah a cheesy hair band BUT I love this song.

Fallin' Stars- Alison Krauss "Harder every night to sleep without you."

Fame- David Bowie Just one I remember hearing on the car radio in the 70s.

Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen "GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!"

Father Figure- George Michael Dances in 7th and 8th grade! 

Feel the Pain- Dinosaur Jr. The 'Boike' song! He advised me to listen to these guys.

Feel Your Love Tonight- Van Halen I just have a few songs from the most over played album EVVVVVER!

Feels So Good- Van Halen "Suddenly I walked her home."

Fight Fire With Fire- Metallica Exposed to this because my room was right above my brothers and he played this ALL the time.

Fighting The World- Manowar A freaky hair metal band but I still like this song.


Find Your Way Back- Jefferson Starship- I LOVE THIS SONG! Reminds me of the early days of MTV when they didn't have too many videos so if your band did have one like Jefferson Starship did, well they played the CR@P out of it!

Finding My Way- Rush One of the many RUSH songs that rock!

Finish What Ya Started- Van Halen A very country style song from a rockin' band.

Fire- The Jimi Hendrix Experience In the late 80's my uncle Jimmy (RIP) had a bunch of old albums from the late 60's and this was one of them. It was even revolutionary when we listened to it 20 years after it first came out...

Fire On The Mountain- The Marshal Tucker Band GOD BLESS AMERICA! These guys could play!!! I just love the sound of country, rock and gospel!!!! Thank God the classic rock station down here exposed these guys to me when I was in high school..

Fire Woman- The Cult "You're to blame!"

Firehouse [Live]- Kiss I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO have a sweet pic I will post on DA BOOK (F/B) if I ever meet a girl that makes me want to call 911.

First Cut Is The Deepest- Sheryl Crow Sure she is WACKY but I just love this version of an old Rod Stewart classic.

The First Noel- Frank Sinatra Good Ol' Blue Eyes can sing about BABY JESUS!

The First Noel- Johnny Mathis Christmas in Bolivar!

The Finer Things- Steve Winwood Just a great song I like.

Fits Like A Glove- Kiss I remember this was one of the songs they played on a live concert video that we had and I will ALWAYS love the line "LIKE A HOT KNIFE THROUGH BUTTER!" HECK I just chuckled when I typed this and it's over 30 years ago!!

Five Years Dead- Mötley Crüe "Paper says you shot a man."

Flesh For Fantasy- Billy Idol WOW! I never really knew what this song meant but I liked it. Now I know and I STILL like it.

Flesh 'N' Blood- Extreme Just a rockin' song from a HAIR BAND that was great!

Flick Of The Switch- AC/DC  Hanging out with Joe B. and his wild and whcky family that lived across the street from me, in the early 80s.

Flirtin with disaster- Molly Hatchet I start singing this in my head EVERY TIME someone THINKS they can do something but in reality they can't.  

Flow- Sade Heading to NY from Wi...

The Fly- U2 Reminds me of living on Ivygate Ln. and sitting on the couch seeing this video on MTV for the first time. "It's no secret that a conscience can sometimes be a pest."

Fly Away- John Denver Yeah I love some John So sue me!

Fly By Night- Rush  Just a classic RUSH song!

Fly Like An Eagle- The Steve Miller Band Not sure why but this song scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Not so much know.   

Fly Me to the Moon-Frank Sinatra A "SINATRA STAPLE!"

Fly To The Angels- Slaughter YEAP! You are right, they are a pretty terrible hair band but I do like this song and reminds me of hair bands TRYING to cling on after bands like Nirvana changed the whole music industry in the early 90s.

Flying in a blue dream- Joe Satriani Kind of a slow one from a very talented guitarist.

FM- Steely Dan "No static at all."

A Foggy Day- Frank Sinatra Reminds me of my little apartment in WI.

Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash A CLASSIC song from a CLASSIC artist!!!!!

Fool In the Rain- Led Zepplin Another one the classic rock station down here played A LOT when I was in high school.

Fool For The City- Foghat I use to make fun of this song and band because I thought they were washed up and cheesy. BUT the older I get, I totally love this song and respect these guys. 

Foolin'- Def Leppard There was this kid in 4th grade, I think Mark was his name, and he wore a Def Leppard shirt like every other day and I think of him EVERY TIME I here this song!!!

Fooling Yourself- Styx A great song about being angry all the time when there is no need to be.

Fools-Van Halen "Don't want no class reunion, the circus just left town."

Footstompin' Music- Grand Funk Railroad- Just flat out rockin' song!

For Once In My Life- Frank Sinatra Ladies! This is a MUST! Your man MUST know the difference from FRANK, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, or any 'crooner'.

For The Love Of Money- Bullet Boys There are two things that make people do some CRAZY stuff. POWER and MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! 

For Those about to rock- AC/DC Back in 1981, I broke my collar bone and could not play baseball. So I had to sit on the bleachers and watch the others on my team, The Pirates, practice. One of the assistant coaches was Joe R. and he was a senior I think, he had this tape and I would listen to it while sitting on the bleachers. 

For Whom The Bell Tolls- Metallica Remember laying in bed trying to go to sleep and hearing my brother play this song. His room was directly below mine. 

Force Ten- Rush "We can rise and fall like empires." 

Forever Man- Eric Clapton "How many times..."

Forever Young- Bob Dylan They made a reference to this song on a podcast I listen AND I wish this on my nephews and any of the kids I know. 

Forget About It- Alison Krauss "I'm admitting I was wrong an and i'll just take what's mine and walk right out the door"
Fortress Around Your Heart- Sting Sitting with Jimmy K. at his house watchin' MTV and him complaining about them playing this video ALL THE TIME!

Fortunate Son- Creedence Clearwater Revival I love the guitar riff and it always makes me glade I was NOT born before the Vietnam war and was subject to the draft.
The Four Horsemen- Metallica Reminds me of living in Allegany, NY and my brother playing it BECAUSE, WELL it's just a flat out balls to the wall song. FYI- I ALWAYS think of these guys when I here it. 

Four Sticks- Led Zeppelin Working on my model train set while this and the whole album was playing in the background. 

Fragile- Sting  I have a friend who lost her two week old baby son to 'whooping cough' and it's TRUE "How fragile we are"....

Frankenstein- The Edgar Winter Group There was this guy (Marty) that played hockey with us in college. He was HUGE and we all called him Frankenstein and one of us would start singing this whenever we saw him.

The Frayed Ends Of Sanity- Metallica Go to minute 4:05 of this to hear one of the best guitar riffs EVER!

Freak Of The Week- Marvelous 3 This is one of the first songs that made Butch Walker what he is today. A FREAKIN' ROCK GOD! 

Free Fallin'- Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Water skiing with Robin W. and Ron T. on Lake Norman in 1994.

Free For All- Ted Nugent Sure his a freakin' right wing nut but he does have some great music.

Free Ride- The Edgar Winter Group "The mountain is high, the valley is low...."

Freewheel Burning- Judas Priest A rockin' song and I really don't care what 'team' Rob Halford plays for, the guy can flat out sing!

Freewill- Rush "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

Freeze (Part IV Of 'Fear)'- Rush Just a great RUSH SONG!

Freeze Frame- The J Giels Band Being that annoying little brother in the early 80s.

Friday Night- The Darkness I KNOW BUT I love this debut album.   

Friends- Joe Satriani Reminds me of my best friend Boike.

Friends In Low Places- Garth Brooks "Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues away."

From Hank To Hendrix- Neil Young "The same thing that makes you live can kill you in the end."

Frosty The Snowman- Burl Ives Just a great Christmas song. 

Fuel To Run- Love/Hate "Party STILL going 6 in the morning."

The Full Bug- Van Halen A song that reminds me of cruizin' around with Kevin K. in his crappy French car....

Full Tank- Gran Torino From my college days. Some might say it's JAZZ FUSION! I beg to differ.

Fun, Fun, Fun- The Beach Boys Just a song that totally reminds me of going to Bolivar, Ny with mom in the mid 80s.

Funk No. 49- James Gang Eric D. and I would listen to this before going to roller blade hockey to get ready for playing....

Funky Cold Medina- Tone Loc This song reminds me of when rap was happy...

Funny Vibe- Living Colour "Why do you wanna give me that?"

Future World- Pretty Maids Just a song I remember my brother playing A LOT!

Gator Country- Molly Hatchet A great southern rock song.

Gentlemen- Afghan Whigs Just like the song I guess.

Get A Leg Up- John Mellencamp "I'm pretty good with first impressions, Sometimes I'm not always right." 

Get Back- The Beatles "GET BACK JOJO!".

Get Closer- Seals and Crofts Trips to and from Ohio.

Get Drunk and Be Somebody- Toby Keith Just a great song about being someone when you are just an ordinary Joe.

Get It On- Kingdom Come I have a confession to make: I actually saw these guys when they opened the "Monsters of Rock" concert in Buffalo. It was not by choice TRUST ME!!! The only reason I have this song is because it reminds me of going to West Valley, NY to party with Aaron Z. who was good friends with me brother.

Get Over it- The Eagles I think this all the time when I hear bitchin' about their 1st world problems. 

Get Up- Van Halen A song that's from one of the BEST albums EVVVVVVVER!
Get Up Stand Up- Bob Marley and The Wailers "Stand up for your rights!"

Get Weak- Belinda Carlisle DJing dances around 87. This was a song girls always wanted us to play.

Get Your Hands Off My Woman- The Darkness One of the song I like from a great album and I am an expert in my opinion.

Getaway- Kiss Some people (Todd and Dave) say this is a terrible album BUT I totally disagree and Billy M. and I listened to it a ton...

Gettin' Better-Tesla The SMART MAN's band! At least that is what I think...

Ghost- Live A song from my 106.5 days and I don't care what any self righteous clown says, we ALL have one...

Ghost In This House- Alison Krauss One of the saddest songs I have but she has a voice of an angel. therefore I love this song and yes sometimes I feel like one at casa de McBride.

Ghost Rider- Rush One of many songs from an AWESOME album!

Gimme A Bullet- AC/DC The Haver brothers up in WI. exposed me to the 'Bon era' of AC/DC and I thank God they did because the songs are ROCKIN' and the lyrics are pretty funny and so 'tongue and cheek'...

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment- Ramones Todd H. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO introduced me to these guys!!!!! I actually saw these guys in 1988. GOD! I am old!!!

The Girl From Ipanema- Frank Sinatra You just can't go wrong with 'ol blue eyes and I HIGHLY doubt this BROAD would deny him.

Girl Gone Bad- Van Halen God I loved this album!

Girls- The Beastie Boys I'm pretty sure I wore out this cassette tape.

A Girl Like You- The Smithereens I forgot how great this song is UNTIL my cousin Christine posted it on DA BOOK one time...

Girl Money- Kix WOO HOO! STRIPPERS! Just working their way through community college.

Girlfriend- Matthew Sweet Being cool and telling anyone that would listen that I am more than a "HAIR BAND" guy.

The Girls Are Out Tonight- Hurricane Just a song from an E.P that I wore out listening to it too much.

Girls, Girls, Girls- Mötley Crüe Walking to the BIG WHEEL department store in Salamanca, NY from a track meet at their school to get this cassette. 

Girlschool- Britney Fox "Cause my baby broke all the rules."

Give A Little Bit- Supertramp Going to Ohio.  

Give It away- Red Hot Chili Peppers "Love is free, love me say hell yes!"

Give Me All Your Love-Whitesnake Jen M. LOOOOOOOVED these guys and I ALWAYS think of her when I hear anything from this album.

Give Right Back Where Started- Maxine Nightingale Reminds me of living on Dean St. in Olean.

Give To Live- Sammy Hagar  Heck, back in the day, I would buy ANYTHING involved with Van Halen and this is no exception. This is from Sammy's solo album from 1987. This is my motto for the way I want to live!

Give To Live (LIVE)- Van Halen (READ COMMENT ABOVE)

Givin' The Dog A Bone- AC/DC HA! As a kid, I had no idea what this song meant but I DID know that this was a great album from them.

Givin' Up- The Darkness I loved this debut CD, too bad they could not top it. 

Glamour Boys- Living Colour All I could say is WOW when 4 black guys came out and ROCKED the venue when I saw them in 1988.

Gloria- U2 I love this song and it has some Latin (extinct language). 


Glory Days- Bruce Springsteen We ALL have fond memories of our past experiences.

Go Lil' Camaro Go- Ramones I vividly remember Todd H. playing this when we ran track in 1987 at our practice track at St. Bonaventure. 

Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac This song was played A LOT in the late 70s.

God- Tori Amos One I remember hearing when I worked at 106.5 and YES, sometimes he/she doesn't...

God Blessed Video- Alcatrazz One my brother had on VHS from taping heavy metal videos from "headbangers ball" on Mtv or "Radio 1990" on the USA channel. 

God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II- Kiss The Kenny B. song who was a fellow Kiss fan like me when I moved to Charlotte.

God Only Knows- The Beach Boys Sure Brian Wilson is the poster child for "DON'T USE DRUGS" but he was a genius in the studio. This song is a prime example.

Goin' Crazy!- David Lee Roth "tell the boss to go to hell."

Goin' Up The Country- Canned Heat FLY your hippy/Woodstock flag HIGH!

Gone- Montgomery Gentry "Gone like a 59 Cadillac, like all the good things that ain't NEVER coming back."

Gone- U2 "you feel so guilty cause you got so much for so little" 

Gone Daddy Gone- Violent Femmes When I moved to Charlotte in 1988, one of my first friends was Angie H. (R.I.P) and Kelly T. They introduced me to this album and hearing song reminds me of them.

Good Enough- Van Halen- The 1st song on 5150 and when I listened to it while playing my Nintendo, I thought "This sure is different than the D.L.R era Van Halen."

Good Friday- The Black Crowes Not a HUGE hit for them BUT when you work at a radio station, record companies give you FREE CDs for ALL the artist they have signed. So I saw this CD and took it and after almost 17 years I STILL love this song.

Good Girl Gone Bad- Kiss HA!!! We ALL know a girl or two like this!

Good Girls Don't- The Knack "But I do!" SWEEEEEET!

Good Loving Gone Bad- Bad Company One of the only songs I like from these guys thanks to Sirus playing it.

Good Times- INXS/ Johnny Barnes From the Lost Boys soundtrack and it's just a rockin' song.

Good Times Bad Times- Led Zeppelin JUST BECAUSE it's Zeppelin MAN!

Good Vibrations- The Beach Boys Driving with mom to Bolivar EACH Sunday.

Goodbye Stranger- Supertramp Going to and from Ohio in 1979.

Goody Two Shoes- Adam Ant One when I watched Mtv A LOT!!!

Got Me Under Pressure- ZZ Top Going to Bolivar one Sunday and the DJ introduced this song as kinda dirty, Mom quickly changed the radio station. I and my brother wanted to know what all the hubbub was. This has been on my iTouch since day one.  

Gotta get away- The Offspring One from my 106.5 days.

Gotta Let Go- Lita Ford I ALWAYS liked Lita and yes she was easy on the eyes.

Grapefruit/Juicy Fruit-Jimmy Buffett Reminds me of Boike and I going to see our mutual friend Mike C. play a baseball game.

Gratitude- Beastie Boys Saw this video and thought the song was BAD @$$!

The Great Beyond- R.E.M Just one from my final days at 106.5.

Great White Buffalo (Live)- Ted Nugent  "OMG, the GREAT WHITE BUFFALO is gonna make his final stand."

Green Grass And High Tides- The Outlaws  A little southern rock for ya.

Green Onions- Booker T and the MG's This is usually played when there are some HOT RODS on the screen.

Green River- Credence Clearwater Revival- Just a song I like.

Green Tinted Sixties Mind- Mr. Big Billy S. and the boys just flat out rock.

Groove is in the Heart- Deee-Lite Spring break '91 at Myrtle Beach.

Ground Beneath Her Feet- U2 Not a HUGE HIT for them but I love the lines "Let me love you, let me rescue you, let me lead you to where two roads meet."  

Growing On Me- The Darkness One of the songs that are from this album. I saw the video at my cousin Jeff's house and got the whole album... SURE they are kinda cheesy but I'm cool with it because it's just FLAT OUT ROCK-N-ROLL!!

Guerilla Radio- Rage Against the Machine GD! These guys sure are angry about EVERYTHING!

Guys Like Me- Eric Church One that I like from when I had Sirius radio.

Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac Going to the Bradford PA. mall. 

Half The World- Rush This is so true. Read the lyrics.

Hallelujah Here She Comes- U2 "Get so high, ya can't come down." 

Hand Me Down World- The Guess Who My brother played this when we were going to Ohio. I guess it stuck because it's on my iTouch.

Handle With Care- Traveling Wilburys Don't know why but this reminds me of the last few years of us going to Ohio.

Handy Man- James Taylor Reminds me of this being on the radio going to and from Bolivar, NY in the 70s

Hang 'Em High- Van Halen Cruizin' around town with Kevin K. in his crappy LE CAR.

Hang On St. Christopher- Bullet Boys These guys were supposed to be the next Van Halen. I don't think it worked out too well for them.

Hang On To Your Love- Sade AH YES, she is just amazing.

The Happiest Days of Our Live/ Another Brick In The Wall- Pink Floyd Remember hearing this on a trip where the McBride clan went to OH then Gettysburg, PA and finally to DC. Also later on in my radio life, there was a guy that we called 'unemployed Bob' because WELL he was laid off and didn't have a job. He told me that he was at one of the few concerts Pink Floyd did for THE WALL album.

Happy- The Rolling Stones One that I heard on Sirius radio back when I had it. 

Happy Hour- Love/Hate GOOD LORD! I loved this guys.  

Hard Times- Kiss God I loved these guys! Sure Ace is 'spacey' but I still think this song rocks.

The Hardest Button To Button- The White Stripes Just a rockin' song!

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing- Frank Sinatra A little Christmas from the chairman of the board.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing- Nat King Cole  A little Christmas for ya and reminds me of opening gifts at Grandpa and Grandma Cawley's house. 

Harvest Moon- Neil Young One the songs that remind me of visiting Blake T. up in Wake Forest in 92. 

Harvester Of Sorrow- Metallica Just a 'crunchy' song that they played at the 'Monsters of Rock' concert I was at in 1988. This was 2 months BEFORE the album came out.

Haunt Me- Sade Chilling up at my friends cabin watching some hockey, drinking beer and he and I agreeing that SADE RULES and really works in loosening girls pants.

Have A Cigar- Foo Fighters GOD BLESS AMERICA, I love this hard rockin' version of this song PLUS it always reminds me of my 106.5 days....

Have a Cigar- Pink Floyd The original and frankly, It's just a GREAT song about how 'messed up' and 'fake' the record industry is. It actually reminds me of 'plastic' AKA 'fake' some people I have or had worked with.....

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman- Bryan Adams Preach it Bryan. 

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas- Judy Garland MMMMMMMM! Christmas time in my youth.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Frank Sinatra I had to have Frank's version of this song too. 

Head Games- Foreigner We ALL have done this or been the victim of it.

Heading Out To The Highway- Judas Priest THIS IS WHY I HAVE THIS SONG!!!!

Headlong- Queen Just a rockin' song I like from these guys.

Hear About It Later- Van Halen Reminds me of when my brother got this cassette tape and it was a defective product because this was the last song on side 1 and it cut off in the middle of it.

Heard it in a Love Song- Marshall Tucker Band ALWAYS reminds me of sitting in my cousin Jeff's GMC Jimmy with him, his ex wife, brother Joe and I waiting to go from the church to the cemetery to bury my Grandpa Cawley. This was on the radio.....

Heart And Soul- Huey Lewis and the News One that was ingrained in me by Mtv.

Heart And Soul- T'Pau Totally 80s but I like it anyways. So SUE me!

The Heart of the Matter- Don Henley "You keep carryin' that anger, it will eat you up inside baby."

Heartache Tonight-Eagles Remember this on the radio in the car as we were going to Ohio.

Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)- Led Zeppelin The two classic rock stations down here in Charlotte played this A LOT!!!

Heartbreak Station- Cinderella Just a song that reminds me of spring break at Myrtle Beach ending.

Heartspark Dollarsign- Everclear One from my 106.5 days.
Heartless- Heart One of the songs that reminds me of mom and dad taking us to the Bradford, PA mall (Is that thing even there anymore?)....

Heat Of The Moment- Asia Heard this A LOT while playing our Atari 2600 in the early 80s.

Heatseeker- AC/DC A PURE ROCK song!

Heaven And Hell- Black Sabbath I ALWAYS thought the album cover was cool (my brother had it as one of his MANY cassettes) but I didn't appreciate the DIO led Black Sabbath until later on in life.

Heaven Sent- Dokken From an album that I listened to religiously when I was too shy to come out of my room when I was younger.  

Heaven's On Fire- Kiss The Jason G. song. He was jamming to it in 1984 and helped turn me on to this guys.

Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)- Tesla Sorry but I STILL think they are a great band.

Heavy Metal- Sammy Hagar Just a rockin' song by the red rocker.

Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be- AC/DC Some people come in your life and you think this...

Hell Bent For Leather- Judas Priest Reminds me of early 80s and playing neighborhood football with all the kids in my hood in Allegany!!

Hell in a Bucket- Grateful Dead I just might be but "At least I'm enjoying the ride.".

Hell Or High Water- Kiss The title alone is just so great. 

Hell Yeah- Montgomery Gentry Love this song about being young again.

Hello It's Me- Todd Rundgren- This one ALWAYS takes me back to Bolivar, NY in the early 70's. Sure I wasn't even born until 73 but I can imagine my aunts and uncles listening to this on their radios.

Hell, Ca., Pop. 4- Love/Hate "Sinners go out at 12."

The Hellion (Electric Eye)- Judas Priest Rob and the boys just ROCK!

Hello Hello- Talk Show One from my 106.5 days and for your knowledge (because it's POWER) Talk Show was the band the rest of Stone Temple Pilots formed when their lead singer had some drug "issues". 

Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be- AC/DC A GREAT 'play on words' and we ALL have thought this when things or 'issues' happen in your life.
Hells Bells- AC/DC Playing 'farm league' baseball and one of the assistant coaches was Joe R., a teenager who loved AC/DC and when I broke my collar bone and had to sit on the bench. I would listen to this on his BOOM BOX!

Help Me Rhonda- The Beach Boys Always felt sorry for any girl named Rhonda. Because they must hear this EVER TIME they meet a new person.

Helpless-  Metallica From an E.P that I wore the heck out of when it came out.

Her Town Too- James Taylor Going to Bolivar.

Here Comes Santa Claus- Elvis Presley I had to have the KING for Christmas music.

Here Comes My Girl- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers A song I first thought of in high school and is related to a girl I met in WNY.

Here For The Party- Gretchen Wilson "Here for the beer and the 'ball bustin' band."

Here I Go Again- Whitesnake Reminds me of the summer of 87 when BIG HAIR ruled!

Here In Your Bedroom- Goldfinger Pretty sure I helped hold a barrier between the crowd and the stage for these guys at one of the 106.5 Weenie Roasts. I was SPIT on too! I will NEVER forget the little blond girl in the crowd doing it! BEEEEEEEOTCH!

Here's To The Losers- Frank Sinatra AHHHHHH Good ol' blue eyes! He could of sung the phone book and I would have been cool with it!

He's So Shy- The Pointer Sisters Driving to play soccer with my dad who was the coach and Chris D. in the early 80s. 

Hey Hey- Led Zeppelin Just a great song from these guys.

Hey Jealousy- Gin Blossoms One from my "what the hell do I do after high school?" Stage.

Hey Jude- The Beatles "NAAAAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!"

Hey Ladies- Beastie Boys "GET FUNKY!" I say this a lot when I am around women and want to get a laugh.

Hey Man Nice Shot- Filter One from my 106.5 days. 

Hey Nineteen- Steely Dan Played on the radio A LOT in the late 70's, therefore ingrained in me.

He Went To Paris- Jimmy Buffett I think we all are looking for answers.

Hey Ya!- Outkast "shake it like a Polaroid picture."

Hey You- Pink Floyd From a great album!

High Enough- Damn Yankees Yeah a HAIR METAL super group and dammit I like it!

High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night)- Def Leppard A flat out rockin' song that I dig.

Higher Ground- Red Hot Chili Peppers You just can't go wrong with the R.H.C.P!

Higher Love- Steve Winwood Reminds me of Billy M. and I getting up really early and riding our bikes around town in 1986. Why??? I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IDEA....

Highway Song- Blackfoot Just because!

Highway to Hell- AC/DC Just the opening riff should be enough to fire you up.

Hillbilly Deluxe- Brooks and Dunn CAR+HAVER CLAN= Singing this to the tops of our lungs in the car.

Hina- David Lee Roth I vividly remember Steve M. and I talking in Home Ec. (yeah that use to be a mandatory class for EVERYONE) and talking about how much we loved that song. 

Hit the Lights- Metallica Just a "BALLZ OUT" song that just freakin' rocks!

Hold It Now, Hit It- Beastie Boy Playing my Nintendo while this WHOLE album was playing...

Hold Me- Fleetwood Mac "I'll be waitin' for ya, if you ever want to be there."

Hold Me Now- Thompson Twins Not gonna lie to ya, they kinda scared me (especially the girl) back in the 80s but I do like this song.

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me- U2 The Batman movie premier when I worked at 106.5.

Hold on to 18- Black 'n Blue A GREAT BAND that never had huge success and to Todd H., it's because of Gene Simmons!

Hold On To The Night- Richard Marx Yeah a CHEESY 80s song but I like it.

Hold The Line- Toto Just a song I dig and was played A LOT on the radio in the late 70s and early 80s.

Hold Your Head Up- Argent A pure 70s song that I can soooooooooo see my uncle Pat listening to on his record player in 76. with nothing but a black light on.

Holding My Own- The Darkness I just love this debut album.

Hole Hearted- Extreme WHAT!?!?!? So I like this song. GET OVER IT!

Holiday- Madonna She is such a dirty slut but I just can't quit her.

Holier Than Thou- Metallica This song so goes through my head when I meet a pompus @$$.

A Holly Jolly Christmas- Burl Ives A Christmas 'must have'!

Hollywood Nights- Bob Seger Just a song that was played on ROCK 102 out of Buffalo A LOT in the 70's. 

Holy Wars...- Megadeth Blake T.'s dad worked for a radio station and he would give Blake ALL the cds that record companies sent him. He had Meadeth's Greatest Hits and he gave it to me. This song was on it! "Killing for religion, something I don't understand.".

Home Sweet Home- Mötley Crüe  Remember being on some field trip in 5th grade and the girls on the bus (Shelly D, Katie F. and Elizabeth W.) singing this song as loud as they could sing!!!!

Homewrecker- Gretchen Wilson HA!!! She is such a red neck and she will go 'RED NECK' on any hussy that messes with her man.

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk- Trace Adkins It doesn't matter what color your skin is! Guys of all colors 'admire' a butt.

Hook In Mouth- Megadeth A rockin' song about people trying to censor you. FYI- the P.M.R.C was formed by Tipper Gore, Al's wife at the time. So it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on, people will ALWAYS try to shut you up. 

Hot And Heavy-Hurricane I wore out this EP after Todd H and Dave D. told me to get it. 

Hot Blooded- Foreigner Wendy and I singing the first line of this!

Hot Dog And A Shake- David Lee Roth I remember Jason K. jamming to this on his walkman in 88 at the table we all sat at in the cafeteria. "Kiss me quick, I'm double parked." is a great line!!!!

Hot For Teacher- Van Halen Just a flat out rockin' song.

Hot Legs- Rod Stewart  The Amber D. song!!!! A lady I work with and has some of the best legs I have EVVVVVVER seen.

Hot Rockin'- Judas Priest Just a flat out rockin' song BUT a very 'unique' video that strengthens the belief that Rob played for the other team... 

Hotel California- Eagles One that was playing on the radio ALL THE TIME on our trips to OH. AND the guitar solo is as great as the one on Comfortably numb.... 

Hotter Than Hell- Kiss HA!!! I ALWAYS think of this when I here this song.

House of Pain- Van Halen A great song from an even GREATER album. 

Houses Of The Holy- Led Zepplin- Was played A LOT on the classic radio station down her so it was "ingrained" in me! 

How It Is- Rush I was listening to this album while getting ready to go to a Charlotte Knights baseball game with a bunch of fellow workers in 2003 and Craig asking me who the hell i was because he didn't care too much for it.... HA!!!!

How Long- Ace One that was ALWAYS on the radio when we were going to or from OH.

How soon is now?- The Smiths Yeah Morissey is VERY weird but this song is great. 

How's The World Treating You- Alison Krauss and James Taylor One that I was exposed to while watching TNN at my cousin Jeff's house in Bolivar, NY.

Human Behavior- Bjork Just an EFFed up video and she is messed up too but I like the song.

Humans Being- Van Halen Admit it, we are ALL have our faults, We are HUMAN BEINGS!! 

The Humpty Dance- Digital Underground "Yeah I called ya fat, look at me, I'm skinny." CLASSIC LINE!!!! HA!!!!!

Hunger Strike- Temple of the Dog The GRUNGE SUPER GROUP of 92!

Hungry Heart- Bruce Springsteen This was on the radio and it always reminds me of going on family trips in the early 80's.

Hungry Like The Wolf- Duran Duran An Mtv classic! And I'm "HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF!"

Hunk Of Burning Love- Elvis Presley Just like the title and so I downloaded the song and it's not bad at all.

The Hunter- Dokken In the video of this song, there is a clip of the drummer, Mick Brown, chugging a beer while twirling his drum sticks. As a little 12 year old, I thought that was the coolest thing EVVVVVVER!

The Hurricane- Bob Dylan I HAD to have this song after seeing this scene in 'Dazed and Confused'.

Hurricane- Hurricane From an EP that I am pretty sure I wore out from playing it too much in 87.

Hurts So Good- John Mellencamp- "Sink your teeth right through my bones baby!"

Hysteria- Def Leppard One that reminds me of DJing a dance or two in the dead of winter. BRRRRRRRRR!

I Alone- Live One from my 106.5 days. GOOD TIMES!

I Am The Law- Anthrax Going to a comic store and buying a bunch of 'Judge Dredd' comic books because I loved this song and having another person in the store whisper to another guy, "That kid is buying a bunch of those Judge Dredd Comics? Those things aren't worth anything..."

I Believe In A Thing Called Love- The Darkness I was hooked when I saw this video at my cousin Jeff's house. I think it was because of the scene when the space monster is humping the ship.

I Can Dream About You- Dan Hartman Just an 80s song I like.

I Can't Drive 55- Sammy Hagar Just a classic Sammy song from before he joined Van Halen.

I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)- Hall and Oates Early 80's and going to the get SODA at the POP SHOP convenient store/gas station with my dad so he could stock up on soda for a party he and my mom were going to throw.

I Cant Make You Love Me- Bonnie Riatt I need to realize this sometimes so it's on my iTouch.

I Can't Make You Love Me (LIVE)- Bonnie Riatt (READ THE COMMENT ABOVE)

I Come From The Water- The Toadies I heard this for the first time in my cousin Jeff's house with a bunch of our other cousin JAMMING to it!!! Who can blame them, It's a ROCKIN' song.

I Couldn't Love You More- Sade Reminds me of one of the greatest parties I went to in 1995! God bless you Laura W. for throwing it at your parent's SWEEEEEEET house!!!! AHHHHH That night, I had more than one women that liked me and I was a lifeguard so I had a Greek God like figure!!!! TO BE YOUNG AND CAREFREE AGAIN!!!!

I Don't Believe In Love- Queensrÿche "It's NEVER worth the pain you feel." My brother was a HUGE Queensryche fan and so I heard this song and ALOT in my youth...

I Don't Care Anymore- Phil Collins Great song about not giving a FLIP about anything, and the drums are awesome too.

I Don't Know- Ozzy Osbourne "What's the future of mankind, how do I know, I got left behind."

I Don't Need No Doctor- W.A.S.P I have always liked this version better than the original PLUS it's not as long!!!! THANK GOD!!!
I Don't Want To Live Without You- Foreigner Sappy I know but I like the song.

I Feel You- Depeche Mode Yeah a very DIFFERENT band I know but I really like the song.

I get a kick out of you- Frank Sinatra He just can do no wrong.....

I Get Around- The Beach Boys Going to Bolivar with my mom on a Sunday morning after mass.

I Go to Extremes- Billy Joel Mike D.'s dad taking us to see Billy in 1990!

I Got a Girl- Tripping Daisy "My girls's got girlfriends, I like her girlfriends."

I Got ID- Pearl Jam Reminds me of late night radio promotions I use to do for 106.5.

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues- Elton John I ABSOLUTLY love this song, one of the few Elton John songs I like...

I Feel The Earth Move- Carole King This was played A LOT on the radio in the 70s.

I Hate Myself For Loving You- Joan Jett and the Blackhearts We have ALL thought this about a person we have dated or married! Guys that do this, make ALL GUYS, including me, look bad and it scars a girl for life when it's done to them.....

I Hope You Dance- Lee Ann Womack The 'DOOBER' song, her name is really Julie and she is Mary's younger sister and when I lived up in WI. I would drive her to some places because she did not have her license. This song came on the radio on one of those trips and she was VERY talented and sang it... I have NO idea what she is up to now BUT I hope she is dancing. 

I Just Wanna- Kiss How great is it that this line opens the song!?! "I have a body built for sin and an appetite for passion!" HA! I chuckle like an 6th grader every time I hear it. Pretty mature of me right? 

I Just Want To Make Love To You- Foghat Just a rockin' song I like.

I know what boys like- The Waitresses A video I remember they use to play on MTV (Remember when they use to play those?) It reminds me of a few girls I knew in school too.

I Like To Rock- April Wine Just a song I was exposed to when I had Sirius radio.

I Love It Loud- Kiss A GREAT song from a VERY UNDERRATED ALBUM!!!! It's just a dang shame that this is one of the worst selling albums from these guys...

I Melt With You- Modern English Just a very 80's ONE HIT WONDER that I like.

I Missed Again- Phil Collins Reminds me of the early 80s.

I Only Have Eyes For You- Ella Fitzgerald A song from a woman with a voice that is just flat out great!

I Shot The Sheriff- Bob Marley and The Wailers "But I didn't shoot the deputy."

I Stay Away- Alice In Chains One from my 106.5 days.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For- U2 I am writing this as a 44 year old and I can say i'm STILL looking.

I Wanna Be Sedated- Ramones Just a PUNK ROCK song that I like!

I Wanna Live- Ramones Punk music at it's best. FYI- I LOVE the Ramones.

I Want A Woman- Ratt  Don't we all?

I Want Action Tonight- Poison Hello HAIR METAL! But this and other hair bands from the 80s were what my friends and I listened to.

I Want Candy- Bow Wow Wow Just remember this being played a lot on Mtv back in the early 80s. 

 I Want It All- Queen I remember being in Scott F.'s jeep and this song came on and Greg C. said he really liked this song BUT (trying to look cool) Scott and I looked at each other and kinda laughed. Poor Greg felt like a loser BUT SCOTT and I were because Greg was right, it IS a great song. 

I Want To Break Free- Queen I think we all wanna do this at some point in our life.

I Want To Know- Living Colour These guys just flat out rock on this song.

I Want You- Madonna "The right way but I want you to want me too."

I Want You To Want Me- Dwight Yoakam A song made famous by Cheap Trick but I like this version better.

I Won't Dance- Frank Sinatra Just some more Frank because he was the EFFin' chairman of the board!

Ice Cream- Sarah McLachlan This is a great song because it compares something to ICE CREAM! YOU=ICE CREAM! WIN WIN BABY!

Ice Cream Man- Van Halen "Dedicate this one to the ladies."

If Dirt were Dollars- Don Henley Reminds me of the first few years of living in Charlotte and jamming to this in my mom's 89 Ford Probe which had a CD player!!!!

If God Will Send His Angels- U2  "God's got the phone off the hook, baby."

If I'd Been The One- 38 Special A little southern rock for ya.

If The House Is Rockin- Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble "Don't bother knockin'."

If You Could Only See- Tonic One from my 106.5 days.

If You Don't Wanna Love Me- Cowboy Troy Good ol' country song I heard on Sirius. Oh and that girl singing is Tylor Swift OMG!

If You Leave- Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark A cheesy 80s song but I dig it. OKIE DOKIE?

If You Needed Somebody-Bad Company Just a song from the early 90s that I like. 

If You Want Blood (You've Got It)- AC/DC This album cover ALWAYS freaked me out when I was a kid. 

If You Wear That Velvet Dress- U2 Reminds me of living in my apartment in Lake Wylie, SC and chatting with Kelly who lived in California. The noise AOL I.M made when there was a new message  was a great feeling!

I'll Be Home For Christmas- Frank Sinatra A MUST have for Christmas.

I'll Be Home For Christmas- Johnny Mathis READ COMMENT ABOVE!

I'll Stick Around- Foo Fighters One from working at 106.5 the End in the 90s.

I'm Alive- Kiss Playing with legos up in Mark S.'s room.

I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide- ZZ Top The classic rock station down here 99.7 played this song and it's just a flat out great song!

I'm Easy- David Lee Roth One from a great debut album, too bad the wheels fell off soon after.

I'm Gone- Alison Krauss and Union Station I just love the angelic voice of Alison.

I'm Just Talking About Tonight- Toby Keith "EEEEASY NOW!"  

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane-Chantal Kreviazuk One of the Soraya M. songs. I made her a cd with just this song on it and asked her to play it after she dropped me of at the airport to head back to SC. FYI- She lived in AZ.

I'm No Angel- Greg Allman So in the 90s, I was working at a radio station. I was the 'onsite promotions coordinator'. Basically, I was in charge of making sure the station van was at the place of the promotion. Well this day, it was at Freeman's car audio store in Concord, NC. we were there as well as a representative from Alpine Stereo. I forgot his name BUT he was telling me stories of how he hung out with Gregg Allman in the 70s. He and Gregg would drink like fishes at bars EVERY NIGHT!!! No wonder this happened. Anyways, This song reminds me of that time!!  

I'm on Fire- Bruce Springsteen HA!!! I ALWAYS remember Matt K. (HEY DOC?) singing the beginning of this "Hey little girl, is your daddy home?" 

I'm Only Human- The Human League SOOOOOOOO Jen B. had a party at her place which was a restaurant on the bottom floor and living area upstairs. A very cool guy that we all called SANCHO, Why? I HAVE NO IDEA...... was dating Stacey, she was BOMBED and I 'kinda' played around with her with SANCHO in the same room!! WHAT THE!?!?!?!? it was over 30 years ago an I STILL feel bad about.... ANYWAYS, this song reminds me of being 'that guy'... 

I'm The Man- Anthrax Rap and THRASH METAL! They go to together like Oreos and a big class of milk.

I'm The One- Van Halen Just a rockin' song.

I'm Too Sexy- Right Said Fred Senior year spring break at Myrtle Beach

I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)- Grand Funk Railroad Just a beautiful song about coming back to your home where everything is familiar.

Imitation Of Life- Anthrax I have come across a few people in my time that were "plastic".

Immortality- Pearl Jam One from my 106.5 days.

In A Little While- U2 "This hurt will hurt no more."

In A Simple Rhyme- Van Halen I think about this song when I meet a woman I REALLY like and I WILL make a mix cd for her with this song on it. That's if I EVEEEEEEEEEEEEER get my nerve up!

In Another Time- Sade Anything for SADE is not just good but DAMN GOOD!!!

In Another Time [Live]- Sade READ COMMENT ABOVE!

In God's Country- U2 From a GREAT album!

In My Darkest Hour- Megadeth Just a rockin' song from the 80s and it was in this movie.

In My Dreams- Dokken Just a hair metal song I like.

In 'N' Out- Van Halen One from a great album F.U.C.K!

In the City- Eagles Again, Joe Walsh is a VERY underrated guitarist. 

In The Dark- Billy Squier- MTV had a 'concert series' on Saturday nights in the early 80s. My brother and his friends would watch it religiously. Billy S. was one of the concerts they showed....

In the end- Linkin Park  "I tied so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter."

In The Evening- Led Zeppelin Just a great song from a GREAT band!

In the Heat of the Night- Bryan Adams I remember when the world premier of this video was on MTV.

In the Meantime- Spacehog My good ol' 106.5 days!

In The Mood- Robert Plant I just like this song.

In the Wee Small Hours- Frank Sinatra Soakin' in the tub when I was up in WI. wondering what I am going to do with my life.

In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel A song made famous by this! FYI- he would be hauled off in cuffs and charged with STALKING these days.

Indian Giver- Ramones GOD I love these guys! 

Indians- Anthrax I ALWAYS think about this song when I drive through the Seneca reservation in Salamanca, NY. BUT they have gambling now and the WHITE man LOVES him some gambling!

Infactuation- Rod Stewart One that was ingrained in me by Mtv playing the video A LOT!

The Innocent- Drivin' N' Cryin' One from my high schools years.

An Innocent Man- Billy Joel "I know you're only protecting yourself."

Inside Out- Phil Collins From (in my opinion) a great album.

Into The Fire- Dokken I shouldn't like this song but I DO.  

Into The Great Wide Open- Tom Petty and The HeartBreakers I remember telling Gretchen H. in 1991 that I really didn't like this song.She told me she really liked it and yes after all these years, I have grown to like it too.

Into The Groove- Madonna MMMMMMMM SLUTS!

Into the Mystic- Van Morrison Just a chillin' by a warm and cozy fire kind of song that I really like.

Invisible Touch- Genesis  Yeah I like some of Genesis's work. SO WHAT?!?!?

Iron Fist- Motorhead Lemmy and the boys are just flat out rockin'.

Ironic- Alanis Morissette  Sitting in my dorm room with my roommate Dave C. listening to this whole album.

Is She Really Going Out With Him- Joe Jackson I think ALL guys have thought this a time or two.

Is This Love?- Bob Marley and The Wailers This reminds me of one of the partied that Laura W. threw in the summer of 1995 and a night where I was naked made a decision to be with the WRONG girl!!!!  

Is This Love?- Whitesnake A CHEESE filled song from a CHEESE FILLED 80's band But this was a big request from the girls at dances who wanted to slow dance!!!!

Isn't it time- The Babys Just one that we heard quite a few times on the radio going to and from Bolivar, NY from where we lived in Allegany, NY.

Island Girl- Elton John HA! There was a girl in college that looked "EXOTIC" and I use to call her this! NOT very P.C of me but oh well!

It Aint Over Till Its Over- Lenny Kravitz Visiting my brother at Edinboro University.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear- Frank Sinatra A Christmas MUST HAVE!

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear- Johnny Mathis READ COMMENT ABOVE.

It Don't Matter Now- Alison Krauss GOOD LORD the woman has the voice of an angel! ANYWAYS!! I think EVERYONE that has had a relationship NOT work out wishes this happened!!!

It Had To Be You- Frank Sinatra PREACH IT FRANK!

It Happened In Monterey- Frank Sinatra One of the MANY Sinatra songs I downloaded in my time in an apartment in WI.. It also reminds me of a girl I dated named Soraya...

It Keeps You Running- The Doobie Brothers The first single to have Michael McDonald as the new lead singer and I kinda like the song too.  

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right- Rob Bass "I like the Whopper, EFF the Big Mac."
It Was A Very Good Year- Frank Sinatra Mine were 2002-2010...

It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)- AC/DC That it is and just briefly being in the music industry, I can attest that it's REALLY SHADY TOO!

It's About Time- Van Halen There was a time when I bought ANYTHING with Van Halen on it. This is example 'A'. 

It's All About The Benjamins- Puff Daddy WELL IT IS!!! I'm a damn capitalistic PIG and proud of it!!!! HA!!!! 

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere- Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffett One that I was exposed to when I had Sirius radio.

It's My Life- Talk Talk Just an 80s song that I like. 

It's Not Love-  Dokken My parents would take us to Buffalo to shop for school and Christmas stuff, Mike, my older brother, got this on cassette and made my poor parents HAVE to listen to it the 2 hours back to Allegany. OHHH the stuff parents do for their kids! 

It's Only Heaven- Hurricane I was exposed to this band's EP by Todd H. and I must have listened to it 1000 times!

It's Only Love That Gets You Through- Sade Yes I know but I love her voice! HELL! She is the only artist I would actually pay to go see in concert, and I have do that twice. 2001 and 2011.

It's Over Now- LA Guns They are best know for 'Ballad of Jane' but I love this song as well.

It's Raining Again- Supertramp A bittersweet song because it reminds me of going to Ohio and going over Lake Chautauqua for the fist time (they build a bridge over it finally) but it was the one of last song the Supertramp I loved made......

It's so easy- Guns 'n Roses As a little 15 year old, I thought it was so cool that he told someone to EFF off!

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year- Andy Williams Christmas on Dean St. in the 70s.

It's too Late Baby- Carole King I was too young to go to school so I hung out with mom and we drove up to my grandparent's house once in awhile. This song was on the radio ALL THE TIME.

Its Tricky- Run DMC Sorry but early rap rocks!

It's Your Thing- The Isley Brothers It's how I feel about the opposite sex.... It may be too laid back for most... Thoughts????" LORD HAVE MERCY."

I've Got a Rock 'n Roll Heart- Eric Clapton One that I was exposed to by Sirius radio.

I've Got You Under My Skin- Frank Sinatra I have one word for you..... FRANK!

Jackie Blue- Ozark Mountain Daredevils Mom and I walking up the street to go to the Super Duper supermarket to get some groceries and she would ALWAYS get me a huge M and Ms cookie.

Jackson- Johnny Cash "We got married in a fever, HOTTER than a pepper spout."

Jailbait- Motorhead Lemmy and the boys just flat out ROCK!

Jailbreak- AC/DC Bon Scott was very notrious about being a 'partier' and this song amplfies that image even more. There is a part were he says "And he made it out" a short pause, then he says "with a bullet in his back". The story goes that he passed out right after he said "AND HE MADE IT OUT" they had to revive him and he then went back and sang "With a bullet in his back!" HA!!! That right there kids is called ROCK'N' EFFIN ROLL!!!

Jailbreak- Thin Lizzy "Do you hear what I say from under my breath?"

Jailhouse Rock [Live]- Mötley Crüe Some BACK BEAT BOOGIE WOOGIE FOR YA!

Jamming- Bob Marley and The Wailers "I wanna jammin' with you."

Jane- Jefferson Starship One that was played A LOT on radio in the late 70s.

Jelly Roll- Blue Murder A song from a $hitty group from the 80's HAIR BAND era that I like and let's all be honest here, love CAN break your heart!!!!!

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver- Primus Hanging out with Chris Sykes when he was a freshman at Wake Forest and I made him play the beginning of this song like 5 or 6 times so I could laugh at the guy saying "FIRE IT UP!"

Jessica- The Allman Brothers Band Bought this cd when I was in high school and trying to be as 'southern' as I could because I lived in Charlotte, NC. It also reminds me of our summer trips in college to sliding rock and swimming in freezing cold water.

Jesus to a Child- George Michael Sure he was 'light in the loafers' but I still liked some of his songs.

Jet- Wings Being in Ohio and driving between my grandpa and Nana's house in the 70s.

Jet Airliner- The Steve Miller Band My friend Aaron Z use to think this song was "Big hotel with the light on" NOW I cannot hear this song with out thinking that.
Jet City Woman- Queensrÿche  Junior year of high school.

Jim Dandy- Black Oak Arkansas From a GREAT movie!

Jingle Bell Rock- Bobby Helms Just a great Christmas song.

Jingle Bells- Frank Sinatra A must have for Christmas sung by the chairman of the board.

Josie- Steely Dan One of the MANY songs my brother exposed me to when he would come home from college in the early 90's.

Judith- A Perfect Circle One from my 106.5 days!

Juke Box Hero- Foreigner My childhood friend, John K. LOVED this song. Thirty years later I was driving my nephew Charlie to band practice and this song came on and he proudly proclaimed that it was his favorite song. That made this old man VERY happy!

Jungle Love- Steve Miller Band  This was on the radio A LOT when mom took us to Bolivar every Sunday.

Jurassitol- Filter This one is from my 106.5 days.

Just a Job To Do- Genesis Just like the song.

Just Between You and Me- Lou Gramm Reminds me of when I first got my license. I guess because the song came out around the same time too.

Just Got Lucky- Dokken Going to Buffalo to do some school shopping with the family.

Just Got Paid- ZZ Top "Got me a pocket full of change."

Just Like Anyone- Soul Asylum A ROCKIN' song from my college days.

Just Like Heaven- The Cure AH YES!! The Angie Humprey song!!! She was one of my first friends when I moved to Charlotte  (She is the middle girl) and she loved the Cure and expected me to as well. She passed away a few years ago and I find myself STILL thinking she is AROUND!!! 

Just What I Needed- The Cars The radio station up in W.N.Y, 102.5 played this a few times.

Justify My Love- Madonna AHHHHHH sluts!

Karma Police- Radiohead One from my 106.5 days.

Keep Me Comin'- Kiss From a very UNDER RATED album!

Keep On Rockin' Me Baby- The Steve Miller Band A song that reminds me of driving home from Bolivar.

Keep On Loving You- REO Speedwagon Early Mtv when they use to have a Saturday night concert and my brother's friends like Jimmy K. would sleep over and we all watched it.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself- Georgia Satellites "No huggy or kissy till I get a wedding ring."

Keep Yourself Alive- Queen Just a rockin' song.

Kerosene- Miranda Lambert HA! Yeah she is a little whacked but I love this song.

Kicked In The Teeth- AC/DC I was reintroduced to the BON SCOTT edition of this band by the Haver brothers in WI. and I am so glad I was! I think EVERYONE has been 'kicked in the teeth' once or twice in thier life. 

Kickstart My Heart- Mötley Crüe Cruizin' around Charlotte right after Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989.

Killed by death- Motorhead I must have watched this video my brother recorded 100 times!!! I LOOOOOOVE this song.

Killer- Kiss From a very under rated album.

King Of Pain- The Police Working on our model railroads at the Prey twins house.

King Of Sorrow- Sade Driving through Chicago (when I lived in Wisconsin) to get to see my family in western New York.

King Of The Mountain- Kiss Playing with legos up in Mark S.'s room in 1985.

King Of The Night Time World- Kiss From a great album and I STILL think it's the best album cover ever!

Kiss Me Deadly- Lita Ford "I went to a party last Saturday night, I didn't get laid, I got in a fight."

Kiss My Love Goodbye- LA Guns Just a rockin' song from a great group.

Kiss Of Death- Dokken Sitting in my room as a little teenager (13) and listening to this whole cd.

Kiss Of Life- Sade Anything from this woman is solid gold to me.

Kiss Of Life [Live]- Sade READ COMMENT ABOVE!

Kiss Off- Violent Femmes Thanks to Angie (RIP) and Kelly, I was exposed to this band.

Kite- U2 "I want you to know that you don't need me anymore."

The KKK Took My Baby Away- Ramones HA! Those damn white supremacists are ALWAYS doing some crazy stuff.

Knock 'Em Dead Kid- Mötley Crüe Just a song I like.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door- Bob Dylan  I think he is the one person that 'dropping' acid actually helped out. 

Knocking on heavens door- Eric Clapton I just like his version of this Dylan classic. 

Knucklebones- David Lee Roth John D. talking up this album even though it was NOT the DLR everyone was use to.

L.A. Woman- The Doors "Is gonna have to do."

La Isla Bonita- Madonna One of many songs I like from an 80's SLUT! YES, she marketed the image for years so calm down women liberals!

La Villa Strangiato- Rush One of many of their songs that showcase their MANY musical talents!

Lack Of Communication- Ratt Just a song from a HAIR BAND that I like.

Ladies In Waiting- Kiss Sorry but I love this album.

Ladies Love Country Boys- Trace Adkins Just a song that the country station on Sirius radio played A LOT!

Lady- Styx Fond memories when I was not old enough to go to school so my mom had to take me with her when she had to run errands and this song would come on the radio.

The Lady Is A Tramp (LIVE)- Frank Sinatra I love that there is a guy in the beginning that screams "HEY FRANKY!" HA!

The Lady Wore Black- Queensrÿche I grew to like this band because my older brother LOVED them and played everything from them ALL THE TIME!

Laid- James AHH YES high school!!! FYI-"This bed's on fire with passion and love."

Landslide- Smashing Pumpkins One from my 106.5 days.

Last Caress/Green Hell- Metallica GOD I wore out this poor CD! I loved it so much.

Last Child- Aerosmith A song the was on 99.7 WRFX 'The Fox' rotation so I heard it A LOT and it is from a band my uncle Pat liked....

Last Cup Of Sorrow- Faith No More AHHH! One from my 106.5 days. GOOD TIMES!

The Last Dance- Frank Sinatra

Last Dance With Maryjane- Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers "OH MY MY, OH HELL YES."

Last Goodbye- Kenny Wayne Sheppard The local classic radio station played this a lot in the early 90s and I just like this song.

Last in Line- Dio This was one that they played on MTV's Headbangers Ball A LOT and my brother and his friends thought this song was cool so I did TOO DAMMIT!!!

Last Night On Earth- U2

The Last Worthless Evening- Don Henley AHHHHHHHHH Reminds me of being a little teenager with no self esteem to walk up to a girl I thought was sweet and say "This will be no more worthless evenings."

Lawyers, Guns and Money- Warren Zevon Was not aware of how great this song is until I heard it on my Sirius radio one day. "THE SH@T HAS HIT THE FAN."

Lay Down Sally- Eric Clapton A song I remember the AM station played. AM!!!!! It wasn't ALWAYS ANGRY guys yelling at you.

Lay It Down, Ratt Just a song/video that Mtv played A LOT back in the day.

Lay Lady Lay- Bob Dylan "Why wait any longer for the one you love? When he's standing in front of you."

Layla- Derek and the Dominos Reminds me of listening to the radio in the car with mom or dad in the 70's. The older I have gotten, the more I realize that the instrumental at the end is AWESOME to make out to!

Learning To Fly- Pink Floyd Reminds me of when this first came out, my older brother made the comment that he never liked a band that had to have soooooooo many HIRED HANDS to play the songs..... I think he has changed his mind in the last 30 years...

Learning To Fly- Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers "Coming down is the hardest thing."

Leave a Tender Moment Alone- Billy Joel Just another one that I remember MTV played A LOT when I was home from school and veging out in front of the boob tube.

Leave It Alone- Living Colour Anna Rose got this album for me for my birthday in 93!!! It was quite a departure from their older stuff!!!

Legs- ZZ Top This video HOOKED ME!!!!!! Every time I here this song I think of the beginning of this video where a biker tells the girl with HOT @$$ legs to "watch your dress." HA!!! I laugh every time I think of it!!

Lemon- U2 Mike, my brother, use to look at me with a straight face and do his best Bono impersonation and say 'LEMON'. It would crack me up and it still gets me to laugh hard when he does it to this day.

The Lemon Song- Led Zeppelin "Squeeze my lemon, I'm goin' to fall right out of bed."  HA!!!! This just OWZZES 'sexual innuendo'!!!
Leper Messiah- Metallica "Stinking drunk with power". One of the two drugs that make people do some CRAZY stuff. The other is $. 

Let 'Em In- Wings Cruising down I-271 to go to Mansfield, OH.

Let's Make A Night- Bryan Adams "I love the way you look tonight, beads of sweat drippin' down your skin."

Let Him Fly- The Dixie Chicks "Borrowing" my sister-in-law's car when my brother and her were on their honeymoon.

Let It Be- The Beatles This song is ALWAYS in my mind whenever I'm 'faced' with issues in my life.
Let It Rain- Eric Clapton A great song from ol' slow hand.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!-Steve Lawrence and Edye Gomme A Christmas must about being a horny guy and wanting to get some from your date.

Let Me Touch You For Awhile- Alison Krauss and Union Station I'll be that guy for you young lady!

Let My Love Open The Door- Pete Townsend Just a song I liked that MTV played a few times.

Let the good times roll- The Cars A NEW WAVE song from the late 70's that I have always liked.

Let the Music Do the Talking- Aerosmith I just like this song.

Let There Be Rock- AC/DC HA! Bon at the pulpit preaching the gospel of ROCK!

Let's Dance- David Bowie "Put on your red shoes and dance the blues."

Let's do it, Let's Fall in Love- Ella Fitzgerald I love how damn good she sings!

Let's Fall In Love- Frank Sinatra "Why be afraid of it?"

Let's Get It On- Marvin Gaye DUH!!! The title say it all!!! HA!!!! I soooooooo thing of Kim M. when I hear this one because I posted this on her page because her boyfriend at the time said something and so I posted it on there to say what he WAS TRYING TO SAY! WELL It kinda back fired and he was PI$$ED at me because he thought I was 'hitting' on his girlfriend. After they broke up, Kim emailed me and said THANKS because that was the beginning of the end of them and she was glad about that!!!

Let's Go- The Cars I just love the beginning.

Let's Go All The Way- Sly Fox Your typical 80's song and one that ALWAYS reminds me of something they would play on Miami Vice, Matter of fact, I think they did.

Let's Spend The Night Together- The Rolling Stones A little trivia for ya, When they were to play the Ed Sullivan show, the censors made them change the lyrics to "Let's spend some time together".
Let's Talk About It- Dweezil Zappa Just a very obscure song I remember when Mtv played the video once.

Lick It Up- Kiss This was one of the first CDs I got when I received my first CD player in 1986.

Lie and Say You Love Me- Alison Krauss I just love the way she sings! LIKE AN ANGEL!

Life by the Drop- Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Just a great song about 'redemption' by the late great SRV.

Life's Been Good- Joe Walsh Remember hearing this on ROCK 102 out of Buffalo (The ONLY station we got in Allegany.

Life During Wartime- Talking Heads Just a great song that I like. 

Life In The Fast Lane- Eagles- Another one that I heard A LOT to and from our home in NY to OH.

Life Of Illusion- Joe Walsh Remember watching this video on MTV. He is driving a tank through a garbage dump!!!!!!

Lift Me Up- Yes Just like the song, and I think it ROCKS too!

Like A Prayer- Madonna In the video she was in a church making out with a black Jesus. HA! That will get them talking! WELL PLAYED INDEED!  

Like A Tattoo- Sade "As I reveal my shame to you, I wear it like a tattoo."

Like A Virgin- Madonna  I was up at my cousin's house and we were eating breakfast and this song came on the radio and the babysitter was appalled at the title and made a comment about how inappropriate Madonna is! HA!!!! Is Madanna a slut? HELL YEAH SHE IS!!!!

Like The Weather- 10,000 Maniacs Too band this band didn't get their due but it was the 80s fo God sake! Image was EVERYTHING!

A Lil' Ain't Enough- David Lee Roth I was at Donnie M's house and this video came on. My first reaction was, "DLR is STILL around?" AND that was in 1991!!!!!

Lil' Devil- The Cult These guys just rock!

Linger- The Cranberries A song that ALWAYS reminds me of getting on track and enrolling in commuity college and getting my life in gear AFTER high school.

Lips like sugar- Echo and the Bunnymen Someone posted this on Twitter and I forgot what a great song it is.

Listen To What The Man Said- Wings Going on trips to see my grandparents in Ohio.

Little By Little- Robert Plant I remember MTV playing this VIDEO A LOT while Joey B and I were 'marinating' by the TV in the summer of 83...

Little Deuce Coupe- The Beach Boys Going to Bolivar with my mom on Route 17.

Little Drummer Boy- Bing Crosby and David Bowie Just a classic Christmas song and if you ever wanted to know how it came to be, read this.   

Little Guitars- Van Halen Cruising around with Kevin K in his piece of crap, THE LE CAR!!!

Little Guitars [Intro]- Van Halen (READ COMMENT ABOVE)

Little Martha- The Allman Brothers Band Listening to this album while redoing a room in the basement while I lived up in WI.

Little Pink Houses- John Cougar Mellencamp This guy and song RUUUUUULED MTV in the mid 80s.

Little Red Corvette- Prince Reminds me of my older cousin Jen T. who I think was the president of the 'PRINCE IS EFFin GOD' chapter in Williamsport, PA.

Little Suzi- Tesla These guys ROCKED in the later 80s.

Little Things- Bush Good ol' 106.5 days.  

Little Wing- Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble

Live Like You Were Dying- Tim McGraw I heard this on the country station when I had Sirius Radio and I thought it was a cool song with an even cooler meaning!

Live To Tell- Madonna Getting up early to go work out with Jimmy and Steve K and getting donuts at the Mr. Donuts right in front of Arch Bishop high school in 87... This was ALWAYS on the radio...

Live Wire- Mötley Crüe Just a flat out rockin' song.

Live Wire- AC/DC One that Andy H. turned me on to. Bon Scott led AC-DC is d@ng GREAT! And he let me borrow the BonFire box set once and I have a SWEET live version of this song.

Living after Midnight- Judas Priest- Reminds me of listening to heavy metal and trying to be cool to all my older brother's friends. 

Living In Sin- Bon Jovi A popular song when we spent the night at Mike C.'s house when we were in high school. I was DARED to run bare foot to the mailbox to get the paper after we had a bad freezing rain storm. AHHHHHH the stuff we do when we are young and STUPID!
Living In The Past- Jethro Tull I asked the guru, Eric D., of all TULL stuff about this song and he said "I'm sure you have heard it a ton, they play the MUSAK version of this in grocery stores and stuff."

Locomotive Breath- Jethro Tull "And the all time winner has him by the balls."

The Logical Song- Supertramp This will ALWAYS remind me of going on trips to Ohio.

Lola- The Kinks Love this song even though it's about a drag queen.

Lonely Boy- The Black Keys My cousin Jeff posted on DA BOOK that this was the song the Buffalo Sabres hockey team plays after they score. So I listened to it and then downloaded it for my iTouch. It was as simple as that.

Lonely Is The Night- Billy Squier Early 80s when MTV showed a Saturday night concert and Billy was on. My older brother, his friends and I watched it.

Lonely Ol' Night- John Cougar Mellencamp "She calls me baby, she calls EVERYBODY baby."

Lonely People- America Goin' to Ohio on Easter break.

Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress- The Hollies Just a song I like.

Long Live Rock- The Who "Someone takes his pants off and the rafters knock! Rock is dead they say, LONG LIVE ROCK!"

Long Live Rock 'N' Roll- Rainbow One that I heard when I had Sirius radio.

The Long Run- Eagles Going to Ohio and then mom taking us to the mall in Mansfield.... FYI- we could buy a lot of cool stuff that we could not find in Allegany.

Long Way Home- Supertramp First thought is taking the old rt 17 between Allegany and Salamanca to go to Ohio. 

Look What the Cat Dragged In- Poison Hair bands at there best!

Looking In The Eyes Of Love- Alison Krauss and Union Station This woman can sing the phone book to me and I would love it.

Looks That Kill- Mötley Crüe A band I thought rocked because my brother and his friends did.

Loser- Beck One from my 106.5 days.

Losing My Religion- REM This reminds me of when these guys were HUGE in in the early 90s.

Loss Of Control- Van Halen "MAY DAY!"

Lost Behind The Wall- Dokken One from when I was a teenager and I listened to this CD when I was in my room.

Lost in You- Rod Stewart My childhood best friend Mark S. and I LOVED this song when it came out in 1988.

Louie, Louie- Motorhead They SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rock in this version of a classic song.... Another reason why Lemmy was so great! His raspy voice gives this song a 'MotorheadISM'!!!!

Love Ain't No Stranger- Whitesnake I remember seeing this video on one of the shows that only played videos for an hour or two. 

Love And Happiness- John Mellencamp "AH MAN THAT AIN'T NO GOOD!"

Love at First Feel- AC/DC A very sophomoric title but a great song that I heard when I had Sirius radio.

Love Bites- Def Leppard I played this A LOT when I DJed dances in 87-88

Love Comes Tumbling- U2 Just a great song.

Love Don't Live Here Anymore- Madonna No it doesn't young lady.

Love Gun- Kiss AHHHHHH Yes a very crude and sophomoric title for a song but I am cool with it. BUT SERIOUSLY! I so remember seeing all the promotional pictures and things. The album cover as a wind charm hanging from the ceiling in the JC Pennys at the Bradford Mall. 
Love Her All I Can- Kiss I just love this album.

Love Hurts- Nazareth A totally 70s song that I can see my uncle Pat listening to in 77!

Love Injection- Bang Tango Reminds me of Todd H. who turned me on to theses guys...

Love Is Like Oxygen- Sweet "You get too much, you get too high."

Love Is Only A Feeling- The Darkness Just like the song and the band.

Love Is Stronger Than Pride- Sade I need to remember this when I wanna walk from a relationship. 

Love Machine- W.A.S.P. "L.O.V.E all I need is my love machine..."

Love Me Two Times- The Doors Sure Jim was very 'odd' but him and the boys played some great songs.This is one of them.

Love My Way- Psychedelic Furs "You can never win or lose if you don't run the race."

Love On The Rocks With No Ice- The Darkness YEAH but it's a GREAT album! At least it is to me.

Love Reign O'er Me- The Who A great song from a great band. 

Love Removal Machine- The Cult I remember chilling out with Dave D, Todd H and a few other guys and seeing this video for the first time.....FYI- this is one of the songs I listen to on my iTouch when my lunch is done and I have to go back to grind aka work.

Love Shack- The B-52s A song from high school and I ALWAYS think of the BOIKE LAKE HOUSE. We dubbed it the 'LOVE SHACK' because A LOT of guys would go down there with dates!!! Boike won't admit this BUT he would give out the key to it to his friends!!!!!!

Love Song- Tesla "Love will find a way."

Love Stinks- The J. Geils Band A gem from my 'watchin' A LOT of Mtv' days.

Love Struck baby- Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble This song showcases SRV at his best!

Love Walks In- Van Halen COME ON!!! It's Van Hagar at their beginning of greatness plus there is a GREAT line in it "There she stands in a silken gown with a silver light shining down." This song reminds me of walking out of HILLS department store in the Olean Center Mall and being all excited to tell Dave D. that they were playing a Van Halen song over the loud speaker...

Love Walks In (LIVE)- Van Halen (READ THE COMMENT ABOVE!)

Love Will Find A Way-Yes One from a PROGRESSIVE band but I like it so it's on here. DEAL WITH IT!

Love Will Lead You Back- Taylor Dayne Sappy but I thought this a few times in my life.

Love Will Never Do (Without You)- Janet Jackson Click on the link and you will KNOW why it's on my iTouch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i9Mba9keHA

Lovers Rock- Sade Going down to Chicago from WI (Where I lived at the time) with Melissa to see SADE in concert at the Allstate Arena.

Love's A Deadly Weapon- Kiss Making all my friends HAVE TO listen to this! AHHHHH PROPAGANDA!

Loves Me Like a Rock- Paul Simon "OHHHH my mama loves me, she loves me, she gets down on her knees and hugs me."

Lovin' You's A Dirty Job- Ratt A 'guilty pleasure' I must admit but I remember my brother playing this back in the 80's.

Loving Arms- The Dixie Chicks "Borrowing" my sister in law's car while she was on her honeymoon.

Low- Cracker One from my 106.5 days.

Low Down- Boz Scaggs- Reminds of dad talking me to Hysol, where he worked, he was like his dad and my grandpa McBride, A WORKAHOLIC!!!!

Low Rider- War Heard this one while watching one of the coolest movies ever! 'DAZED and CONFUSED'

Luck Be a Lady- Frank Sinatra Frank RULES!

The Lucky One- Alison Krauss and Union Station GOD BLESS AMERICA! She could sang the phone book and I would soooooo buy the cd. 

Lucky Star- Madonna I just love Madonna, probably because she was such a slut in the 80s.

Lust for Life- Iggy Pop Sure I first heard this song on a freaking cruise commercial BUT I liked it and so I had to have it.

Lyin' Eyes- Eagles A long song but I love it because it reminds me of trips to Ohio. 

Madhouse- Anthrax My first exposure to this band!!! It was one of the videos that my brother recorded and I am proud to say that my first concert was these guys opening for Kiss in Las EFFFFFIN Vegas BABY!!!

Magic Bus- The Who Just like the song!!!! SO SUE me if you want!!!

Magic Man- Heart Going to the Bradford mall in the 70s.

Main Street- Bob Seger This was always plying when we were coming home from Bolivar.

Make Me Laugh- Anthrax I loooooooove me some METAL and this is example NUMBER 1!

Make Me Smile- Chicago A song that I was exposed to when I had Sirius radio.

Making Memories Of Us- Keith Urban YEAH I KNOW, but I love this song.

Mama Kin- Aerosmith Just like the song.   

Mama's Boy- Ramones "You're 35, still pushin' a mop."

Man On A Mission- Van Halen Think about this song every time I am interested in a girl.

Man On The Moon- R.E.M. Good ol' mid 90s R.E.M and if you EVER wanted to know what R.E.M stands for CLICK HERE

Mandolin Rain- Bruce Hornsby and The Range "Oh, listen to my heart break, every time she runs away."

Manhattan Project- Rush One of the MANY Rush songs I was exposed to by my brother.

Manic Depression- The Jimi Hendrix Experience My uncle Jim gave his old LP to my brother and we listened to this and I was a believer!

Maria- Johnny Mathis OKIE DOKIE! I'll admit that I LOVE this song ever since Ms. Miller had us watch 'West Side Story' in music class in 7th grade..... I send this song to anyone who I know's name is Maria and usually they don't know what I am talking about because they have never seen 'West Side Story' YEAH I'm 'dating' myself...

The Martian Boogie- Brownsville Station HA! One I heard for the first time when I had Sirius radio.

Mary Jane-Love/Hate Just a great song from one of the best "raunchy albums" EVVVVER!

Mary's Prayer- Danny Wilson So when I worked at 106.5, we did some movie premiers and the studio ALWAYS sent me a box of promotional stuff to give out at it. Well we did the "Something about Mary" one and the studio sent a box of hair gel. I had no idea what for. While I introduced the movie, I told the audience that I have a box of freakin' hair gel for them when they leave but I have no idea why. WELL when we saw the reason why so there was no hair gel left after..... This song reminds me of that because it's on the soundtrack.

Mas Tequila- Sammy Hagar He is one of the nicest guys in R'n'R.

Master Of Puppets- Metallica "MASTER, MASTER!"

Maybellene- Chuck Berry His guitar playing is just AMAZING and it MADE R'nR sound the way it is today!

Material Girl- Madonna MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! SLUTS! Cash does rule!

A Matter Of Trust- Billy Joel In ANY relationship, this is soooooooo true.

Maybe- Alison Krauss "Every word SHE ever said."

Me and Bobby McGee- Janice Joplin "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose."

Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard- Paul Simon Reminds me of running around Olean, NY with mom as she was doing errands.

Me Wise Magic- Van Halen "Don't you trust me?"

Me, Myself and I- De La Soul Speakin' of TRUST, These are the three people trust completely.

Mean Streak- YandT "Spend your money so fast that you never see the green."

Mean Street- Van Halen The first song from one of the best VH albums EVER!!! Just a flat out guitar driven song that I must have listened to over 1000 times over the years.

Meet Virgina-Train "Ain't that beautiful?"

Melissa- The Allman Brothers Band Working on a room in the down stairs up in WI.

Memories Can't Wait- Living Colour These guys just flat out rock!

Mercedes Boy- Pebbles Totally 80s and she was not that great but I do like this song anyways.

Message in a Bottle- The Police A song that the local radio stationed played A LOT!

Message of Love- The Pretenders I just love the early Pretenders.

Metal Health- Quiet Riot Playing ColecoVision with Joey B and his younger brothers and being AMAZED at how much better the graphics were than on my Atari 2600.

Metal Militia- Metallica Just a "BALLS TO THE WALL' thrash song that I like and can easly get me fired up.

Middle Man- Living Colour This was the fist single from their debut album and I was hooked.

Midlife Crisis- Faith No More A 106.5 favorite.

Midnight Blue- Lou Gramm "Life is simple, it's either cherry red or midnight blue."

Midnight Maniac- Krokus My brother's room was right below mine so I could here everything he listened to while I was trying to go to bed. This is one of the songs he listened to.

Midnight Mover- Accept Remember watching this cool video from 1985 on one of the VHS tapes my brother had. 

Midnight Rider- The Allman Brothers Band The song that started my love for this band. Not sure what they were selling but this was in a commercial and I was hooked.

Mighty Turtle Head- Joe Satriani Just an SUPERB guitarist!

Miles Away- Winger A GUILTY pleasure for sure!

A Million Miles Away- The Plimsouls Just an 80s song I like. 

Mine All Mine- Van Halen A great song from an album that reminds me of my last months in Allegany before I moved to Charlotte. Being a scared little 14 year SUCKED but I'm very cool with it and I THANK GOD Big Ron (DAD) did it. I also love the line in it "Stop looking out and start looking in, be your own best friend." I have to remind people of this when they complain about their issues and look to others for suggestions on how to fix them.

Miracle Man- Ozzy Osbourne "Self righteous clown" I think EVERYONE knows someone like this.

Miracles- Jefferson Starship ALWAYS remember this on the radio when we lived on Dean St. in Olean and heading to Bolivar, NY.

Misery Loves Company- Anthrax Buying this CD at the Camelot music in McMullin Creek shopping center.

Misirlou- Dick Dale Reminds me of watching "Pulp Fiction" for the first time. I am pretty sure this was on the soundtrack. 

Miss Mystery- Black 'n Blue A band with a ton a of potential until Mr. Simmons came into the picture and made them a joke

Miss Sarajevo- U2 I use to work with a lady from the former Yugoslavia and I use to call her this, and this is the only song that has some opera in it.

Miss You- The Rolling Stones  I was sooooooo sick of this song because it was played A LOT on FM radio BUT when I was up in MN. one time, the Fabulous Armitellos, a house band at a bar, played it and learned to tolerate and love this song again...

The Mission- Queensrÿche Thanks to my brother, I LOVE this band and song and HELL, this whole album.

Mission- Rush One my brother and I listened to while driving from Charlotte, NC at Allegany, NY.

Mississippi Queen- Mountain A rockin' song and I laughed so hard when my nephews and I watched this.

Mistletoe And Holly- Frank Sinatra A Christmas MUST HAVE!

Mixtape- Butch Walker HA!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 'this guy' back in high school.... I wonder if anybody STILL has a mixtape I made back in the day...

The Mob Rules- Black Sabbath "If you listen to fools....."

Modern Day Cowboy- Tesla This was the first song that exposed me to this great band.

Mofo- U2 A song that reminds me of working at 106.5.

Molly (Sixteen Candles)- Sponge "16 candles down the drain!"

Money- Pink Floyd UGH! I LOATHED this song because the classic rock staion played it ALL the time. Now that I don't listen too much to radio, I love it.

Monkey Wrench-  Foo Fighters A 106.5 stand by.

Mony Mony- Billy Idol This has 'WALSH DANCES' writen all over it!!!! HEY GET LAID, GET F#CKED"

The Moon and The Sky- Sade "You'll ALWAYS know the reason why we couldn't have the moon and the sky."

The Moon And The Sky [Live]- Sade READ THE COMMENT ABOVE.

Moon Dance- Van Morrison  JUST A STRAIGHT OUT 'baby take your shooooooooooooooooes offffffffffffffff' song...

Moonlight Serenade-  Frank Sinatra Laying in the tub drinking a beer just chilling after a hard week at work.

More Than This- Roxy Music I just love Brian Ferry's voice.

More Than This- 10,000 Maniacs The record company pushed the HELL out of this (they gave 1000s of free cds to radio stations like 106.5) because the lead singer for 10,000 maniacs went solo and they new it was going to be an up hill battle. The poor new lead singer NEVER had a chance!

More Today Than Yesterday- Spiral Staircase Just a cheesy song that I like.

Morning Bird- Sade Reminds me of sitting at my desk ACTING like I was working when I was listening to this CD that I just bought on my way to work.

Morning Bird [Live]- Sade I've said it before and I will say it again, ANY SADE is GOOD for the soul. To be more specific: MY SOUL!

Mother- Pink Floyd "Do you think they'll drop the bomb?"

Mother and Child Reunion- Paul Simon "No I would not give you false hope.."

Mother Says- Joe Walsh I'll say it again, he is one of the most under appreciated guitars EVER!

Motor City Madhouse- Ted Nugent Yeah sweaty Teddy is a right wing goon but he does have some GREAT songs. 

Motorcycle Driver- Joe Satriani He is a guitar playing JEDI MASTER!

Mountain Song- Jane's Addiction A GREAT song from one of the original 'alternative' bands.

Mr. Brownstone- Guns 'n Roses Just a great song from a GREAT album.

Mrs. Robinson- Simon and Garfunkel "Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? Are nation turns it's lonly eyes to you."

Mud On The Tires- Brad Paisley One that I liked A LOT when it was played on Sirius.

Muscle Of Love- Alice Cooper This so shows the 'juvenile' side of me because I giggle every time I hear it...

My Best Friend's Girl- The Cars A song that the classic rock station down here played A LOT!!!!

My Empty Room- Queensrÿche "Who will BE MY FRIEND?"

My Favorite Mistake- Sheryl Crow I think EVERYONE has had one of these!

My Friend Of Misery- Metallica Driving to JV football games with my friends senior year.

My Generation- The Who "I hope I die before I get old" SON OF A!!! It's too late for me.

My Hero- Foo Fighters Just a 106.5 song that I like.

My Hometown- Bruce Springsteen This is SOOOOO about the town/area I grew up in.

My Kinda Lover- Billy Squier This was an early 80s classic I like and was before his self proclaimed career ender.

My Love Don't Cost A Thing- Jennifer Lopez I just like this song and I KNOW she is full of $hit when she sings it.

My Love is Alive- Gary Wright A song that they played A LOT on the radio when we were in the car in the 70s.

My Michele- Guns 'n Roses "Your daddy works in porno now that mommy not around!" HA!!! Great line to open a song!!!

My Name Is Mud- Primus John Cox AKA the COX MAN was the all night DJ at the radio station I worked at in the 90's and he played this song a few times. I WILL always remember him playing it while my friends and I were driving back from Knoxsville, TN from seeing KISS on thier reunion tour in 1996..... PLUS, it has one of the greatest lines in it, "We had words, a common spat, so I kissed the side of his cranium with an aluminum baseball bat, MY NAME IS MUD."

My Old School- Steely Dan A classic rockin' song about not wanting to go back!!!! It is the ultimate 'been there, done that, got the tee shirt' moment...

My Town- Montgomery Gentry Just a GREAT country song I REALLY like.

My Wave- Soundgarden The good old 106.5 days!

My Way- Frank Sinatra This was sung at my Grandpa Cawley's funeral by one of my mom's best friends growing up (Noreen Ferris. A bright spot of a very emotional day.

Mystify- INXS The one day I was in public school when we first moved down to Charlotte, there was a pretty girl in one of my classes, I think I was wearing an INXS shirt and she liked them too. I saw her glance over my way and before I knew it, she and I were talking!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!

Mysterious Ways- U2 I use to LOATH this song because it was on the constant rotation on MTV but the older I get, I love this song and rock out to it every time it's on the iTouch. Oh and "if you want to kiss the sky, you better know how to knell."

I will NOT say that all of these songs were 'paid for' so to counter act my "Catholic Guilt" I will go to confession and do a few 'Hail Marys"

FYI- I started working on this in 2014...... There ya have it! Judge away peeps!!!

 As you may or may NOT of known, I have not blogged for a few months. I ain't gonna lie to ya, so far my 40's have SUCKED! I use to get depressed A LOT, my Dr. suggested that I get on an antidepressant, BUT I have gotten that t-shirt already. When I was in WI., I became very depressed because I had just gone through a terrible break up and I was in a part of the country that I was foreign to. The Dr. at that time prescribed Paxil. I remember being so upset that I had to take a drug to be normal. Anyways, I took it for a month or two and went back to the Dr., he said that I was A LOT better and I didn't need to take it anymore. WELL, after he said that he sounded like an adult in one of the Charlie Brown shows.  I failed to hear him talk about weening myself off of it NOT going 'cold turkey'. I went to work one day and was very dizzy. My boss at the time, Andy H. saw this and asked me point blank if I stopped taking my medicine. When I told him that I did, he told me to stop what I was doing and he drove me to my apartment and cut up a pill and told me to take a little piece. HENCE, ween off it like what the Dr. said. Fast forward to almost 20 year, and I STILL feel the same about depression. BUT I will take a natural pill, St. John's Wort, It helps A LOT. I know what you are thinking, GOOD LORD MAN, you have nothing to get depressed about. This is sort of true, BUT I worry about EVERYTHING when I really shouldn't. HELL, there are so many others worse off than me.

 As of now, I quit school due to realizing that I am NOT smart enough for I.T. So I work two jobs, delivering pizza and at Lowes. Trust me, they do not require a degree in rocket science. They keep me occupied and I DON'T need that much to live. I am what you call a SIMPLE man and I S#!T you not, I can live a good life on a monthly income of $1064.00 dollars. My only debt is my house and that will be paid off in a few years. I guess planning all those years have paid off.

Peg, Bob, Andy and Mike McBride 1973

 R.I.P to my grandmother, she was technologically my step grandmother BUT as I am concerned, she was my REAL grandmother. HECK she is all I knew.  Her and my grandfather were ALWAYS good to my brother and I. KRIPES, they gave me her 1965 Mustang for the love of God. She will be missed but she ALWAYS told me the last 10 years when I would see her that she missed grandpa and just wanted to die.
Sue, Peg (Grandma) and Andy McBride 2010

Gary, Mark Singer and Andy McBride 1994
 R.I.P Gary Singer. All I can say is that he was a great man! Even when we lived far away for each other, we STILL did stuff together. He had one vice, we all have one, that made his life SUCK near the end. He smoked. I am not one to preach and I am ALL about free will but I cringe a little when I see a young person lighting up a cig, because I have seen the effect of it and it's NOT pretty.

Let's see, what else has happened? I turned 45 last month. Let's hope it's a better year than the last couple. AND thanks to my brother, I have Netflix. I think I have watched more TV in the last month then I did in the last 20 years!! HA!!!! I am the defiition of a 'BINGE WATCHER'! I watch a whole season of a show in a night! Take for example The Punisher. First off Greg C. turned me on to this comic book years ago and the series RULES! FYI- the violence is REALLY GRAPHIC but I love watching the show.

 One more thing... Back in the day, my friends and I deemed this the DOUCHE CAR. THE I.R.O.C (Italian retard out cruizin') Camero. Meaning that guys that drove this car were usually JERKS. I think now a days this has replaced it.

 That's all I have for you this month. Part two will be next month. Remember kids, to "Keep rockin' the free world."...

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Blake said...

Mickey! You scoundrel. I have been missing you . . . seriously, been thinking this week how we have not been graced (er, assaulted) by a blogpost in a while. Sorry you're feeling blue. I hope the sunny summer brightens things up for you. Now, to your list, of which I read every word. . .You could have just summed the whole thing up with one of my favorite quotes from all of HS, "God gave rock n roll. . .to Ken". I have to admit I'm surprised by the volume of U2--didn't see that coming from you. More than one, of course, brought a smile to my face with sweet sweet memories of the hill on Ol' Park Rd. Mark S: "Where were you guys. . .we bailed under the trampoline when the cops came!" Honored the the Team T Suburban got a shout out. Couldn't imagine a list like this without a nod to the two greatest pieces of dirt a bunch of scruffy kids could ask for: Cabo (really, Sally P. is the memory you have that place?Nothing against Sally, she drew a fine eyebrow in her day) and Boike's (yep, thanks for the keys, Mike). Thanks, Mick, this made my day. . .I'm a sentimental sap, and all the names, places, and great music made me smile. You're the best.

If you haven't yet, def watch Wild Wild Country on Netflix.
Love you, man.


I just posted a video about an RR bell that I and my friends 'borrowed' in 92 from an old abandoned RR crossing!!!!! And ...