They call me the WORKING MAN and I guess that's what I am!!!!!!

 AND THIS MONTH, I exercise my right to use my blog whichever I want!!! You see, there is one rule to 'blogging'. 1. It's MY BLOG and I can do what I want to it. So I created a little 'montage' of me WORKING on casa de McBride the last ten years...

 Oh and don't worry Alex and Geddy (They wrote this), no one reads or sees this blog anyways. So no need to call the lawyers to sue my @$$ for copyright infringement.

 I actually did a couple of things to casa de McBride this month... I got a REALLY CHEAP screen door for the back. I painted it up and sanded it for days to get the perfect slam of it when it closes. I felt like Steely Dan (if you are old enough to remember them, you will know what I am talking about), so what do you think?

 After all of that, I filled in all the holes I accidentally I drilled in it, put another coat of paint on it and put back in the screen. Not bad for a $20 dollar door...

 I also 'dethatched' and over seeded my yard... If you have kids, then there is NO NEED TO DO THIS STUFF. Because it's time consuming and I can promise you will BE 'that guy' when they and their friends play on it....

 HEALTH ALERT!!!! So I am doing some PT (physical therapy) so I can cope and adapt with some 'issues' I have with some balance stuff. It helps but I found that I already do 90% of the exercises already when I work out in the morning. The other 10% was taught to me by a SUPER HOT therapist! GOOD LORD!!!!!!! Ask my friends and family and they will tell you that I can't stop talking about how hot she is!!!! So here is my dilemma, do I keep going mainly to see the HOT therapist or just incorporate the stuff I have learned in my workout routine and be done with PT???

 OH and one last thing, I hope you don't mind me using you as my 'emotional tampons' but I have to vent about something. FYI ALL politicians, Republican AND Democratic, running for president, WE DO NOT live in a democracy!!! FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS! We live in a 'republic'!!!! OKIE DOKIE!!!! Thanks for that!!! I feel better.


DanBrill said…
1. I, good sir, am an avid reader of your blog and a Rush fan. You are being reported forthwith and can expect to go to prison! (Don't worry. It's Canadian prison, so you are likely to see a bump in life satisfaction vs. your present situation.)

2. This blog needs more yoga.

3. By all means, keep going to see hot physical therapist. This will be good reinforcement.

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