Not a big fan of the French except for their doors, the way they kiss and their fries... Matter of fact, I was on Ebay the other day and saw an auction for a French soldier's gun that was dropped twice and never fired!!!! HE HE HE HE HE!!! Here's another good one....... Next time you see a Frenchman ask him if he speaks German. When he says no you can tell him to thank your grandfather for that....... Ungrateful yellow bellies!!!!! Enough of that....... I hope y'all had a great Christmas..... I know I did.... Besides treating myself to a new TV, MMMMMMMMMMMMM HDTV!, the major gift I received for Christmas was some French doors!!! Thanks mom and dad! They are going to help out tremendously in keeping the heat in the winter and air in the summer stay in the main room instead of being sucked out through the back room.... It is to be installed today but the guys still haven't shown up yet.... They were to be here between 12 and 3. It's 3:30 and still no sign of them..... I'm really not in a good mood when I take a half day off of work and sit around waiting...... I hate tardiness!!!! I'm sorry if anyone reading this is a contractor but y'all suck when it comes to being on time!!! At least call me and tell me you're going to be late!!!!! KRIPES!!!!

WELL!!!! They are finally here!!!!!! They are some young guys and I'm pretty easy going with them but I did express how UNCOOL it was not to call me to tell me they were running late....

Alrighty enough of me whining...... Here they are in all their glory!!!! Don't worry!!! I won't be keeping them with the natural wood look. My personal interior decorator, mom, advised that I paint them white so they match with all the other stuff they painted when I first bought the house.

What perfect timing too!!! It's going to be 20 degrees tonight!!!! BRRRRRRR!!!! I'm pretty sure I will notice a difference with them when it comes to keeping the heat in the main room.....

Santa also hooked me up with some ASU gear celebrating the back to back to back championships and the improbable Michigan victory,

Gift cards!!! MMMMMMM I love me some gift cards and some clothes for work because Mom knows that if she doesn't get me some new ones then I will be like my grandpa and wear the same old clothes for years.

And say hello to my new phone!!!! It's light years ahead of the one I had before, heck it probably has the capability to launch the space shuttle, and I promise that I won't drop this one in the urinal!!!!!! HE HE HE HE HE!!! And being the NERD that I am, I found a site where you can make your own ring tones and send them to your phone for free!!!! That's right! I said FREE!!!! Check it out!! I have a ring tone for almost everyone in my contacts list!!! From the Benny Hill Show theme song to the Buffalo Bills 'Shout' song and everything in between....

I got a sweet cover for it too so it lasts me longer then the last new phone I had... I HOPE!!!!!!

Hey look!!!! It's a picture of Andre' The Giant and I!!!! KIDDING!!!! This is Matthew.... He is my good friend's son and as you can see he's very healthy!!! I'm smiling in the picture but I was in excruciatingly pain because I threw my back out picking him up.... AGAIN! I am kidding!!!! For the record, he is 11 month old and weighs 40 pounds!!!! Can you say offensive lineman!?!?!?!?!?

Unfortunately I do not have a picture to show this monumental event so you will have to settle for me telling you. Charlie, my 3 year old nephew, did something for me that was like the man landing on the moon... He got my beer for me!!! I was over at Mike and Liz's house and I was upstairs working on something and Charlie was up there with me and I asked him if he could go back downstairs and get my beer..... So he went and asked Liz "Where's uncle Andy's beer? I need to get it for him." He then comes slowly walking up the stairs holding my bottle of beer with both hands...... I was a proud uncle that day!!!! See!!!! I told you it was a huge event!

Finally I have an update for you... After reading my last entry where I pleaded him to, Singer was overwhelmed with emotion and asked Melissa to marry him!!! Word on the street is that her response was "Not if you were the last airplane mechanic on earth!" NOOOOOO!!!!! Again I am kidding...... She said yes! I think the pink snowmobile sealed the deal....


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