Great movie and also a gem of a song from Iron Maiden....... Actually I should say 'Where creepy things dare'!!!! Say hello to the "Andy trying to save more money" project. I'm insulating all the pipes under the house. I know, I know, I MIGHT save 3 cents over the next 20 years but it makes me feel good thinking I am energy conscious. Don't look now but this might be a project down the road.... Al Gore would be soooooooooo proud of me...... If I really cared what that hypocrite thinks.... OK so let me get off my political soap box and tell you all the fun I had in crawl space.

I have been procrastinating this forever!!! Not as much as the ditch project but it's pretty close. Here's my reason........ I hate surprises!!! As in snakes and big spiders. I waited for a nice cold night, 29 degrees to be exact, to kill off any spiders and slow down any snake that could lunge at me. Cold weather slows them down because of the whole cold blooded thing. Look I never said I was a biologist, I just know enough about them to say they are slower in the cold. If I am missing something feel free to enlighten me by sending me an email..... Back to the crawl space. They don't call it that for no reason..... I have to crawl or slither on my stomach to get around. It's not fun especially when your knees ache anyways. They have been that way since I got back after doing two tours in 'Nam'.......

Sure I may look like a complete tool but I was nice and warm.....Let me tell you, the cover alls I am wearing RULE!!!! Know what I was wearing underneath that??? NOTHING!!!! Kidding!! I was wearing shorts and a t shirt. That's how warm it keeps me..... Dig the head lamp..... Very 'coal miner' looking isn't it???? You'll be glad to know that I spent a good 4 straight hours in there..... It was cold but it's all in the name of saving money!!!! And as you know, I'm all for that.

Let's just face it.... Crawl spaces are nasty places. Hey that rhymed! Thank God I only have to go down there a few times every blue moon or so. GEEZ!!!! I can't see how coal miners do it..... I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks. AND In case you were wondering, I did not encounter any snakes or big spiders.

I usually don't get too excited this time of the year, but it might be different this time....You know why???? Not only am I going to treat myself to a big a$$ flat screen TV but my mail order bride is coming ashore in a few weeks!!! Want to see what she looks like????

Hot little number huh!?!?!?!? Her name is Olga and her bio says she likes long walks on the beach, para sailing, enjoys cooking traditional Bulgarian meals using cabbage and loves animals, preferably goats and oxen. I'm going to be one lucky man when I pick her up at the shipping dock!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Here I am emailing her.....

All kidding aside, I'm actually working on my blog.... I can do it on the comfort of my couch watching some shows that I Tivo'd thanks to my brother hooking me up with Lizzy's old laptop. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!?!?!?! What the heck did I do before Tivo????? I actually had to watch commercials and stuff!!!! So medieval....

Speaking of Mike and Liz, I am really looking forward to the next few months, I always love chowing down at Thanksgiving!!! This year is at their house and she's a cooking MOFO!!!! That's street lingo for a really good cook...... Then we have Christmas coming up and it's pretty cool to see how riled up the kids get..... Very funny, Charlie will actually start crying if I don't get the toy out of the package fast enough for him.... Silly kid! Then we got the big day! 1-07-08 is going to be a monumental day for Andy McBride, I'm finally getting the goiter that has hampered my looks for years surgically removed...... But really, that's the day I can get my new phone!!!!!! I literally have tape holding my current phone together....

This baby has been good to me over the past 4 years. It has been dropped, kicked, squished in my pocket, left on the roof of my car, and other things that I can't remember right now. Through all of that I received a brand new Razr and within two weeks I dropped it in a urinal, don't ask, and it stopped working so I had to reactivate my trusty old LG.

BIG NEWS!!!! I have been in talks, makes it sound like we are working on a movie, with Boike about coming down in February..... It's going to be a two fold weekend!!! FIRST and foremost, we are renting a Bobcat and he is going to do what I have not been able to do for almost a year, Finish the ditch!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!HECK!!!! If he can do this with his huge skid loader

he can choke slam my little old ditch.... Also that weekend is the Daytona 500 that we will be enjoying in HDTV!!! That right folks!!! I have set the time frame of my big purchase. I will have it fully operational for that weekend of racin' and beer!!!!! Did someone say REDNECK????? Anyways, I have already started prepping for the big day....

I'm running another cable to my HDTV antenna. You see they all want you to believe that you have to pay extra for HDTV. Well I got news for you! You don't! I sound like a late night infomercial.... Or a used car salesman.... "No credit? Bad credit? NO PROBLEM!!!" Let me clarify. You can get all the network stations with some good old bunny ears. ESPN and anything on cable you cannot.

So has it rained in your neck of the woods??? Yeah it hasn't rained much around here either..... I was down at the LakeLand the other day and you can really see how bad it has gotten down here....

Well I am all written out..... Talk to you around Christmas....... Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!


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