To blog this month. I just let too many things pile up on me and I CANNOT stop thinking about them: Turned 44, am I doing the right thing with the going back to school thing, my future health "issues", $ issues" (even though I have plenty, I STILL freak out about it), etc. JUST stupid stuff that is called LIFE! ANYWAYS, I will just leave you with this.

 This is one of my FAVORITE songs EVVVVVVVER! Reminds me of being a care free kid and not having so many thing to worry about.

Don't worry, this will pass and I will be back on my feet again. Talk to you next month.


Scole said…
44? Old man!!!!! I always think of that song "Free" by that rocking metal band Stryper and I feel young
Blake said…
Happy belated birthday! You are officially ODB. And I love you for it.
Patty Dowdy said…
Happy Belated - 44, you are still a young man. Be happy !!!

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