The way it is! So I am just going to RAMBLE!!!

 I like to be somewhat prepared for stuff to happen, which in life, happens A LOT!!! I knew things at my former employer were slowing down. Let me first state, that I ANDY MCBRIDE made the choice to stay at a company 14+ years. I was COMFORTABLE... To put it in another way 'it was MY dirty diaper and I was happy sitting in it'. I knew I was just a # so I ALWAYS kept an emergency fund of 6 months of expenses. HELL, EVERYONE should have one of those. I have that AND they have to pay me until Dec 2016 for the 14 years of service I gave them. ANYWAYS!!! I live 'below my means' so $ has not and will not be a problem for me while I am looking for a job.... Not just ANY job but one that I actually enjoy going to......


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