Somethings are better seen when they are in your rear view mirror....

This will be my last entry for a while. I am going on a sabbatical until spring....... Don't worry! I'm not dying, I didn't just find out I'm some baby's daddy and I'm not going into rehab so don't get all concerned... I just have some stuff I need to get worked out...... It will all be groovy, I'm not the most religious guy in the world BUT I do know there's someone upstairs because they have gotten me out of a few jams in my life.

So set you phaser guns to FUN because it's time for a wild and wacky time with Andy......
Let me ask you, had enough of politicians "pissin' on your back tellin' you it's raining"?? Well you're in luck because Joe the plumber asked me to update my blog and try to help the country heal mentally.... So here we go!!!!

Things are starting to whine down here at casa de McBride. One of the last things I will do before I hibernate for the winter is cut the roses back because Grandma McBride told me to do it. She is the plant guru.....


I tell ya!!! I am becoming the master of blogs!!!!! I know I did this last entry but I have become a Jedi so from now on I will have all before and after shots in a slide show so you just have to hit the play button!!!! You can thank me by buying me a beer next time I see you.... P.B.RmeA.S.A.P!!!!

I went to Singer's wedding and had a BLAST! I saw some people I have not seen in years!!!!!! I could easily set up a montage of 'then and now' pictures but I believe in a little thing called karma. I have no problem making fun of myself so I put a picture of what I looked like back in 1987....

That's a sweet mullet isn't it?? Business in the front and PARTY in the back!!!!

So back to Singer, his house is like totally awesome! He lives right next to Mr. Burns..... Get this!?!? The nuclear plant pays for his garbage, water and cable!!!! Gotta love it!!! Heck!!! I'd live there too if they paid for all that stuff!!!

OH YEAH!!!!! Lookin' good!!!!

Sooo?? Let me ask you fine people out there, what woman DOESN'T look great on their wedding day???? OK maybe this one is the exception...

I also went to the redneck riviera, Gatlinburg, with my friend Renee...

Pretty hot huh!!!! I only hang out with girls that win beauty pageants!!! We went hiking and I fell and sprained my knee pretty bad but I was half way down the mountain and I had to put on my big boy britches and limp the rest of the way down..... It was a wake up call for me... I needed to start working out again and stretching. So I went and bought myself a Wii Fit and I highly recommend that anyone reading this to go out and get one!!!! So every morning I workout. I can now do yoga and I'm not a hack-e-sack kickin' hippie!!!! "Let's do a drum circle dude..".

Well that's all for me.... I will talk to you crazy kids in a few months.... I leave you with a quote from Casey Kasem, "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars."


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