I have been doing this blog for about 4 years now and these are the most common emails I get from people that read it.

DISCLAIMER!!!! These are are my views as of right now! There is nothing saying that something or someone can come along and change them.... So don't think everything I say is written in stone. KRIPES!!! If our president changes his mind why can't I????
  • Why don't you have a pet? Well I personally think it's not fair to get a dog, that's the only pet I would get, and be gone for 10-12 hours a day. That's not fair to the pupper is it? When I get home all tired, he or she would want to play because they have been in the house all day..... I don't know about you but I'm not 21 anymore and I have a certain amount of energy left after 10 hours at work....
  • Why no girlfriend? That's another good question caller. I can look back and I can say I had one super serious relationship that lasted more than a year and that didn't end too well.... I didn't like that feeling..... So let me ask you? The average marriage ends in divorce the first two years. This might sound a little shallow of me but would you buy a car if you knew the odds are pretty good that it will break down in the next two years???? I didn't think so...... Your witness counselor!!!!
  • Do you really drive 60 mph on the highway? Damn right I do!!!! It's a fact that 60 mph is the most economical speed. Sorry y'all but I am never in a hurry to get anywhere and I truly love saving gas and money....... If you don't like being behind me then pass!!!! That's why there are two or more lanes on the interstate isn't it??????
  • Is there anything you won't talk about? Why yes there are. I will tell you fine folks out there in 'internet world' 95% of what I am thinking and doing.............. I look at it like this. If anything happens to me I don't want anyone to say "Gee, I wonder how Andy felt?"..... With that said, there are a few things that I will not say a peep about, so I write them down and seal them up and throw them in my vault only to be opened when I am no longer on this planet.
  • You are always talking about drinking. Do you have a problem that we need to know about? No problem here buddy...... Sure I like to have a beer or two watching some football or enjoying some suds with a friend or family member. Matter of fact, I rarely touch anything during the week. Now if I couldn't function without a drink then I would be asking you what your blood type is because I might need your liver because mine stopped working.

Whether in the car or watching TV, if I have something I think would be a good topic to talk about then I write it down along with all the other stuff I need. My brain is going 1000 MPH with ideas and things I need to do........

My coffee table is full of post em' notes and other items. Hey look!!! I've learned that I need to write any thought or idea down before I forget it...... Getting old's a bitch!

If you need more 'ANDY TIME' check me out my page on Facebook, the luxury box of network sites, or Myspace, the bleacher seats!


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